What is Responsive Website Design? And Why Your Website Needs It?

There was a time when having an eye-catching, professional, brand-differentiating, and sales increasing website is the only thing that helps to make an online presence of your website. But now with the changing time, you ‘ll need a responsive website design that will also easily browse on mobile devices.

From few years mobile internet usage is increasing rapidly, it is hard to find a person who doesn’t have a mobile phone. The rapid growth of mobile internet usage comes with the question of how to create a site suitable for all users.

Well, it can be done with the Responsive website design (RWD). Ethan Marcotte introduces a whole responsive web design thing to the world which helped organizations to build and design better websites.

Many people only accessed websites from their desktop computers. But time has changed now and every individual access website from multiple devices and multiple devices comes with different usability.

In simple words, you can say that RWD is an approach of web designs that render your websites to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how small or large your mobile or desktop is.

Would you like to know more about responsive designs? So let’s have a quick overview of RWD, how it works and how it will help to grow your online business.

1.What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Website Designs
Before starting any online business it is essential to have your own website which is responsive in any way. But many people don’t know what actually a responsive website is.

A responsive website is a single website that easily adapts any screen size rather its a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. That means it is easy to use on any platform.

Responsive website design instinctively adjust to every screen and design to the device it is being viewed on and works without any hurdle.

With RWD (Responsive Website Design) someone can browse your website from any other device and it will still be working perfectly.

According to Ethan responsive web design composed in three different parts and that is:

  • Media Queries
  • Flexible Grid
  • Flexible Images

2.How Responsive Design Works?

Today every second people use their phone more than their laptop or desktop computer but have you ever think that what makes them engage on phone for that long.

Recent Google’s mobile path purchase report says that search engines are the regular starting point for mobile device users. That means people use their mobile internet more than other devices.

It comes with a good result for those companies who have responsive web designs, as they generate more leads than others and make a broaden competitive advantage over companies that don’t have.

3.How Responsive Web Designs Helps to Grow Business

Responsive Website Designs

Do you ever think about why you need to pay the sum of money for your web designing section, as your website works properly? Most people avoid that section but the fact is designing is one of the most essential parts in building a website and should not be avoided.

It’s your Responsive Web design that defines your online presence. For maintaining that presence you don’t need to consider a top-notch web designer.

The only thing you need is to figure out which pattern or style suits your business, choose the correct one and ask the designer to convert it into reality.

Website designing is an important part of building a site but this is not it, it should be equally responsive too.

That means the page which is created by a designer resizes itself or should respond to the device it is been seen through such as, desktop computers, laptops, or any other mobile devices.

It is been analyze that responsive design has gained importance among those who have a digital presence.

Nowadays the increased demand for tablets, smartphones and other forms of mobile computing devices, many of the individuals start using small screens to view web pages.

A responsive web page is beneficial for your business in many ways, here are some of the main points.

3.1 More Affordable

Responsive Website Designs

The most excited part of having a mobile responsive website is that they can be easily affordable by anyone. Have you ever realize that spending money on the maintenance of two different websites for desktop and mobile is much lower than spending money on responsive design.

It is hard to survive in this modern digitized world without having a wealthy mobile platform for your customers. Building a responsive website might costs you a bit higher but will be very beneficial for your business and will gain back a lot of profit.

Having a responsive website is always a smart and a future-proof investment for your business which means you don’t need to maintain the entire site. You can just upgrade it regularly to enjoy its benefits.

3.2 Better User Experience

Responsive Website Designs

User experience is one of the most essential parts that will make you stand in the competition. Users will definitely come back to your site if it is fully responsive and easy to use.

If a user visits your website on a mobile device and it takes time to load or they face any difficulty with the resolution than it might make your company appear unprofessional.

But if your website is fully responsive and provides a better user experience, the user will enjoy to browse it and will stay longer on your site.

A responsive site helps you to convince people to stay to give a chance to your company.

3.3 More Flexible

Flexibility is the big advantage you have when you choose the mobile-friendly design, you can make changes to your site with some small and quick design tweaks.

