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Top 3 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to Get Better Ranking in 2023

As you know SEO ranking is an essential part of your website success. But to generate ranking your site needs to be compatible with search engines.

It is good to have an SEO friendly website because it increase chances of appearing the first page of search results and can easily drive constant traffic to your website.

WordPress is amazingly compatible with all Search Engines and SEO friendly CMS or best website builder.

SEO plugins for WordPress are very useful to increase the chances of being found on search engines.

There are many WordPress SEO plugins exist on the internet and some of them are free. Also, you can find a few third-party SEO tools for bringing up a powerful status, backlink information, and keyword ranking.

But in an ocean of WordPress SEO plugins how you will choose the best for your website?

In this blog, I am going to discuss what is SEO plugins, how it will increase your site’s ranking and what are the best 3 SEO plugins which are highly compatible with your website and can increase your site’s ranking.

What is SEO Plugin?

What is SEO Plugin?

WordPress is a renowned name in the world of web technology because you can build a running website in no time and it can only possible by WordPress plugins, themes, page builders and with responsive mobile designs.

There are some SEO friendly plugins available in WordPress which will give a great push to your website’s ranking and organic traffic.

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These SEO plugins allow webmasters to smartly optimize certain elements of the website’s structure and code to make it more responding by search engines.

WordPress SEO plugins help you to easily add meta title and description to each website page. But you cannot achieve a higher rank goal by just installing an SEO plugin to your website.

You need to write the Meta Tags according to the search engine guidelines and keywords that your customers are using to search for your services, products or on the bases of blog post.

Another Function That SEO Plugins Provides

SEO Plugin for WordPress

Website structure and code that SEO plugins will allow you to optimize which includes:

  • Contextual Help
  • Readability check
  • XML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Search Console
  • Canonical Elements
  • Social Metas, etc.

Does WordPress Need SEO Plugin?

SEO plugins are the suggested solutions for publishers who cannot code PHP. So does WordPress need SEO plugin?

The answer is yes, because they are SEO plugins can easily generate organic results for your site.

If I talk about the older version of WordPress, then you will find numerous SEO related issues.

But now with the changing time, you have seen new version of WordPress with a great number of SEO plugins that provide ease to you for doing website SEO.

Plugins make SEO easy for you but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to do an individual SEO of your website. Because search engines help you in increasing the online presence of your website and make your site stand differently from a crowd.

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Does SEO Plugins Help to Improve Ranking?

SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yes it is, SEO plugins are effective to improve the ranking of your site. It makes your website more discoverable and pursuit to stay on the top of the search engine result page.

It is a fact that the existence of your website truly relies on SEO. And if I talk about the good platform for SEO then WordPress is one of the best choice.

Many times you have heard from experts saying that WordPress is an SEO friendly website builder. This is the actual reason why several people consider WordPress to start a blog, personal and business website.

The best thing about WordPress that attracts users, because it provides plugins for everything and there is no exception for SEO.

There are thousands of SEO plugins that will help you to convert your startup into a brand by increasing their online visibility.

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Benefits of WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO Plugin for WordPress

WordPress is a highly reliable and well-optimized CMS that allows you to create an SEO friendly website that will boost up your site’s SEO ranking and increase user engagement.

There are many in-built features and benefits of using WordPress SEO plugins which you need to know. So let’s have a quick look at this.

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#1. Clean and a Simple Code

WordPress is very easy to use and the code behind WordPress is very simple and neet which allows search engines to index your website with ease.

Whereas WordPress is an open-source CMS and you will see a constant modification in terms of performance, functionality, and security to let other search engines and Google to position your site higher.

Even though WordPress already performs great in this particular area but make sure that you have installed well-coded plugins and themes to ensure the quality of your WordPress site.

#2 You can Easily Generate an XML Sitemap in WordPress

You can easily create and submit XML Sitemap in the website. XML Sitemap lets Google and other search engine bots about all your web posts and pages exist on your site.

It allows search engines to read and index sites quickly. WordPress provides you numerous plugins that will helpful for generating an XML sitemap for your posts, pages, tags, custom post types, and categories.

#3. You Can Easily Create SEO Friendly Titles

Blog post title and title tags have a very crucial role when it comes to getting a better ranking on search engine result page.

Title tags leave the first impression of your website on users when they see your post title in search engine results.

Search engines give more focus on initial words of the title that is the reason you need to be sure that you are adding keywords on the start of your title tag.

This will give a great push to the SEO of your website or blog and helps your keywords to rank better on SERP. WordPress SEO plugins allow you to optimize the Meta Tags for SEO.

#4. Image Optimization for SEO

Image optimization is another important part that helps you to drive more web traffic towards your website. You can also say it is one of the crucial aspects of good SEO.

