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Start your cab-sharing business with our Uber-Like app development services. Whether you want to run an Uber-like business or you want something revolutionary from scratch, we will design, build & launch Uber clone ride-hailing apps for you that make your taxi business grow.

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A comprehensive solution that caters to all the stakeholders

Complete Scalability 1
Complete Scalability
Our software is built to effortlessly scale up your application, and handle your business’s growth as your business grows.
100 Customizable 1
100% Customizable
our solutions offer you full customizability offering various options like design, tweak, edit, add, and remove a variety of details.
Faster Deployment 1
Faster Deployment
By providing clients with appealing deals and discounts, you may increase both your clientele and your revenue.
Cater to a Global Audience 1
Cater to a Global Audience
We faster deploy an Uber-like app development process and let your cab business grow at a faster pace.
One-stop Platform

Result-Driven Uber-like App Development Process, We Follow


Based on the information given by clients A detailed Uber-like app development roadmap is laid out like project deliverables and the final desired outcome and the overall UI/UX design layout are decided at this stage of the process.

Secure Bug free Solution
Secure & Bug-free Solution

Based on recommendations for the MVP app, to improve your entire taxi app development solution, fixes and adjustments are made in the final stage of app creation.

Maintenance Support
Maintenance & Support

To make sure your app is always current with security patches, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services, features, and user-relevant information.

Want to Make Your Own Uber-Like Taxi Booking App like Uber?

No one knows it better than us when it comes to Uber clone app development. If you are planning to enter the taxi services industry, a taxi-booking app could be the right launchpad for your transportation startup. Our dedicated team knows how to develop an app like Uber and what exactly it requires to develop an Uber-like app. Our bespoke Uber Clone App replicates the functionality of the Uber taxi booking app. This app will include drivers’ and passengers’ apps in addition to the admin panel, which will handle dispatches and bookings.

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Key Features of Uber-Like App

Reliable Uber-Like App for Smooth & Fast Booking Experience for Passengers

Ride Now
Ride Now/ Later

Book an instant or schedule a ride in simple steps to go anywhere in the city.

GPS Tracking
Real-Time ETA and GPS Tracking

GPS-enabled app to track drivers’ real-time locations and choose the best route automatically.

Hassle Free Booking
Hassle-Free Booking

Quick sign-in enables users to choose suitable taxis, mark pick-up, and drop-off locations, plan rides, and more.

Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Payment Options

Allow multiple secure payment options including credit card /debit card /mobile payment as well as a cash payment for emergencies.

Customer Application
SOS Button
SOS Button

Install a panic button so that users can contact their contacts automatically in the case of an emergency.

Ratings Review
Ratings & Review

Similar to the Uber app, riders can rate and review their trips based on their experiences.

Trip History
Trip History

Trip history is one of the most preferred features that is used in terms of rider safety and trip analysis.

Driver Car Preview
Driver & Car Preview

Before starting the journey, riders can get a preview of the driver and select a preferred vehicle as per the choice of customers.

Simple Registration
Simple Registration

Our Uber clone software allows drivers to register on the app by entering their details.

Pickup Location
Pickup Location

Map functionality will be integrated into the application so the driver can reach the destination of the passenger easily.

Start Trip
Start Trip

By clicking on the start button located in the panel, the driver can begin the journey.

Accept Reject Ride
Accept/ Reject Ride

Option for Drivers to accept or reject rides in a limited time frame within the app.

Drop Off Location
Drop Off Location

By following the directions on the map, a driver can determine the passenger’s drop-off location without even asking him.

Upcoming Rides
Upcoming Rides

The driver can see details of all your upcoming or scheduled rides and connect with passengers via phone/message through the app.

Driver Application
Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

One dashboard contains all the data, and the administrator controls how to meet all the requirements.

Vehicle Management
Vehicle Management

It handles the need for vehicles according to user availability and needs, establishes vehicle priorities, and manages vehicle requirements.

Set Pricing
Set Pricing

To avoid conflicts between driver and user, the admin can decide how much a ride should cost and the amount for the passenger

User Management
User Management

The administrator oversees all of the user’s activity and satisfies all of the user’s needs.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

The name, address, and all the essential details of customers and drivers are included in the admin panel.

Discounts Proms
Discounts & Proms

With a powerful admin panel, the admin can set new deals and discounts with the help of push notifications.

Admin Panel 1
Handle Profile
Handle Profile

Through the outstanding corporate panel, corporate admin can manage profile details methodically.

