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Harness the power of video with unmatched video streaming app development for android and ios platforms and take your entertainment business to a global audience.

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Want to Build a Video Streaming Software?

Are you fascinated by video streaming app development, or do you want to create an application similar to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, or Hulu?

But with the help of our experts, it is possible. Since the US market for video streaming apps is predicted to reach $42 billion in 2025, there are many chances for expansion. You have the option of choosing live streaming app development in addition to video streaming, which will function as an app inside an app. It will assist you in providing the best entertainment for your customers.

The Best Services for Dynamic Live Streaming App Solutions

1. Short Video Streaming App

Do you need a short video sharing app like Likee? With the help of Gsquare, build an unforgettable experience!

2. Streaming and Shopping App

Get a lifestyle video and shopping app like Trell from Gsquare, we have the ideal staff and strategy for you.

3. Video Streaming Apps Like Vimeo

Design app with no adverts in the programme. Just watch streaming videos in stunning HD and 4K resolution.

4. Video Streaming Apps Like Netflix

Develop app like Netflix, so user can enjoy watching movies and TV shows online on your PC and smartphone.

5. E-commerce Live Streaming App

We can incorporate live streaming capabilities into your e-commerce app, so you communicate more individuals.

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6. Streaming Apps Like Amazon

You can watch most recent Hollywood and Bollywood films on the app like amazon with a great quality of service.

7. Tv Streaming Apps

User can use app to watch your regular TV shows and live programming online, are incredibly useful for the user.

8. Streaming App Like Spotify

Get Your Own Custom Music App Like Spotify? Spotify is an app that offers media streaming and other services.

9. Streaming Apps Like Apple TV

User have the freedom to enjoy full-on entertainment when watching TV shows, movies, and the newest news.

10. Streaming App Like Hotstar

We help you develop an app that can made look like Hotstar, and helps people to watch the latest TV episodes.

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Reach Your Target Audience More Effectively With Cross-Platform Reach


Have an App Idea?
Convert your app idea into a profitable business.

Now Develop a Video Streaming App That Delivers the Information in Your Videos in a Modern, Engaging & 2x More Powerful Way.

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Build A Live Streaming Mobile App With Excellent Features

Create A Watchlist

Users can make their own watchlist within the app to save items for offline viewing because they can’t watch everything at once.

Video Sharing

This video sharing app consist of feature that allows people to share clips with the friends or public using the video-sharing tool.

Subscription Plan

The user must obtain a subscription plan (revenue model) in their name to have access to the complete content of the OTT platform.

Watch With a Friend

The app has a whole bunch of excellent features allow you to share your screen with a friend and watch jointly on OTT apps like Netflix.

Offline Streaming

The provides users with the ability to stream or saving the videos offline for later offline streaming in addition to online streaming.

Social Media Integration

The user can share video content on their stories or posts hassle-free by integrating social media help in increasing number of users.

Run Promo Campaigns

The administrator of the video streaming app can run advertising or promotional campaigns through this feature to increase revenue.


Enables users to cast their OTT screen over other devices so that they can enjoy your content exactly as they see it on your mobile device.

Integrate Your App with Popular Live Streaming

Broadcast events and reach mobile demographics with a live video streaming app powered by Gsquare.

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JW Player
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Let’s Bring Your Ideas to Life!

Get a Consultation From Professionals and Project Estimation Free of Charge.

Monetization Strategies for a Live Streaming App

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Run Ads

Online advertising has been around for years and can be an effective way to monetize your content.
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Charge viewers an entry fee to access your streams. Simply put a “virtual ticket” to see your content.
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Memberships and Subscriptions

You can monetize your live stream broadcasts by offering a subscription and membership to customers.
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Superchats/ Super Stickers

These features allow live viewers to purchase stickers that promote their content in the live chat.
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Affiliate Programs

An amazing opportunity for passive income that let you earn a commission for every sale you bring in.
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Sponsorships allow you to pay regularly for content you’re creating, and help you to grow your reach.

With all these amazing advantages, you can create video streaming app for Live TV & Videos and enjoy streaming high-quality broadcasts and videos. Just plan your monetization strategy around viewers – what they want to see, how often they want it, etc.

Why Choose Gsquare?

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Great Technical Skills

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Rich in Experience

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Extremely Creative

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Client-Centric Approach

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Total Transparency

Want to Build a Digital Streaming Product?

Let’s Get A Free Consultation From Our Technical Experts

FAQ’s Related To Video Streaming App Development

How much does it cost to develop a streaming app?

The average costs to develop a live or video-on-demand app will depend on the project’s scale, the technologies used, and the hourly rate of the streaming app developers you hire.

Do you provide audio & video streaming application development for Desktop/Web and Smart TV platforms?

Yes, we are conscious of how critical cross-platform compatibility is to users. They might want to access the same information from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, Smart TVs, wearable devices, etc., depending on their individual preferences and situations.

Do you offer continuous support & post-development app maintenance in addition to full-cycle streaming app creation services?

We aren’t constrained by a set menu of services. We concentrate on co-creating and delivering Digital Products that assist our clients in meeting their business needs as audio and video streaming app developers. We thus customize our services to your situation.

How much time does it take to build a streaming application?

The type of the app, the extent of the functionality, and the necessary technology all play a significant role in how long development takes. The technical challenges for an AOD application and a live video streaming app would differ, requiring different amounts of effort to develop.

A custom application typically takes 10 weeks or more to develop. However, send us a message with the specifics of your project so we can give you a precise estimate.

With what 3rd-Party APIs can you integrate a streaming app?

As a video streaming app development company, we can incorporate any API or technology required for your Product. We don’t have a set list of APIs we work with. It may be a push notification service, a payment gateway, or a particular request like integrating the Zoom API, Amazon Cloud Services, or Google Calendar.

Let’s start delivering projects

Whatever is your business size, whatever are your requirements, wherever is your business based – you can count on us. Our mission is to provide quality services with the latest technology. We are here to help anytime you in the market for web or app designers and developers. We provide complete web solutions for client requirements. We are happy to provide you the best services and expertise who accomplish your business requirements into a higher level and evaluate your apps and websites with creative ideas which grow your business into another level.

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