If I talk about image optimization, it is all about creating engaging, relevant image titles and alt text so that you’ll get note-worthy visibility on Google.

WordPress provides you ease for adding alt text and titles to your image when you upload them to its CMS.

#5 Use of Tags and Categories

Categories and tags provide help to web visitors navigate your blogs easily and more quickly. And in return, you will get greater search rankings.

In short, we can say that categories are the table of contents for your blog, while on the other hand tags are the index that provides help to search engines to interpret your blog’s subject with ease.

Categories and tags will help you to create a great structure and also allow Google to notice it while indexing the blog post of your WordPress.

So you need to be sure that you have all subcategories, and have a properly structured post to make it easy for search engine crawlers.

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Who Can Get Benefit from WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress Seo plugins are beneficial for every person who is running their online business. But they are? Let’s have a look.

  • Local Business Owners
  • Service Providers
  • Small and Large Business Owners
  • E-Commerce Store Owners
  • The Real Estate
  • Photographers and Artists
  • Bloggers
  • Or any WordPress Website Owners
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What Is The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

There are thousands of WordPress SEO plugins available but how would you know which one is best for you to choose to improve the ranking of your website.

Here are the Top three WordPress SEO plugins which are helpful for you to increase the rank of your business site. So let’s start the discussion.

#1 Yoast SEO
SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin always stands first when it comes to choosing the best SEO plugin. It has been around since 2008 and is considered as the top-rated WordPress SEO plugin.

This famous plugin has been downloaded millions of times for all kinds of WordPress websites. After Yoast, many other plugins have been developed by WordPress but no one can take the place of Yoast.

Why? Because Yoast has many automated features and fact that virtually essential for On-Page SEO functions which are free.

It is widely popular all around the globe and it is very easy to understand why? Because it helped millions of websites to rank higher in search engines.

Whether you are running a personal blog or you are an SEO professional managing website for the clients. It is a robust tool that makes your website search engine friendly.

Features of Yoast SEO

1. Yoast Improves The SEO of Your Content

Studies have proved that content should be readable has higher retention rates and more frequent visits. Yoast will analyze your sentence structure and pay attention that you are creating easy to read posts.

The whole process is about keeping the audience engaged and this tool will help you to deliver that content.

2. Link Support

It doesn’t matter you are using external or internal links, Yoast can monitor these for you. This is specally useful when you are considering the “link juice” of your content.

This happened when your post shares its authority with other content of your website. It is also helpful to give links to visitors to help them find additional relevant content.

3. Paragraph Structure

Yoast analyzes the structure of every paragraph to deliver the best content. Yoast pay attention and make sure that the paragraph is not too long, sentences are shorter and transition words are present.

This will give help the visitors to understand your content. It will also give a huge impact on the conversion rate because customers who easily understand your material are more likely to make a purchase.

4. Use of Keywords in Subheading

It is necessary to use keywords in the subheading of your content. But it is a fact that Google and other search engines give less focus on subheadings.

Yet these still play a crucial role in crawling your posts for relevance. Yoast will pay attention to this subheading and informs you if the keyword is missing or not.

5. Meta Description

Meta Description also plays an important role. It is the little snippet of text that shows up under your search engine links that allure visitors.

Yoast SEO plugin gives you a place to create your Meta Description while showing if it is optimized. Yoast plugin will display a green line if your content is perfect.

Yoast SEO Pricing

Yoast SEO plugin provides you two plans one is Yoast SEO Premium and Second is Yoast SEO FREE. Both plans are helpful to increase your site’s visibility.

But which plan you have to choose might be a challenge for you. To give provide you more ease I am going to compare both the plans, so let’s have a look.

Yoast SEO Premium Yoast SEO Free
Optimize for keywords, synonyms, keyphrases, related keywords and all word forms of those. In free Yoast SEO only one keyword phrase
Informs Google what your page is about Check
Keep an eye on important pages and informs you when these haven’t been updated Keep an eye on all page manually
Google Facebook and Twitter previews Check
Analyze the readability of the copy you wrote Check
With Yoast you can set a primary category for your post Check
Avoid Confusing Google with duplicate content Check
Yoast SEO works in both the block editor and the classic editor Check
Yoast SEO makes sure about your technical configuration Check
Always update the Google algorithm Check
You will get suggestions for links to other pages on your website You will need to manually look up related pages to create links.
You can see the 5 words or phrases you use the most on your page You will need to check your text for yourself to make sure it’s focused enough.
Easily redirect the old URL to new ones. You have to think by creating a redirect yourself every time you delete a page.
You will get a clear overview of your focus keywords and SEO scores You have to make a click around your site and compile excel dashboard by yourself
1 Year free access to 24/7 support You can only use extensive Faq section and knowledge base
There are no ads in Yoast SEO premium With free you will see ads for other products

#2 All in One SEO Pack
SEO Plugin for WordPress

After Yoast, All in One SEO Pack is the second-best SEO plugin for WordPress. Just like Yoast it also very hard to beat All in One SEO Pack.

