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Food Delivery Aggregators

We assist entrepreneurs and food delivery store owners in creating their own online marketplace.

Restaurant Chains
Restaurant Chains

Chains utilizing our platform have experienced a 40% reduction in delivery-related operational costs.

Single Restaurant
Single Restaurant

We specialize in developing a food delivery app exclusively for single restaurant owners to stand out in the market.


Cloud Kitchen
Cloud Kitchen

The engagement of users with our aggregator app led to a 60% increase in the exploration of diverse culinary options.

Food Delivery App

Ease Your Food Delivery App Management With Automation

We created a robust backend system and combine our deep expertise and skills to make the best application and manage surge in demand.

Intuitive App Experience

Our food delivery app development is committed to make our service very advantageous in conveying orders from one spot.

ERP Solution

Our solution includes an ERP system, which makes it easier for your restaurant to properly manage critical procedures and more.

Customer Management

Admin can access and manage all registered users’ records, as well as evaluate their profiles, at any moment.

Menu & Inventory

Create dynamic time-based menus and manage your inventory efficiently to ensure that you never run out of products.

Are you excited enough to go for our solution but still having second thoughts?

Fast, Scalable & Powerful Food App Development Solutions with Contactless Food Delivery By Keeping Social Distancing In Mind!

  • With a contactless, safer ordering experience, you can make your food ordering COVID-proof, whether your customers are taking out the food or delivering it by the drivers.

  • As COVID-19 cases rise day by day, our Food Ordering Application will be enabled with the features like take out the order instead of dining.

  • The Driver Panel Food Ordering App will include AI functions that will recognize the Mask and Gloves, and only then will they be able to serve customers.
Food App Development 2

  • Our developed Food Ordering Application will also support Contactless Deliveries, in which the driver must place the parcel in a secure location.

  • The food Ordering App will be enabled with the Safety Popups with every order so restaurant owners and even uber drivers never forget to keep their staff sanitized.

  • The Safety Ratings option in the App allows customers to rate drivers based on safety characteristics such as whether or not they were wearing the Mark and Gloves during delivery.

We are #1 Food Delivery App Development Company in the USA

Food Delivery Apps Revenue Model

Commission on Orders

Commission on Orders

Commission rates vary among companies, where each order contributes to food delivery apps’ primary revenue stream.



Ad-supported apps offer new revenue streams, as restaurants invest heavily in increasing their visibility and order volume.

Delivery Fees

Delivery Fees

Food delivery apps may apply extra delivery fees for locations beyond standard limits, with rates typically determined by distance traveled.

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Customer App

Customer App
Easy Registration 1

Easy Registration

Google and other social media networks allow users to create their own accounts for quick onboarding. Favorite items can also be added so users can easily reorder them.

Order Management

Order Management

We’ll create a cutting-edge order management platform that you can integrate with your current web or mobile application.

Real Time Tracking System

Real-Time Tracking System

For maximum efficiency and client satisfaction, we will create a cutting-edge Real-Time Tracking System (RTTS) to track and monitor all food delivery.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Food companies will be given the tools they need to use delivery resources efficiently for quick and flawless performance due to our powerful mobility app application.

Menu Deals Platform

Menu & Deals Platform

For your restaurant, we will create a platform with a real-time, editable menu and deals that will provide a fantastic user experience.

In App Payment System

In-App Payment System

User-friendly and easy a payment system built inside the food delivery app just for your restaurant.

Interactive and dynamic mobile app

Interactive & Dynamic Mobile App

We use the most creative designs, together with adaptable development, so that clients can easily explore the menus and place orders for meals.

Full Fledged Food Ordering App

Full Fledged Food Ordering App

In order to create a wonderful user experience, we will design and create a full-fledged food ordering app from scratch.

Launch Custom Food Delivery App Today!

Delivery Boy App

Create Profile

Create Profile

The driver can make a profile by entering personal information, work history, a photograph, and other details.

E Sign Page

E-Sign Page

For the confirmation that the order has been delivered, the customer has to put his signature.

Delivery Boy App 1
Check Delivery History

Check Delivery History

The delivery boy can check how many orders he has delivered in a day or a week or even the total numbers of orders till date.



One of the elements that must be included in the delivery boy application is this. Through GPS, the driver can find the customer’s location and arrive there quickly.

Accept Or Reject The Orders 1

Accept Or Reject The Orders

The delivery boy has the option to accept or refuse the delivery order, if the location is unsuitable or there is an emergency.

Multiple Language Support

Multiple Language Support

To make it easier for customers to place orders in their native language, the delivery guy app must support multiple languages.

