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What is an SSL Certificate? And Why SSL Important for a Website in 2020

Have you ever heard about SSL? Do you know why it is important for your website? If you have a website then you’re surely heard about it. But are you aware of it?

If you are not, then it’s high time to know about what is an SSL certificate and why is it important for a website.

We live in a digitalized world where online marketplaces, transactions, and purchases become a necessary part of your everyday routine.

There are numerous factors go into making an online purchase like price, quality, and quantity of the product. Your website needs to build trust in the user’s eye.

But how you can enforce your visitors to trust on your website?

Here starts the work of your SSL certificate. SSL allows you to process your credit card and secure the user’s personal information.

It enforces you to become PDI compliant (Portable Database Image), which is an important part of online business.

In this article, I am going to give you whole information about the SSL certificate. What they are?, Why they are important for your business?, how you can get an SSL certificate? etc. So let’s start.

What is an SSL Certificate?

what is an ssl certificate and why is it important

SSL means a Secure Sockets Layer, it is a global standard security technology system that enables encrypted communication between a web server and a web browser.

In a layman’s language, the SSL certificates secure your information being transmitted between the web server and browser which is only visible to the user.

SSL is used by millions of online businesses to reduce the risk of sensitive information such as usernames, emails, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

It secures your personal information from being tampered or stolen by identity thieves and hackers. That is the beauty of an SSL certificate.

When visitors navigate to a secure website, your site send the SSL certificate to the visitor’s browser with a key that is needed to being a secure session.

SSL includes the following information:

  • Certificate holder’s name
  • Certificate’s serial number and expiration date
  • The digital signature of the certificate providing authority
  • A copy of the certificate holder’s key

Your website cannot establish a secure connection unless or until you don’t add an SSL on your site. Also, it is hard for you to get Google ranking without an SSL certificate.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend money on SEO service of your website but without an SSL certificate, you will never be succeeded to gain ranking.

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Why SSL is Important for Website?

what is an ssl certificate and why is it important
With the above discussion, you’ll get to know what exactly SSL is. Now it’s time to know why SSL Certificate is important? And how it will benefit your online business.

The motive of SSL is to keep protect the sensitive information of the user sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can make use of it.

Just imagine you have added your credit card details on your website and the details of your credit card got hacked by a shoddy hacker or by an unauthorized internet user. It might be the worst nightmare you have ever had.

But this nightmare might be turned into a reality, But this nightmare might be turned into a reality, I am sure you don’t want to let this happen. For prevention, you need to add an SSL certificate on your website.

You don’t want to let this happen. For prevention, you need to add an SSL certificate on your website.

The point is you cannot avoid SSL for your website, you have to add it if you want to see increased SEO ranking and traffic on your business’s website.

When you add SSL certificate on your website address changes from eg: to

Here are the top reasons why you should add an SSL certificate to your business:

1) SSL Certificate Protects Your eCommerce Transactions

If you are having an eCommerce website then you are surely accepting payments on your website. But what if your all transactions got hacked by professional hackers?

It is easy for hacker to hack a website without an SSL. SSL provides trust to you that your website is fully secure and safe.

So adding an SSL certificate to your website is always a smart choice because it encrypts the transactions and protects your data.

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2) Uplifts SEO Rankings

As per recent Google updates and guidelines, all websites should secure visitor information with an SSL certificate. It means that whether your website collects personal stuff or not, Google will only reward websites with the SSL certificate to boost SEO ranking.

Google encourages every website owner to add an SSL to uplift their domain’s ranking and provides a secure visitor experience.

If you want visitors to find your services and products when they enter Google searches, then you surely need an SSL website. You might be thinking why? Because SSL the easiest way to boost up the SEO rankings of your website.

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3) SSL Protects Your Login Credentials

If your customer login form and login page is not secured on https page then how your customers will know that they are secured. You should protect their personal stuff because they are providing you their important login information which includes username, email and their passwords too.

If you are keeping your customer’s login form on an unsecured page and submitting it to an https page utilizing AJAX, how they will know this.

They shouldn’t but by doing this you are also not getting anything means you are also not getting any positive recognition.

It’s time to uplift your level of security by adding the most reliable SSL certificate to your website to provide a secure and a user-friendly experience to your customers.