It is also created to help you to optimize your WordPress site and its content for search engines. It also increases the chances of your website being found when people search for things you have written about.

All in One is a robust plugin with various features and options. It allows you to verify your webmaster tools account from the general setting page.

You can also add your Google Analytics ID to easily set up Google Analytics across your website.

All in One SEO Pack Features

This plugin is also one of the most downloaded plugins in the WordPress directory and has been downloaded more than 45 million times since its inception in 2007. There are some amazing features of All in One SEO plugin which you should know:

  • All in one can easily integrate with an eCommerce website, including Woo-Commerce.
  • It can automatically generate Meta Tags when you needed.
  • It can optimize your titles for Google and other search engines.
  • All in one is also compatible with many other plugins
  • This is compatible with PHP 7.
  • It gives support for SEO on custom post types.
  • This plugin avoids duplicate content found on WordPress blogs.
  • You can make any changes when you want to optimize your SEO.
  • It redriect attachment pages to parent post.
  • Best for beginners, you don’t even have to look for more options because this plugin works out of the box for a startup.
  • It can be translated into 57 languages
  • Built-in API so that other themes/plugins can access and extend the functionality
  • It automatically notifies search engines like Bing and Google about changes to your website

All in One SEO Pack Pricing

All in One SEO pricing is based on four licenses and i.e, free, Pro individual, Pro agency and pro-business.

If you want to differentiate the licenses then you can do that with the number of websites that can be managed, the main functionalities, a video SEO module and access to advanced Woo-commerce support and many more.

You will also get a discount on its licenses from time to time.

Licenses Price Number of
Free 0 1
Pro Individual $97 1
Pro Business $139 Up to 10
Pro Agency $699 Unlimited

#3 Rank Math SEO Plugin
SEO Plugin for WordPress

Rank Math provides you a competitive edge with it’s robust and easy to use the feature. Whether you are a beginner or an SEO learner, Rank Math will take your whole SEO game to the next level.

It is a simple and clean user interface designed to present the right information to you at the right time.

This powerful user interface highlights the important information about your posts and you can use this information to improve your SEO posts instantaneously.

Rank Math Features

1. Clean, & Simple User Interface

Rank Math is a powerful user-interface designed to provide the correct information to you at the right time.

It highlights the essential information about your website page. By using this information you can improve your SEO immediately.

2. Google Webmaster Central Integration

Rank Math provides you valuable information from Google Search Console right from your WordPress admin dashboard. It means you can see the keywords which you rank for your indexing issues and site maps.

3. Contextual Help

Rank Math provides informative and valuable tooltips for each section. This tip represents each setting what it is used for and how it has to be configured.

4. XML Sitemap

XML helps search engines to find and index the content of your website. And Rank Math automatically helps in creating search engine compatible XML Sitemaps for your website.

5. Automated Image SEO

Well, optimized images are essential for Image SEO. This plugin automatically appends images with title tags and alt tags to improve your image SEO.

6. Awesome Woo-Commerce Support

Rank Math is not limited to blogs. eCommerce sites can also leverage Rank Math to optimize their product pages to generate more traffic.

7. It Optimizes up to 5 Keywords

Unlike other SEO plugins, Rank Math lets you optimize your post for 5 focused keywords.

8. Module Based System

It has been designed with a module-based system which can be easily enabled or disabled as per your needs.

Rank Math Pricing

As the name indicates, Rank Math helps you to rank higher by making your website SEO friendly. It optimizes your content for search engines and outranks your competitors.

If I talk about the pricing of Rank Math then you will be very glad to know that it is a FREE plugin to help you supercharge your website.

Just go to the official site of Rank Math and download the plugin for free.

FREE SEO Plugin for WordPress

Search Engines are a major source of traffic for every website. WordPress is a noteworthy platform with some nice native features and SEO plugins. WordPress offers many different plugins which will give answers to all your SEO needs.

These plugins are easier to understand and install and you can choose from a wide range with different features. There are numerous free SEO plugins which can be

Final Words

When it comes to optimizing your WordPress website for search engines, there are thousands of plugins that can provide the best user experience.

But finding the best for your website is important. In the above article, I have discussed the top 3 SEO plugin for WordPress which will help you to increase the ranking of your website.

All three plugins are best and can rank up your website. But you have to decide which plugin you have to consider for your website.

Check out the pricing and other key features of all three plugins and match them according to your needs and consider them accordingly.

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