website traffic is going down

Top Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Going Down [Infographic]

Have you ever think after spending so much time and money, why your business is not gaining that much success? And why your website traffic is down? Well, there are many reasons which are responsible for this and should be resolved.

A sudden drop or constant decline in traffic happens to every website and might give you an insomniac to you. Because quality and the quantity of web traffic matter a lot for your business, they increase the visibility of your web page or website.

There are numerous questions arise when the site’s traffic goes down. The reason behind this might be hundreds but should be resolved because the existence of your site depends on its traffic.

But here arises a question, how you’ll get to know the reasons that you are not getting enough traffic on your website? Don’t need to worry because today I am going to discuss the top reasons why your website traffic is going down, What actually it is and how you can get rid of this issue so let’s have a quick discussion on it.

1. What Actually Web Traffic Is?

 Website Traffic is Going Down

Before discussing the cause of why your site’s google traffic is down, one should know what is web traffic. In simple words, we can say that web traffic is a number of visits and visitors on your site.

For more clear understanding we can also say that it is a common way to evaluate the effectiveness or popularity of any website.

Yet there are many other metrics to measure a website’s popularity but web traffic is the essential metric because it gives you a clear picture of how many real users are visiting on a particular site.

Traffic is not always generated by the users (People who visit sites). Righ there are many other ways to generate traffic like artificial traffic (nonhuman traffic) which is generated by using bots.

Bot it is beneficial for testing purposes, but you cannot measure the popularity of the site by using the bot. It is necessary to remove bot while measuring popularity.

There is more than one source of traffic like:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic is the most famous traffic and if you used it correctly, it will give you a huge profit for your business. The best part of Organic traffic is this it is free and highly targeted.

2. How Web Traffic is Important to Your Business

How Web Traffic is Important to Your Business

Website traffic is like a fuel, it gives a push to your website to run on the internet. Every website needs the traffic to but if you did not get it, your site might get lost in the vastness of the internet.

As I have already said every site needs traffic. If your site is finally organized but not attracting visitors, you won’t generate sales and your site might be lost their existence.

Don’t forget that its people who view your site and gives you online business. Without genuine traffic, your business and website will not survive long on the internet.

There are countless reasons which will help you to understand the consequences of website traffic, Here I am going to discuss some of the main reasons.

  • Your Online Business is Totally Depend on Traffic and Online Conversion.
  • Organic traffic from the users, who showed their interest in what you are promoting or selling to them are most likely to stick and refer your site to others. But with the sudden drop in website traffic.
  • To make your site’s existence on the internet, you need to generate more targeted traffic to more revenue.
  • The more people will stay on your site the more it will be beneficial for your business. But this might not be permanent because a sudden drop in website traffic can collapse your site’s existence.
  • To increase the amount of time of the visitors you need to increase the likelihood that they will sign up for your newsletter or need to increase the promotional content.

3. Reasons Why Website Traffic is Going Down [Infographic]

Why Your Website Traffic is Going Down

3.1 Speed Of the Website

 Website Traffic is Going Down

When it comes to analyzing the reason for the sudden drop in organic traffic of your website. Your website’s speed might be one of the reasons for that.

No matter how attractive your site but if website speed is slow, it won’t enforce the customers to stay on your site and leads to poor user experience.

When a page does not load, the user might be got irritated and quickly visit your competitor’s site which is not good for the growth of your business. The lesser traffic you have the more it will impact your business.

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3.2 Quality of Content

Content quality matters a lot when it comes to the drop in web traffic. Google seeks the best content to the users that is why it keeps changing its definition of what good content is.

Your content should be relevant and easy to understand for the users so that they get relevant answers they are seeking. Before posting any content you should ask yourself three questions and i.e.

  • Does your content have the ability to the questions the users are seeking for?
  • Does your content have the ability to solve user’s concerns?
  • Is it on a perfect topic that anybody is searching for it today?

If your content does not have these three thinks, Google won’t give you results and won’t rank your site. And if your content is full of errors which don’t make sense then you might find yourself in more trouble.

But on the other hand, a good quality content could do wonders to your site and let your stand high on the ranking

3.3 Poor Quality Website

The quality of the website also matters a lot to drop in organic search traffic. Quality of the website includes information, design of the site, usability, experience, and content.