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4) It Increases the Speed of Your Website

There is a huge difference between HTTP and HTTPS, here https stands for security and that secured environment is provided by SSL certificates.

Not only security but it also gives a great push to the speed of your website.

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The speed of a website regulates SEO rankings. The faster your website will run on the internet the more traffic you’ll gain.

However, your website will get higher preferences in SEO just by adding SSL certificates in it.

It improves the loading speed of your website pages which enforce visitors to stay longer because they know more about the deliverables.

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5) Provide a Great User Experience

With frequently increasing digital world users got more aware of web security. They are well aware of the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. They know the importance of an SSL certificate.

With SSL certificates they are not worried about sending or receiving information from anyone and this improves their experience.

Before doing online shopping or before giving any card detail they will think twice if the particular site is validated by SSL.

From Where You’ll Get SSL Certificate for Your Website?

what is an ssl certificate and why is it important
Security is an essential part of any website. If you are having any sensitive information on your website, then you need to be secure.

And one of the best ways to do that is to enable SSL (secure socket layers). It provides the feel of security to you when they see the lock while accessing your website.

But the question arises how to get an SSL certificate?

The answer is CAS (Certificate Authorities) or authorized re-seller of CAS. There are some trusted and famous SSL certificate authorities named AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec, GlobalSign, etc.

They issue a different type of SSL certificate like Code signing certificate, Domain validated SSL, Wildcart SSL, Organization validated SSL, Multi-domain San SSL, and Extended Validation.

It is better to get an SSL certificate from the authorized reseller than certificate authorities. Thinking why I am saying this? The reason behind saying this is that people are getting an exact SSL certificate by most of CAS offers but at a very low price.

Let’s take an example, just suppose if you purchase basic Domain Validated SSL then Comodo CA might charge you at $49:00 every year. On the other hand, the reseller will offer you the same certificate under $9:00 per year.

You might be thinking how it is possible or is this true or not? Yes, it true because resellers are bound to sell certificates in bulk volume. That is the reason they will get a good discount from CAS.

What Benefits You’ll Get If You choose Reseller for SSL Certificate

  • The reseller will offer huge discounts on SSL certificate
  • Resellers more facilitative and flexible, in terms of support and services
  • Resellers have a partnership with numerous brands, which makes them one-stop destinations for you to find a wide range of SSL certificates.

Some things you should Check Before Choosing SSL Certificate:

  • You need to check if they are providing you a free or paid installation support. Because some are getting extra charges for that.
  • You need to be sure that the certificate provides 24*7 support and needs to be technically strong.
  • Lastly, you should be clear about the refund policy. Some providers provide 30 days full money-back guarantee where some are giving 15 or 7 days.

Some things you should Check Before Choosing SSL Certificate:

Protecting your website with an SSL certificate is the first step to take for winning the trust of your users. But you need to be smart enough to buy an SSL certificate because the cost of SSL certificate may vary between types of certificates, providers and on its validity you choose.

You need to be sure to buy an SSL certificate at the cheapest price from authorized re-seller of Certificate Authorities like Thawte, Comodo, GeoTrust, Rapid SSL, GlobalSign, Symantec and many more.

You can acquire a paid SSL Certificate with 1-3 years warranty and validity and a free SSL certificate with 30-90 days validity with a renewal option.

There are Mainly Three Types of SSL Certificate

what is an ssl certificate and why is it important
1. Single Domain

The single-domain SSL can only valid with one domain URL.

2. Wildcard Certificate

  • This certificate provides security to all subdomains you have for a single domain.
  • The WildCard is suitable for a fast-growing business because this certificate will automatically secure any sub-domain added

3. Multi-Domain

  • It is also known by the name of UCC which means Universal Communication Certificate. This type of certificate will secure multiple host and domain names within a domain name.
  • The best thing is you can set the primary domain and then add more than 99 additional SANs (subject alternative names) in a single certificate.
  • This type of certificate is suitable for a large business that has entities. It is very easy to manage and can keep track by using a single certificate.
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What is The Best SSL Certificate to Buy?

Many security companies offer SSL certificates. But choosing is the best is a tough task to do.

Yet you have to choose because when you want to accept online payments, you need to encrypt your user’s personal information that will be transferred from their servers to your site’s server.

