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Beauty Salons, Spa is a beauty and grooming multi-vendor app that helps millions of new clients search, discover, and book beauty and barber professionals.

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Along with the changes in time, people are changing their thoughts. Yes! There have been many changes in the way of life of today’s generation compared to that of our elders in the past. People in the twenty-first century have become more concerned about their appearance and health. When they had a nearby occasion to attend, they used to go to the salons. People in today’s world do not have time to visit a saloon or a spa. That is why we decided to create an application that would make their lives easier and more convenient.

Launch your own on-demand beauty salon app with a complete dashboard. Our on-demand salon app development solution is a collection of functionalities and strong integrations that is ideal for your business. Our readymade custom on-demand app and web development solution work well across a wide range of industries. We have added top-notch features like real-time tracking, route optimization, fleet personalization statistics & reports, live chat assistance, and more for many years of knowledge and experience.

Partner Profile

iOS, Android
React Native, Node.js, Laravel, AWS

Smarter, More Powerful Software Built for You

  • Multiple Beauty Salons With Their Management System
  • Multiple Payments Gateway Integrations
  • Multi-languages Support (Including LTR & RTL)
  • Intuitive & User-friendly Animations
  • Geolocation & Google Maps Address Picker
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Favorites, Wishlist Services
  • Light or Dark Theme
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Access Exclusive Premium features

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Light or Dark Theme
Option to choose from a light or dark theme for your end-user application.
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LTR & RTL Support
Supported RTL (Right To Left) language that is written from right to left.
Beauty Salons, Spa – Multi-Vendor App 6
Easy To Brand
Extremely convenient to rebrand the app and customize the theme of the app.
Beauty Salons, Spa – Multi-Vendor App 7
Booking Management
After book a service customer can schedule, track or cancel his bookings.

Tech stacks

React Native

React Native



Laravel 1




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Manage Your Salon Like a Pro

Take images, manage clients, and schedule appointments all inside the same application. With Beauty Salons, Spa, you can manage client appointments, purchases, and services using an Android tablet or smartphone. An application that is user-friendly and packed with features would improve the interaction between stylists and clients. The app was developed by a computer engineer and a hairdresser in collaboration in the United States for hairdressers. Step right up, and manage all of your appointments using a single online appointment organizer.

Trusted by the Best in the Beauty and Wellness Industry.

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Hair Salons

Millions of haircuts are sold with app appointment booking software, simplifying your salon operations with all features.
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Massage Centers

Designed to run every aspect of your massage and spa business, from online appointment booking to payments tracking/reporting.
Beauty Salons, Spa – Multi-Vendor App 11

Health Clinics

Whether you’re chiropractic or weight loss clinic, app booking system provides flexible tools to manage your whole business.
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Beauty Salons

Salon app has all the features required to run your beauty salon business with appointment scheduling tools and POS features.
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Spa business users love the app appointment scheduling system and point of sales features as it is simple to use & powerful.
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Personal Trainers

Appointment booking app and POS tools are a perfect fit for independent fitness and yoga trainers, with easy online bookings.
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What Makes Us So Different?

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Beautiful On All Devices

It is accessible from almost any device. You also don’t have to worry about syncing it up to Android/ IOS or other devices.
Beauty Salons, Spa – Multi-Vendor App 18

Boost Productivity

You can be sure that your clients will show up for an appointment, with automatic appointment reminders and confirmations.
Beauty Salons, Spa – Multi-Vendor App 19

Increase Client Retention

You don’t have to search through an appointment book, keep a record of your client’s preferences, hair formulae, and interests.
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Add Security & Peace of Mind

We always regularly backup your data, keep your personal information confidential, so you don’t have to worry about it.
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Easily Control Inventory

When it comes to finding salon booking software that handles your inventory with ease and at a reasonable, it will be hard.
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Reduced Power Consumption

With all of features in your Android app, you get an app that uses very little battery power and storage with more memory.

Why should you build your Beauty Salon, Spa app?

There has been a great demand for various app businesses. Others create solutions and offer them to the targeted clients, while some business owners just create a software platform and sign up their customers based on subscriptions. Further, market-savvy individuals invest in software solutions for their companies to stay one step ahead of the competition. Consequently, numerous on-demand business models may be developed, and a salon application can be quite beneficial to your company.

Our team has evolved and excelled in developing on-demand beauty salon apps with superior features and technologies that are easily comprehendible and user-friendly. We assure the clients of a high-quality end product that will help them outshine the rest with the latest features and designs.

We created rich programming tools with the development of beauty and salon applications in mind. To provide their clients with an online solution and planning solution, we work with our customers in the beauty, spa, and hair salon industries.

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Get the Right Support to Turn Your Beauty Saloon Startup Into Profitable Venture

FAQs Related To Beauty Salons, Spa App Development

How does a salon management software solution help grow my business?

Gsquare provides you with a robust on-demand salon booking app development solution that makes scheduling, changing appointments, checking in, and using other salon services easier. Online access to your services is available for your consumers’ convenience. As a result, managing their profiles, appointments, and other important data takes up less of your time. Finally, with the aid of the most recent software application, you may focus more on growing your business.

My salon is not just limited to hair and skin. How would you look at this issue?

It is in no way an issue! Our all-in-one salon management software solution may contain a variety of salon services and deals, including skin, pedicure, manicure, beauty, and spa. Depending on your needs, the software tool can be further customized.

How much time does it take to integrate the salon management software solution?

The complexity and type of your current business flow will determine everything. In other words, the length of time it takes for salon scheduling software to be implemented depends directly on how many staff members and customers your salon has. It also depends on how much product customization you want. However, it normally takes a few minutes to a few hours.

I already have a salon website. Do I still need salon management software?

These days, with everything being digital, if you don’t keep up with the market, your competitors or colleagues will present several obstacles. Users’ expectations have shifted, and they now expect everything to be done directly through their smartphones. Making your salon digitally accessible for reservations and other services would be in line with people’s current preferences. Therefore, moving forward is always advantageous.

Can I fix others’ roles in my salon management software?

Gsquare allows you to entirely customize its products so that they are unique to you. You can ask our programmers to modify the tool to meet your needs. To beat the competition, our business and technology consultants may also assist you in getting the most out of the product.

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