Your website quality means a lot for your business and gives a huge impact not only on your rankings and SEO but also knock your conversion rate.

And conversion rate depends on users, how much users visit your site and how much trust they have on your website inherent visual appeal authoritative content and ease to use.

The lesser the audience you have the more you lost traffic and the existence of your business.

3.4 Algorithm Changes

Top Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Going Down [Infographic] 1

Google always founds a new way to improve results and strategies by making changes in algorithms and this impacts many sites and comes with low site ranking results.

To make yourself safe with these Google Algorithm changes, you need to use an effective cross channel marketing strategy. You need to prepare yourself for these sudden updates so that your site won’t impact.

3.5 Bad Quality of Links

Every link is not the same and not be created equally. If you have used any outdated, spammy or risk link in making strategies then you might be penalized by Google.

There is no space for any spammy or outdated links on Google. For saving your space on the internet, everything should be unique and high in quality.

You can take as much time as you needed for developing the high-quality link building strategy to ignore the penalty from Google. I am giving you some suggestion for building quality links

  • You can fix broken links by building quality one.
  • You can write catchy and unique content and promote on social media.
  • Use Public Relations to get cited in online content.

3.6 Competition Sites

Your competitors can be another reason for the sudden drop in organic search traffic. Have you ever notice that every thing is going good in your site but still you are not gaining that much traffic on your site.

It might be happened because of the strong SEO strategies that your competing site is using to maintain their existence or doing better than you.

Keep your eyes open and monitor every activity that your competitors are doing on their social media, content marketing, and link building strategies or make some new strategies to save your existence.

4. How to Diagnose a Drop in Website Traffic

Top Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Going Down [Infographic] 2

Website traffic is the main cause that your business fails to perform online. Because you did not give focus on the objective of your site before making web strategy.

You to measure how good is your site’s online performance, you need to know what techniques work good for you and what does not. And how monitoring works, you can see what is working and what needs to improve.

For monitoring your site’s traffic there is a number of programs available to access the data and track the traffic of your website. I am going to discuss three main tools to diagnose a drop in website traffic, the most execting part is this they are all free.

4.1 Google Analytics

 Website Traffic is Going Down

Google Analytics is the best way to diagnose a google search traffic drop. It amazingly goes in the depth of your site to analyze the statistics of your website, including visitor’s locations, top keywords, popular pages, and the latest traffic sources.

Google Analytics merges with google’s other tools, like google apps and can be accessed through a single console. The best part of google analytics is that it helps you measure progress over time.

It is totally free and is very easy to install on your website and has a short learning curve and you should be up and running with the basic functionality in a very short time.

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4.2 GoingUp

GoingUp is the best towards online retailers and eCommerce and if your running one of these business and have full trust or confidence on a large volume of traffic for leads and sales then this tool is very for you.

It analyses your sale and track conversion rates and shows you the total percentage of site visitors that make a purchase from your site.

GoingUp provides you every detail from where visitors are coming also provides you the geographical data of viewers.

It shows you the trends on your website, so you can track the growth of the site and can get to know how many visitors come to your website every day.

Routine visitor tracking will help you to see the growth of your website and find out the cause of the which are responsible for your website traffic drop.

4.3 Alexa

Top Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Going Down [Infographic] 3

Have you ever tried to know about your competitor’s website traffic? Of course, we all tried because it’s competition which means you should be aware of how well your competitors are doing.

Alexa helps you to compare your site’s performance against your competitors. It is totally different from GoingUp but only a bit different from Google Analytics.

Alexa calculates your website’s reach, how many individuals look at your site, the quantity of the backlinks you have from other sites, and which keyword is generating the most visitors for similar sites.

It compares your website’s traffic to other websites and shows the results between one and several million. The lower the number your site receives, the more famous it is.


It’s true that every online business is based on their website the more traffic you’ll have on your website the more your business will grow. But a sudden drop in website traffic will ruin everything and your site might get collapse.

Your website’s traffic gets affected by numerous factors but in this article, you will have all the necessary information which will help you to maintain the existence of your website.

But you should know the fact that there is no shortcut to increase the site’s traffic, you have to invest your time in making unique strategies to increase your online visibility and growth.

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