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How to Build A SEO Friendly Website: 15 Proven Tips

Most of the time you hear the term SEO friendly or SEO friendly website. But do you know what it is? Why you need it? And how to make a SEO friendly website to grow your business?

These are some questions that hit on your mind at the time of building a website for your business. Because spending money just to build a nice looking website is not sufficient.

You will need to make some more efforts your website high on search engines. A well designed or professional looking website is not enough for you to get a high amount of rankings.

For increasing the traffic on your website, you will surely need to use search engine optimization services. SEO is a technique which is used to improve the visibility of your website on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

And making a website SEO friendly means the search engines can easily crawl each page of your website efficiently, successfully interpret the content, and index it in their database to rank your site high.

Building an SEO friendly website is not a hard task to do. There are a few simple tricks that you need to give focus to make your website SEO friendly. So let’s discuss those tricks to increase the visibility of your website.

What is an SEO Friendly Website?

Every business needs a professional website but there is no meaning of having a website if it is not visible on the web.

There are around one billion websites available in the cyber world but most of these websites are not actually live.

This is where SEO work starts. Search engine crawlers read and explore your website pages so that they can rank, assess and index them accordingly.

An SEO friendly website is user-friendly and can satisfy user and searcher intent. There are two main elements in SEO (OFF-Page SEO and ON- Page SEO) both element goes side by side and are considered when building an SEO-friendly website.

Building an SEO-friendly site required a structured process and careful planning from the beginning. So let’s give focus on those important points which help you make an SEO friendly website.

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How to Make A SEO Friendly Website

#1 URL Structure

Well, an optimized URL of your website is important for both the search engine and user experience. You need to design the URL of your website that meets the needs of searchers and users.

URLs that you are optimizing for your website needs to be keyword rich and short. Url helps in describe your web page to search engines and potential visitors.

It means that your website’s URL should be SEO friendly, enticing, well structured and accurate. Here are some factors that you need to be considered while creating the URL of your business website

  • Add Keywords in URL
  • Always use lowercase letters in URLs
  • Need to use hyphens to separate words
  • Static URLs
  • You need to keep your URLs short
  • Limit folders in the URL structure
  • Pay attention with subdomains

#2 Website Speed

Speed is very important for the performance of your website because most of the website performs very poor when it comes to page speed.

This directly gives a negative impact on the user experience and revenue of your website.

In 2010 Google has announced the page speed impacts the ranking of your website, now you can see the how website speed matters for you to get high rankings.

According to a survey that was held in 2011, the survey shows around 47% of users expect a page should load in 2 seconds or less. since then, the web has gotten more competitive and advance.

If the loading time of your website is slow or your website is slow then your website could drop in organic search results.

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#3 Mobile-Friendly/Responsive

how to make a seo friendly websiteA website is important for all kinds of businesses to target customers. But it cannot possible if the design of your website is not responsive.

Responsive web design is a way of designing a site where content, images, and the structure of your website provide a seamless viewing experience for users of different devices.

In April 2015, the Google algorithm has to incorporate the mobile-friendliness of a website into its ranking factors. It scans your website then rates it based on its loading time.

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#4 Keywords

Optimizing your website content with the proper keywords will help make you make your website SEO friendly and make it rank faster, higher and gain more traffic on search engines.

To find the right keyword for your blog post or web page, you need to think as per the user’s point of view. You need to do some research work to find out what people are typing in search engines.

You also need to do some basic keyword research to find out the most popular search terms.

Once you have found phrases or keywords, you need to strategically place them in the permalink (URL), Title, Meta Title, and Description, Heading Tag, Image Alt Tag and in the content (blog, article, and website).

In 2012, it was essential for you to specify meta keywords, but in the year 2017, you don’t need to do that.

Because search engine algorithms have become much smarter. Now they auto-detect keywords and rank website pages automatically.

#5 Avoid Keyword Stuffing

There is a strong temptation in most people to add many keywords in content that will help you to rank your website higher on the web.

But that is completely a myth, adding SEO keywords to content does not mean you have to force them in.

Don’t ever put in keywords that ruin the grammar and the readability of the content.

Adding a keyword too many times in your content can affect your search ranking or even cause your content to remove from search engines.

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#6 Use High-Quality Content

Content rules in SEO and needs to be high in quality to see the best SEO results of your website. Using quality content on your website allows search engines index to easily analyze your site.

You need to be sure that the content of your website is high in quality, indexable, and informative so that it gives all valuable information to visitors that they are looking for.

Your SEO content won’t reach the right people if you have won’t able to optimize it with the right and the targeted keywords.