Check Payment History
Check Payment History

The corporate panel enables the corporate admin to view the full history of payments, including all payment methods.

Profile Management
Profile Management

Corporate users can edit their profiles by entering information such as their company name, contact details, and so on into the panel.

Manage Employee
Manage Employee

Through a cutting-edge transport network, the corporate administrator can add and manage the system’s employees.

Apply Filter
Apply Filter

By applying a filter to the information that is provided, corporate admin can view the information of their choice.

Employee Management
Employee Management

The employer can also go through and update their data and has the authority to hire or fire personnel.

Corporate Console
Live Navigation 1
Live Navigation

By providing real-time navigation of the location, you can make the rides for your driver accurate and safe.

Contact Customer 1
Contact Customer

Connecting users via call/message will provide easy collaboration between users, and make your app transparent.

Total Rides 1
Total Rides

Give drivers a thorough overview of all their previous rides and the accepted rides to make it simple for them to keep track of their revenue.

Total Earnings
Total Earnings

Give your drivers access to a centralized area where they can monitor their daily earnings totals and tips received.

Ride Verification 1
Ride Verification

By giving drivers the option to confirm the ride both before and after the ride is complete, you can make your Uber clone safe for all users.

Account Transfer
Account Transfer

To enable drivers to get paid right away, provide the most dependable account integration options in your Uber clone app.

Driver Panel
Work Flow

Uber-Like App Development Process


Analysis and Planning
  • Define your app’s purpose
  • Research the competition
  • Establish the app’s goals and objectives


UI / UX Design
  • Information Architecture & Workflows
  • Wireframe structure
  • Designing of App


Client Approval
  • Approval for wireframe
  • Verification of each screen
  • App design approval


App Development
  • Define the technical architecture
  • Pick a technology stack
  • Define the development milestones


Application Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Device & Platform testing


Deployment & Support
  • App Stores Integration
  • Client’s server Deployment
  • Making the App accessible to users
Reasons to count on us

Your Dedicated Uber-Like App
Development Company

Child Seat Preference 1
Child Seat Preference

People who are traveling with children will be able to use this function to book a ride with a special preference for a child’s seat.

Toll Calculation
Toll Calculation

Make the driving experience comfortable for both your drivers and riders by adding a toll fee feature.

Handicap Accessibility
Handicap Accessibility

Drivers can quickly assist people with disabilities by simply selecting the YES option in their taxi profiles.

Free Currency Integration
Free Currency Integration

The app will be launched with a free currency integration for all of your users worldwide.

Dispute management
Dispute management

Users and drivers can bring up complaints with the admin about previous journeys, and the admin should conduct the appropriate investigation.

Call Masking
Call Masking

Allow calls between your drivers and riders without any restrictions, but make sure to cloak their real phone numbers for security reasons.

Multi Payment Options
Multi Payment Gateway

You may make secure, quick, and simple payments using the integration of multiple payment gateways.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

The responsive interface of our Uber for X clone script is simple to customize for every device the app runs on.

Scalable Solutions
Scalable Solutions

We constantly work to create cutting-edge solutions that will assist you in growing your business beyond the competition.

Responsive UI UX
Responsive UI/UX

An app’s user interface is more crucial, thus you should focus on making it as appealing as possible for users.

Multi Payment Options 1
Multi Payment Options

It makes it simple for users to pay for taxi booking services if multiple payment gateways will be available on your app.

Free Bug Support
Free Bug Support

If you identify any flaws, we’ll patch them within the support period despite our best efforts to release a bug-free product.

One-Stop Platform

Factors that affect Taxi App Development Cost

The total cost of designing and developing a taxi Uber-Like app depends on a variety of factors. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind or take into account when choosing your overall budget for the development of taxi apps.

Untitled 9
  • App Hosting
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Security
  • App Platform
  • Technology used
  • Features Module
  • Third-Party App Integration
  • App Maintenance
For Every On-Demand Business

Unique Features of Uber Clone App to Set You Apart

uber-like-app-development-company 1

E- Rick

Riding with an E-rickshaw enables you to provide customers with a short environmentally responsible trip.

uber-like-app-development-company 2

Ride Sharing

Allow users to reserve a taxi for the following day or an hour from now using your ride-sharing app. This saves them time, and they may also reserve a cab for their flight early in the morning or late at night thanks to it.

uber-like-app-development-company 3

Corporate Shuttle

Uber-like app Corporate Shuttle feature allows companies to help employees commute to and from work safely and affordably. Corporate Shuttle is a tailored commuting service for companies, providing seats for up to 50 employees per vehicle.

uber-like-app-development-company 4

On-demand Bike

On-demand Bike Booking at an Affordable fare!