Multiple Modes for Receiving Payment 1

Multiple Payment Modes

The delivery boy can be paid for the item in a number of ways, including cash, debit or credit cards, or even a wallet.

Push Notification

Push Notification

When an order is placed, sent out for delivery, or when it is really delivered, a push message should be sent to the customer’s mobile.

Give Your Online Food Business The Boost It Needs

Restaurant App

We incorporate the most recent technologies into your restaurant’s delicious dishes in an effort to scale up your operation. We provide solutions for everyone, from small businesses to large restaurant chains.

Restaurant App 1
Payments Commission

Payments & Commission

This feature is intended to handle your payments simply and pay the restaurant management commissions.

Business Control

Business Control

Business Control Admin have ability to monitor the company’s revenue and make decisions based on it.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Admin can at any moment can access, administer, and examine the profiles of all users who have downloaded the app.

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management admin have the option to promote a selection of offers on particular eateries and to list new restaurants.

Menu Management

Menu Management

To boost sales and ratings, our app’s administrator can introduce new products and even showcase the “Item of the Day.”

Acceptance Requests

Acceptance Requests

With the help of this function, administrators can control orders and notify service providers of any problems.

Admin Dashboard

To accept and manage orders from all sources in one location, we offer a smart dashboard when developing an online food delivery app.
  • Manage Orders
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Menu Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Social Logins
  • Set Delivery Radius
  • Restaurants Management
  • Menu & Timing Details
Admin Dashboard 2

Why Invest In Food Delivery App Development?

Check Orders

Increased Number of Orders

With our on-demand food delivery solutions, you can substantially boost the number of orders, leveraging the latest technology and user-friendly interfaces to attract more customers.

Call to Customers

Optimum Utilization of Resources

If you build a delivery app you make the most of your available resources. Our food delivery app solutions help achieve efficiency by optimally managing and streamlining delivery logistics.


Savings on Paying Commissions

Say goodbye to hefty commissions paid to third-party delivery services. Our food delivery app development can significantly reduce expenses, allowing you to keep more of your revenue.

Cost Estimation to Develop a Food Delivery App

The cost of developing a food delivery app depends on many factors such as the app design, the number of features you want to integrate, and type of the app etc.
  • Third-Party App Integration
  • Front-end and Back-end development
  • Technical documentation
  • Technology Slacks – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Features Complexity
  • UI/UX design
  • MVP testing
  • App Maintenance
  • Polishing and bug fixing

Why Choose Gsquare for On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

App Security and Scalability
Alluring UX/UI

Our dedicated team meticulously designs an irresistible User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), guaranteeing seamless interactions for app users.

Agile Development Approach
Highly-Dedicated Teams
Our highly committed development teams prioritize transforming your vision into reality, merging expertise with meticulous attention to technical detail.
Smooth Performance
Third-party integrations

We seamlessly integrate your application with external services and APIs, optimizing functionality and extending its reach by prioritizing the expansion of its capabilities.

Proven Track Record
Unmatched Security
We implement rigorous security protocols to protect user data, utilizing encryption, authentication, and various measures to efficiently counter threats.
Dedicated Developers
On-time Delivery

We value your time and guarantee timely project delivery, consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding your expectations with dependable efficiency.

Customized Apps
100% Quality Assurance

Quality serves as the foundation of our development process. We steadfastly uphold the utmost standards to provide a refined, bug-free final product.

Constant Support

We are always available at your request to handle all your queries regarding your development solution and to get the job done.

Constant Support
Geolocation Based Apps
Our location-based services app improves your marketing campaigns by providing insight into user activity and location.
Proficiency in Food Sector
Take use of the industry leader’s framework for an on-demand food distribution business to find clear insights.
Domain Proficiency
We send the significant data produced by our on-demand food delivery service so you have complete control over it.
Instant Contact
Our expert team is available around the clock for clients, to resolve application-related issues.

FAQ’s Related To Food Delivery App Development

How to build a food ordering app?

One of the fastest-growing trends in the food sector is food delivery system. You can either build your own development team or hire one right away from a food delivery app development agency. We’d appreciate it if you put us on your short list!

What are some advantages of using food delivery apps?

You can reach new clients outside of your regulars and area clients by offering online ordering through a food delivery app. You can increase sales from both new and existing customers by strengthening your brand’s online presence in the marketplace.

How can I improve my food delivery service?

According to estimates, restaurants receive an average of 70% of their orders online, and the vast majority of them have integrated with the various technologies like food delivery app.

How long does it take to develop a food app?

The first version of the app may be created in 3.5–4 months with a full cycle of service provision and restaurant management.

How much does it cost to make a food delivery app?

Depending on the features you want to include in your app, the cost of creating a food delivery service similar to UberEats would be around $30,000.

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