With targeted keywords I mean, the phrases and terms for which your audience niche is searching actively.

  • To find these terms, first, you need to understand:
  • Who is your audience segments
  • What type of information they want
  • And why they are searching for that information
  • Which keywords they are using to get information

#7 Keep Your Content Up To Date

If High-quality content will help you to make your website SEO friendly and improve chances to rank your website high on the web. Then content updation helps you to maintain your position in search engines.

Instead of making your website updates, you need to keep producing and writing more content.

It takes less work effort and delivers fast results. It will increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boost your search traffic.

When search engines identify your new content, you will get a spike in your website’s traffic.

Every update you will make on your website once it is live on the internet plays an important roll in its interactions with customers, visitors, and powerful search engines.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons which are important for your website to update its content frequently:

1) Fresh Content Means Fresh Indexing

This means the more frequently you update your site with downloads, articles, and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine will visit your website.

2) Google Like Frequent Updates

Google is the king of search engines and has a great influence on webmasters and give focus on how sites are constructed.

It quickly identifies the changes in your website and its content and all the relevant changes that you have made will rank higher Google.

3) Content Update Increases Your Authority Potential

The more valuable, informative content you publish on your website the greater authority your site enjoys.

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#8 Focus on Your Target Audience

It is the most important part you need to give focus on while building your website user-friendly. When you are finding the target audience for your business, some factors you need to give focus:

  • First, Identify your competitors
  • Second, find out the problem your targeted audience has
  • Third, find out your current customers

By focusing on these things, you can map out how you want to build your website and what type of content you want to create on your website. With this, you can easily address the problems of your target audience.

#9 Create XML Sitemap

An XML site works as a roadmap on your website that leads Google to all important pages of your website.

It also works great with SEO because they allow Google to quickly find your website pages, even if the internal linking of your website is not good enough.

XML sitemaps list important pages of your website and make sure that the search engines can find them and crawl them all and help you to understand the structure of your website.

As you pass more data to Google or other search engines, you can determine the pages that are valuable and most important to you and give them a priority.

#10 Use Robots.txt

The robots.txt file, also known by the name of the robots exclusion protocol or standard, it is actually a text file that tells search engines which page of your website to crawl and which are not.

Mainly, it lists all the content of your website which you want to lock away from search engines. You can also tell some search engines how they can crawl allowed content.

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#11 Internal Linking

An internal link is a reference to another page on the same site, these are hyperlinks that focus on pages on the same domain.

It is usually implemented via page navigation or elements like similar articles, hit lists, etc. It not only help users in website navigation but also help Google to find, index and understand all pages of your website.

If you use them strategically then internal links can give you page authority of some important pages.

#12 Use SSL Certificate

SSL certificate plays a vital role to make your website SEO friendly. As you know better ranks will lead to more traffic on your website. The more people view your site the more visitors you will get.

Also when users finding you on search results, they see the security of your website as a signal of authority and trust.

SSL provides security to your website, the more your site is secure the more customers will fall on your website.

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#13 Use Schema

Schema markup is a code that you can put on your site to help search engines to get more informative search results for their users. It is one of the latest evolution in SEO.

It is the new form of optimization and is one of the most robust but least utilized forms of SEO which helps you to make SEO friendly website.

Once you will get the method and concept of Schema markup, you can easily boost your site in search engine result pages.

#14 Use GEO Tags

Geotagging is the process of adding some geographical information, such as the name of a specific place, and GPS coordinates to digital photographs and videos.

If you have a website for your local business, it will help your potential customers to find your locations.

It is actually a technique that enables you to tag your website, RSS feeds, content and other things at certain locations.

#15 Multiple Link Profile

The word link profile refers to all external links pointing to your website. In an SEO community when we talk about a website’s link profile, we generally refer this to the inbound links pointing to your website as well as the characteristics of those links.

These links give your website visibility and great credibility in search results, it makes easier for visitors to find your content.

It is an important part which helps you to make an SEO friendly website. A link profile is one of the ways by which you can link back to your website.

It includes adding your site URLs to the professional, business, or personal profiles that you can create on various websites.

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I hope after reading this blog you’ll get the answer to “how to build an SEO friendly website”. I have covered all the aspects which will help you to make SEO friendly website for your business.

Only building a website is not sufficient, you need to do some extra efforts to make it visible on search engines. Follow these small hacks and save the online presence of your business.

Do some simple changes to your website and see how much it affects your website’s ranking. Improve the visibility of your business.

The more your site is friendly with search engines the more chances will increase to rank your site high and the more conversion you will get.

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