We work with you to design an easy-to-use app, refine your concept, and give your consumers access to quicker and more affordable On-demand Bike services. For users, everything is much more convenient, from hiring the bike to paying.

uber-like-app-development-company 5

Individual Cab

Adopting our Uber-like app enables you to offer users dependable rides every day for daily commute which is an economical option, especially for those unable to get appointments on their own.

uber-like-app-development-company 6

Booking Rental

The software provides a straightforward rental car booking function and considerably simplifies business operations. Customers can immediately see all of the cars that are offered to them, along with their prices.

Give Life To Your Ride-Hailing Service Business Ideas With Our Uber Clone Solution.

Our Uber Clone Loyalty Program

Struggling to Scale up Taxi Business? Get easy-to-manage, feature-packed Taxi App Solutions at Cost-effective Rates

Launch Uber Clone App

Launch Uber Clone App

Excellent Features to Include In Your Uber-Like App
Intelligent Dispatch System

Intelligent Dispatch System

Build an Uber clone and run your on-demand business from a single dashboard with automated dispatching and real-time tracking.
Get Running In No Time

Get Running In No Time

You may save time and launch your Uber-like app service in less than a week with the help of a reliable module.
Launch Uber Clone App 1
Web Mobile App

Web & Mobile App

Take your on-demand company’s website with an app that works like Uber and has a great admin dashboard.
Uber Like In App Chat

Uber Like In-App Chat

By providing live in-app communication between customers and operators, our clone of the Uber delivery app responds to customer requests.
Source Code

Source Code

For your client and driver Uber-like app, you will receive the whole source code for both the iOS and Android versions.
Our Services

Make most of your Business with a Uber-Like App Solution

Requirement Check
Requirement Check

We recognize that every business is different and has specific needs, therefore we determine the objectives you want to accomplish with the development of the taxi app. Our team is committed to carefully researching your unique requirements.

Planning and Designing
Planning and Designing

We generate custom blueprints for your taxi booking app based on your specifications, paying close attention to every last aspect from the UX to every module. We think that if the design is flawless, the development of your taxi app is already halfway complete. Before uploading the app, we sketch the wireframes and set everything in the designs.

Quick App Launch
Quick App Launch

We use thorough testing techniques to get rid of any bug in your taxi booking app before launching it. Before releasing the software on the App Store, we make sure it complies with the established list of guidelines.

Safety Feature

Must-Have Safety Features for A Uber-Like App

uber-like-app-development-company 7
Driver Alert for Speeding

Although each city administration has set a speed restriction for taxis, many drivers disobey this regulation and drive the cab too quickly, endangering the lives of passengers. There is a feature in the client app that alerts the admin when a driver is speeding.

uber-like-app-development-company 8
In-app Emergency Button

The driver or the passenger need not phone anyone to let them know that the cab is stuck due to an emergency in a strange location to avoid the inconvenience of providing the precise location. Instead, they can send notifications using the emergency button included in the app, and the app already has the precise location. If your company wants to operate in semi-urban areas, this feature must be in the taxi booking app.

uber-like-app-development-company 9
Strict Driver Background Check

Normally, following thorough background checks, drivers are affiliated with the taxi company. However, some dishonest drivers conceal their qualifications and work as cab drivers. Because of this, there have been numerous incidents of passenger abuse and violence in even the most reputable taxi startups. To solve this issue, you can use companies to conduct thorough background.

What do we offer? The Unique Benefits Of Our On-Demand Uber-Like App Solution

Our Uber Clone was developed with expanding businesses in mind and has a good amount of scalability possibilities.
We will install your solution on the shared, hosted, or cloud server of your preference.
Have a highly compatible on-demand clone solution with a wide range of payment methods available for setup.
In a competitive market where time is of importance, our on-demand taxi app solution's quick development time lets you get going right away.
A white-label solution that is simple to include in your business process and serves as a quick and simple product that satisfies your needs.
What We Do

Our Uber-Like App Development Solutions for

Taxi App for Android

Get a user-friendly Android taxi app from our highly skilled team of developers so you can dominate the competitive market.

