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How To Build User Trust To Get Conversions On WordPress Site

Gaining user’s trust is the very first step you need to take for the success of your website. New users may be wary of scams and feel hesitant to make any purchase or provide personal information in contact forms. However, your WordPress website plays a crucial role in building trust with your customers.

But the question is how to build User trust to get the conversion on WordPress site? So that you can get more revenue on your WordPress website.

When your customers trust you, they are most likely to purchase from you. And once you gain their trust, you can build a lifelong relationship with your users.

Whatever your marketing goals are, whether it is getting visitors to sign up to an email list or growing more sales. You need to take some steps to build trust in users for your WordPress website so that they can fearlessly come to your site and show their interest in it.

Several factors influence the credibility, including the design, appearance, functionality of your website, and how well it performs. That is what in today’s blog post I am going to discuss. I am sharing some tips below for building a WordPress website that users trust.

Why it is Essential to Build Users Trust?

A trusted website has the power to move your users through your marketing funnel at each stage of the buyer’s journey by:

1. A trusted site shapes the user’s attitude and increases their positive feelings about your site.
2. A trustworthy website guides users and leads towards your point of view.
3. Enforces leads to complete the transactions.
4. Invite customers to become brand ambassadors.
5. Promotes leads to exchanging their personal information.

Building trust with your users is not a single action to take. There are multiple things that you need to give focus on building trust with your WordPress user.

Is Building Trust with User Helps You in Generating Business?

The answer is yes if your users have faith in you and your site they will come back to your site again and again. See your website is the first impression of your business and also represents the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your trustworthiness.

But building trust is not that easy, you need to remain consistent with your services for generating traffic on your site. Because traffic is essential for establishing yourself as a reputable brand.

In fact, if you don’t have many website visitors coming to your site, no one will ever subscribe to your email or buy your services and products.

Having massive traffic on your website will help you to:

  • Build healthy relationships with the audience.
  • It helps you to expand your business in terms of revenue, products/services, and employees.
  • You’ll generate more high-quality leads.

Steps to Take for Building Trust with Your WordPress Site’s Users

#1 Be Honest

Be transparent with your users, because being transparent means being open with both your weaknesses and strengths. As you know it is not easy to stand out from the crowd because thousands of websites are providing the best competitive services out there.

But if you are honest with your user and provide them the same services that you have promised, you can easily gain their trust and can generate healthy relations with them. But there are two components which help you to build a trustworthy relation with your users and i.e., security, and reputation.

Security means giving your users assurance that your WordPress site is completely secure. As you already know that your website is secure, but do not assume that your visitors do. So you need to convince your visitors that the site they are using is completely secure.

This is about security, so let’s move forward to reputation. Reputation means assuring your visitors that your business is a reputable brand and you stand behind your services and products.

#2 Have a Reliable Product

Reliability matters a lot when it comes to building trust with your users. And the main challenge your business website faces when it comes to delivering services or products.

Providing low-quality services or products is sure to draw negative reviews which leads to decreased credibility and mistrust in the market.

To prevent this issue, you need to do one simple thing and that is to go through a rigorous testing process. You can also put together focus groups and ask your users what their needs are and what kind of services or products they are seeking.

#3 Trust-Building Facts About Your Business

Users always feel free to buy products from businesses they trust. They can also go long to advocate your services and products to other customers who need them. There are some great WordPress reviews and rating plugins that will help you to get clients’ reviews on your website.

It is important to have such plugins to help users to review your website, leave ratings, and comments to help to build more trust on you and your website.

The more positive reviews users read on your site the more they will attract and you will be able to build trust towards them.

#4 Use Strong Security Measures

A trustworthy site is one that is secure and safe for your users. Websites with weak security features won’t be able to make your users feel confident handing their contact or payment information over. You need to implement some strong security measures which are important for all businesses.

You can also display symbols and logos of credible security companies which will help you to demonstrate to users that you are seriously giving focus on the security of your website.

