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Read top stories & breaking news on the go. The SmashDaTopic App gives you access to award-winning journalism, covering the latest opinion, politics, sport, business & finance news.

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What is SmashDaTopic?

As people try to fit all of their tasks into the limited 24 hours of a day, the time for some things has to be crunched to give priority to others. Reading newspapers and magazines is one of these activities. As a result, news & magazine apps have entered the picture as a solution to this problem. The transformation of information is made incredibly simple. The best method to reach more people is to design a mobile app for a news portal.

Our new app allows digital subscribers of the SmashDaTopic app to access the latest local, get real-time safety alert updates on protests, up-to-the-minute national and local top stories or breaking news, and live video of incidents happening near you. The app serves as the region’s watchdog, keeping the powerful accountable, and offers more news, analysis, and information than any other local news source with the largest newsroom in the region. It brings to you all the latest updates on your city and aims to provide users with a medium where they can get all the important and interesting videos from across their city in a single place.

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React Native, Node.js, Laravel, AWS

Integrating Advanced Features For Seamless User Experience

  • Videos: Brings to you all the latest updates on your city
  • Bookmarks: Help you save stories to read later
  • Category: Organizes and highlights as per categories
  • Live Stream Videos: Excellent choice for watching local news videos
  • User Profile: Manage profile in one single tap
  • Log In: Discover and connect the latest updates.
  • Sign Up: Watch the world’s recent highlights.
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Present the Latest Buzz on the Go

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Updates Anytime Anywhere
Latest news and current trends happening in the world at any time.
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Reader Engagement
Give real-time news updates to users and engage with them directly.
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Targeted Marketing
Target a specific group of people & serve content related to their interests.
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With the help of digital media, we can save trees and the environment.

Tech stacks

React Native

React Native



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The Reasons Why You Should Use News Mobile App

Today people’s interaction with their mobile phones has increased significantly in recent years, and they are increasingly avoiding physical carry things. As a result, news mobile apps need to give material to users in the medium in which they are most comfortable and easiest to reach.
In the United States, there has been a decline in newspaper circulation and revenue, with a drop of 10% on weekdays. If we analyze how news applications and social media forums affect the readership of international audiences, one of the data points accessible is that 67% of Americans get their news via social media.

Get the Most Powerful Journalism at Your Fingertips.

The benefits that our approach to newspaper application development provides go above and beyond what a conventional app delivers. One of the key components of our newspaper and magazine app development services is aiding businesses in developing their business plan which can be most effectively monetized with the help of our team of mobile app strategists.

Additionally, you can establish a separate section for the premium content if you like, and only your most valuable customers will be able to access it. If these characteristics are taken into consideration, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic news app that will assist consumers in receiving real-time updates. While the news brands prefer the subscription model, we also offer you a variety of additional monetization options, such as sponsored content and in-app adverts.

With our world-class branding and digital design experts, our renowned strategy & planning team works alongside which has made us a top app development company. We made better and more engaging designs that are only matched by the clear and cutting-edge user interfaces they are based on.

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Create Your News and Live Streaming App Online With Gsquare

FAQ’s Related To News and live-streaming App Development

Can you publish my news portal app on Google Play Store or App Store?

Yes, we can publish a news app on the Google Play Store and the App Store once we design it and the client approves it. Depending on the type of platform used for news portal development, additional fees may be required.

How soon can you develop a news app?

Any time a deadline is set, we always do our best to deliver a special news application or any other. However, the number of days needed to design a mobile app entirely depends on the kind of app, how big it is, and other elements that can only be determined after project analysis.

How much does news app development cost?

Creating a news mobile app typically has no set cost. However, the typical price to design a new mobile app depends upon various features and numerous other aspects that greatly influence the cost of developing a mobile app, which you will learn about when using our services.

What kinds of news apps you can build with the Bold CMS?

Since news applications are becoming more and more popular, they must be quick, informative, and have lots of dynamic elements. We can build Breaking news apps, Branded news apps, Blogging apps, and Community-based news apps with our hero CMS Bold.

What features to include in your news apps?

Whether or not your app is downloaded repeatedly depends on whether it has the ideal combination of features to quickly deliver the news readers want to read. The best features and a quick-loading website will determine whether or not your app is installed and chosen as a favorite.

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We are a top-rated mobile application development company with 4.8/5 ratings on Clutch. Clutch.Co
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Top-rated mobile application development company on Upwork with 94% job success. Upwork.Com
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Whatever is your business size, whatever are your requirements, wherever is your business based – you can count on us. Our mission is to provide quality services with the latest technology. We are here to help anytime you in the market for web or app designers and developers. We provide complete web solutions for client requirements. We are happy to provide you the best services and expertise who accomplish your business requirements into a higher level and evaluate your apps and websites with creative ideas which grow your business into another level.


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