Taxi App for iOS

Get the top-built taxi booking app development services for iOS that give you flexibility while managing your business.

Taxi Web Development

To assure the deployment of a highly reliable and scalable taxi web development, work with Gsquare’s team of experienced online taxi booking website developers.
Our Uber Like App Development Solutions for 1 2
Uber For X
Uber For X

Superlative Features of Uber X Clone App

Our Uber for X clone designed source code has many outstanding features where customers can track the service providers, make service requests, receive and confirm the requests and render related services.

On-Demand Solutions

Uber For X Clone Script Development Model

Uber for X Limousine Rental

Uber Type Apps For Limousine

For special occasions like weddings or celebrity hosting, people used to book limousines because they are such a luxurious vehicles and a symbol of style. If you operate a limousine rental business, an app might guarantee you a lot of benefits due to the high demand for limousine services.

uber-like-app-development-company 10

Uber for X Corporate Taxi

Corporate Taxi Business

When thinking about creating an on-demand taxi booking app development model, keep in mind that some large-size businesses and corporations need cab or taxi services regularly. If you operate a taxi company, you can expand your customer base by providing a superb corporate taxi service to businesses through an exceptional app.

uber-like-app-development-company 11

Uber for X for Taxi App

Extremely Affordable & Quickest Rides!

One of the finest taxi booking models you can adopt is this one, where your app acts as an aggregator and you receive a commission for each ride the consumer books. Customers who want to book a taxi must register as users, and taxi drivers must register as service providers. The aggregator app acts as a middleman between commuters and taxi providers.

uber-like-app-development-company 12

Uber for X Air Taxi

Cab Booking On Rent At An Affordable fare!

Now that there are numerous Air taxi service providers in the industry, the word “Air taxi” is not a novel one throughout the world. If your business offers this service, you can take it to the next level by developing an app that allows customers in need of faster transportation to book it. Air taxis can be ordered online in case you require them because major airline companies do not accept chartered services. It is a fantastic model to take into account for high revenue generation.

uber-like-app-development-company 13

Get 100% Solution Of

Some More Uber For X Clone
Script Products

Uber for X Solutions
Uber for X Solutions

Our On-demand Uber-Like App Caters To All These Services.

Get in Touch

Uber for Taxi
Uber for Taxi

Effectively manage a fleet of vehicles from a little piece of software if you currently have a running taxi service firm.

Get in Touch

Uber for Truck
Uber for Truck

Launch an extensive Uber for trucking app that would enable smooth communication between shippers, drivers, and managers.

Get in Touch

Uber for Tow Truck
Uber for Tow Truck

Develop a user-friendly Uber for tow truck app so that clients can rapidly hire and easily locate nearby tow vehicles.

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Uber for Airport Taxi
Uber for Airport Taxi

Develop a top-notch app that will enable consumers to reserve upscale cabs for travel to and from the airport.

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Cloud Kitchen icon
Uber for Cloud Kitchen

Launch a powerful Uber for food delivery app to reach out to more clients and receive more requests for food delivery.

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Grocery Delivery
Uber for Grocery Delivery

An Uber grocery app, offer customers the ease of having their food needs delivered right to their door.

Get in Touch

Alcohol Delivery
Uber for Alcohol Delivery

With an Uber for alcohol app, your liquor business’s prospects will be improved with an increase in your consumer base.

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Pizza Delivery
Uber for Pizza Delivery

Through a comprehensive smartphone app, offer pizza delivery services to your consumers in the most effective, contemporary way possible.

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Lawn Mowing
Uber for Lawn Mowing

Use a top-notch Uber for lawn mowing smartphone application to provide lawn mowing services to interested clients.

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Car Wash
Uber for Car Wash

If you own a car care business, expand the range of your offerings by creating an Uber-style app for car washes.

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Uber for Plumbers

Build an Uber for plumbers app to instantly provide a wide range of services, like pipe fitting, leak repairs, and more.

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Uber for Health

An Uber for health app that includes features like appointment booking & GPS tracker helps medical expertise to a large patient base.

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Uber for Pharmacy

App for Uber for pharmacies providing medications with cutting-edge technologies like GPS real-time tracking and others.

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Uber for Ambulance

Give consumers an app similar to Uber for ambulances so they can easily book emergency medical assistance.

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Uber for Taxi
Uber for Massage

With the help of an Uber massage app, you can connect your skilled team of masseurs with eager clients.

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