Another security measure that will help you to build credibility is adding an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) to your WordPress website. When users see the padlock icon they will get to know that your WordPress website is completely secure and trustworthy.

#5 Remove Broken Links

This is the one common mistake that can lose your potential customers. Broken links convey a sense of unprofessional-ism and failure in front of your user. It can also lead the user to wonder whether you are even still in business.

That is the reason you need to routinely audit to make sure that your website links are working properly. Because it is the main source of getting 404 errors which gives an impact on user experience and your website’s rating trust.

There are many plugins and other programs that will help you to check for all these issues every week and fix the issue or send you a proper report.

#6 Call To Action Strategies To Build Trust

A call to action button is essential to help your users decide what they need to do next. It directs them to sign up for something, like an email subscription list or a newsletter, or available service or purchase a product. It helps your user to land to the place where they can help you to increase your trust rating.

It will help you to increase ratings of your website because you are giving clear instructions with the clear objective of what your website is all about. Here are some of the best places to position Call to Action Strategies (CTAs):
Above the fold (The area where users arrive on before they begin to scroll to the courts below)

  • You can place it at the bottom of the page
  • In a minefield of clutter
  • Below the fold using directional cues
  • A case study on a suitable CTA positioning

#7 Improve Website Speed

One thing that annoys your users is the speed of your website. No one wants to stare at the screen and waiting for the web page to load completely. Generally, perfect website speed is not less than three seconds. If your website takes more than three seconds, your users will lose patience and trust on your website and quickly hit the back button.

Slow website speed can also be the reason for the high bounce rate and decreased sales. It also affects the rankings in search engine search results and your website might lose their existence on the internet.

But small changes to your website performance can make a big difference to your user’s reactions. For example, you need to increase the loading speed of your website from 2 to 3 seconds. It causes an increase in your conversion of more than 75%.

#8 Design a Professional Website

Even with the great service and product, you can fail to gain the trust of your user because of your website design. Research shows around 48% of potential clients determine the credibility of your site because of the design of your website.

To create trust with your potential users you need to be sure that your website is easy to navigate. You need to make it easy for the prospects to get what users want from your website. It is important to have a site that responds to all devices.

Check the responsiveness of your site on different devices. Also can include lots of white spaces and keep your site layout simple for users.

#9 Display Social Media Shares and Testimonials

Social proofs are another thing that you can use to gain your user’s trust. You can reach out to your clients every time you complete the project and ask them to give feedback for the display on your WordPress website.

If it is possible, you can also include a photo of the person which helps you to drive home the authenticity to the testimonial. Testimonials from satisfied customers can do wonders for your website. You will need to acquire more than three testimonials from real customers.

#10 Switch to an HTTPS Site

HTTPS sites are encrypted and protect your WordPress website from hacking. It is important for you because you can guarantee that all personal information of your business remains secure.

It is also important for your users if you are going to ask them to entrust yours with their contact details and credit card information.

Your users need to ensure that your website can keep their personal information secure. Apart from these unsecured websites won’t rank on Google search rankings, so an unsecured website might be one of the main reasons for getting lower organic rankings.

#11 Contact Information

Due to several business schemes and scam artists out there, you need to prove that you are running a legitimate business. This can easily be done by including a contact page with email and mailing address, telephone number, and other information.

Don’t ever provide a generic email address because it might look sketchy to users. Apart from this, including employees’ email addresses, LinkedIn profile URLs, Twitter account usernames helps you establish extra credibility.


Trust means a lot, especially when it comes to online business. Because your products and services are the only way to showcase the exact picture of your entire business. So the first thing you need to give focus on is how to build user trust to get a conversion on WordPress site?

In the above blog, I have covered every point which will help you build trust in the user’s eye and also you’ll be aware what are the things you need to be aware of while building a professional website so that your users can easily access your WordPress website.

Just go through the information and keep things in your consideration, so your users trust you more and visit your site more.

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