You can make changes more quickly and easily because you are not going to make changes on two sites, so you can give more focus on your business.

3.4 Beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the best way to improve your business’s online presence. It boosts your business in Google search page rankings the closer you are to the top, the more chances will increase to visit a customer on your site.

Responsive designs will help SEO better because gives preference to the websites who are mobile-friendly and it will give a big boost in search engine results.

4.Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Responsive

Responsive Website Designs

For providing a better user experience your website pages need to load faster on all devices and it can only possible with mobile-friendly website design.
With the continuous change in the world of digitization, people get more attracted to the mobile phone and in today’s world, it is very hard to find a person without a cellphone.

People love to browse the site in their phones more than other devices and this is one of the main causes that give a great push to responsive web designs.
There are numerous reasons that will define the importance of responsive web designs and why your website needs it.

4.1 You Can Easily Track Who Visits Your Website

The most excited thing about having a responsive web page is that you can get the track record of who is visiting your site and it will allow you to increase your target.

When you got to know how many audiences visit your site, you can take a track to recode them and can make new strategies to increase the audience which gives a great push to generate more leads.

4.2 Suggest by Google

Responsive Website Designs

The main reason you should choose responsive web designs is google’s recommendation. Yes, Google always gives preference to mobile-friendly website deigns as compare to normal websites.

As we all know Google is the dominant search engine to influence your site. So is always good to go with what Google’s like. As per Google guidelines, responsive web designs are the best way to target tablet and mobile users.

It favors mobile-optimized sites when it comes to presenting results for searches made on mobile devices because today most of the searches are originated on mobile devices.

4.3 Saves Your Time and Resources

Who doesn’t wants to save their money and efforts? We all want that right? having a responsive website not only provides you the best user experience but also saves your time and resources.

Having different sites on different devices is always better than having the same site on different devices. A fully responsive site saves your time and efforts

4.4 Saves Your Time and Resources

Who doesn’t wants to save their money and efforts? We all want that right? having a responsive website not only provides you the best user experience but also saves your time and resources.

Having different sites on different devices is always better than having the same site on different devices. A fully responsive site saves your time and efforts.

4.5 Fast Loading Time

Speed matters a lot rather it is for the car’s speed or for speed of a website. No one likes to go slow and if I talk about the contemporary hi-tech web world, the slow speed of the website results in the complete destruction of your online business.

The un-responsive website takes time to load on the internet and in today’s life no one has that much patience to wait for loading a website, internet users love to get information in the quickest possible manner.

Responsive websites load faster than the website build for desktop computers and provide a hassle-free experience to the user. The more your website is responsive, the more users will attract to it.

4.6 Increased Credibility

Responsive Website Designs

Credibility matters a lot in every business rather it is for online or for an offline business. People always take a mental note of a website they had a good experience with. And also take note of the website they have an unsatisfactory experience with.

Reputation is everything in business, and it only comes with an audience who visits your website. For providing a better user experience, it is necessary to have a fully responsive site.

5.Responsive Websites Fight Against the Bounce Rate

Have you ever wonder you have to spend a lot of money and time in building a website but it performs terribly on the tablets and smartphones, Here terrible indicates the browsing section like text and images on your site.

If your website is not responsive, people will face some issues in browsing your site, won’t able to read the text and also might face some issues with the resolutions of the images.

Non-responsive websites will suffer from a high bounce rate which gives a big impact on your business because Google interprets this bounce rate as a sign that your website is inapplicable and leads to your drop in rankings.

Final Words

After going through the above information, you got to know that if you want to gain progress with the online business, it is mandatory to have a responsive website that performs well on every platform.

Your business is your identity and it must perform well on the internet in every way so that you can attract more people with your site. But for attracting people it should be fully responsive and should perform like a wonder on every device.

You should accept the fact the future belongs to mobile technology and you need to be technically ready to meet all the challenges that are coming on your way. So that you can maintain your online presence.

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