There are distinct SSL certificates that come in numerous pieces. Before choosing one, you need to check the company’s reputation, price of the certificate and other all other features to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

I am going to introduce some of the best SSL certificates that you can consider for the security of your website.

#1 GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the renowned name in providing hosting and domain services to its customers and is known for providing attractive discount offers to its customers.

GoDaddy SSL certificate issued online within a minute and it comes with 256-bit encryption. There are some features of GoDaddy SSL certificate which includes:

  • IND Support
  • Free Malware scanner
  • SAN Support
  • Use certificate on an unlimited number of servers
  • Free verification seal

#2 GeoTrust

It also provides several certificates which include True BusinessID, Business ID with EV, QuickSSL Premium and True BusinessID WildCard.

  • Here are some important features of the certificate:
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Extended validation
  • It is compatible with 99% browsers
  • 256-bit encryptions

GeoTrust is ideal for startups and small businesses because of its low priced certificates and can easily afford. Also, it provides you 30-days trial programs for its certificates.

#3 Comodo

Suitable for medium and small businesses and offers both paid and free SSL certificates. The range of certificates includes EV SSL, Comodo SSL, UC Certificates and Wildcard certificates.

  • There are also some features of the certificate which includes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Issuance and Validation
  • Unlimited server licenses

You can cover all subdomains with Comodo Wildcard SSL.

#4 VeriSign

VeriSign is also known by the name of Norton Secured Seals and is one of the most trusted brands in the market. VeriSign provides four SSL certificate options which are EV Site, Wildcard, Pro EV Site, and Secure Site.

Essential Features of VeriSign (Norton Secured Seals)

    • 24*7 customer support
    • Daily website malware scanning
    • Extended validation
    • Full authentication

How to Install SSL Certificate on Website?

how to install ssl certificate
Single Domain

It is very easy to set up SSL on your website. Confused how? I am going to introduce you to five simple steps that will help you install the SSL certificate on your website.

1st Step: – Pick The Right SSL Certificate For Your Website

SSL comes in different sizes and shapes. That is the reason for choosing the right SSL is the most crucial step to take.

You might want to encrypt his/her website by using a basic DV SSL, or might want to secure a hundred of sites by using a single certificate- it totally depends on your requirements.

2nd Step: – Buy a Certificate

Purchasing an SSL certificate is a quite simple process with the right preparation.

You will need to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and prepare your WHOIS record with company validation documents before submitting your order.

  • The process of purchasing an SSL certificate goes something like this:
  • Prepare your server set up and getting your WHOIS record updated etc.
  • Generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on server
  • Next, you need to Submit the CSR and other information to the Certificate Authority
  • Now you have domain and company validated
  • Receive and install the issued certificate

3rd Step: – Activate the Certificate

After buying the certificate, you need to activate it. You need to generate a CSR. You can do this within your web hosting control panel.

Just go to the SSL/TLS admin section and choose to generate an SSL certificate and signing request.

You need to copy the first block of text and need CSR to give to the SSL certificate issuer so that they can establish your identity. Login to your account and activate it.

After that, you need to paste CSR on any other field where needed and then they will ask you for an approver email. This is an email that proves you to own the domain.

On and off chance if it doesn’t exist then you have to create it so that you can acquire the email that contains the final certificate.

4th Step: – Install the SSL Certificate

After successfully buying an SSL certificate, the CA will send your certificate files through email. You need to download those files and follow up with the installation which is based on your server.

It is the simplest and the easiest step to take in the whole SSL process. You need to add a few SSL related lines to your website server software configuration.

Now you have a certificate in your hands, all you need to do is to paste it into your web host control panel.

Final Words

I hope the above article will help you get all the necessary information about SSL what it is? and Why SSL is important for your website.

SSL is important to the factor of your website in every manner not for security but it plays a vital role in SEO rankings. Because people always prefer HTTPS sites as compared to HTTP.

Even SSL certificate comes under Google guidelines, now Google starts recognizing only HTTPS-based websites as compared to HTTP.

Also, Google enforces everyone to make their websites by adding SSL in it.

So it is clear that if you want a secure website and ensure to provide the best experience and peace of mind to your visitors, you need to provide them the secure web by adding HTTPS in it.

So that they can browse your website without any fear.

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