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What is WordPress Maintenance? And Why You Really Need It?

WordPress becomes a renowned website development tool of the modern era because it is free, easy to use, and the most popular open-source content management system. The popularity of WordPress is quite high in the market especially in content creators love WordPress because you can easily update the WordPress site. But you need to be more careful with WordPress because it is the largest CMS and also the main target of the hackers. That is why it needs to be regularly updated to keep one step ahead from the hackers. And WordPress maintenance services will help you in this it provides you the complete protection that you need to take care on regular bases.

You might be able to perform occasional WordPress site maintenance, but because of a time crunch, you won’t be able to do everything that needs to be done. That is why you need a WordPress website maintenance services because professionals can handle the technical details and maintenance better. This results to be the best performance, safer WordPress site, and the high search rankings. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is WordPress maintenance and development services, why you need it and how it will help you to grow your online business.

1.Why You Need WordPress Maintenance?

Your WordPress site is the main source of information that your business gives to the world and the best thing about having a business website is that you can give focus on the operations of your company, while you let your website entertain potential customers. But WordPress doesn’t end only by creating it, you need to give regular WordPress support and maintenance for running it smoothly. Because if it is not regularly maintained then it might not be able to perform the way you are expecting it to.

WordPress is a software and needs to be timely updated to add new features, fix bugs, improve performance and security flaws that need to be timely resolved. Here are some of the main points to show you why you need a WordPress maintenance services.

wordpress support and maintenance

WordPress maintenance services play a vital role in securing your website from threats like malware, SQL injections, brute force attacks and also make sure that the core themes and plugins of your WordPress website are updated. When you look for a WordPress website maintenance service provider, there are some tasks and responsibilities that will guarantee a sturdy maintenance process.

1.1 How Landing Pages Work on Your Site

WordPress support and maintenance will you monitoring your WordPress resources and notifying you in case of depleting resources, unusual activity or other anomalies in order to prevent the downtime.

1.2 Maintenance and Security

Your CMS will constantly monitor, tested and analyzed for compatibility, speed and stability.

1.3 Log Monitoring

To run your website smoothly, you need a security code. If you have a broken script or plugin, your internal logs need to be monitored and all issues need to be handled for the system to remain stable.

1.4 Regular Updates

Your WordPress site needs regular and reliable updates of CMS, its themes and plugins, without making it inaccessible for the user.

1.5 Check your Pages and Posts for Broken Links

There are chances that some of the external links you have added to your content may stop working. And it might confuse your user and it may even negatively affect your website SEO or search engine ranking. WordPress support and maintenance will check all the broken links and pages so that your site will perform better.

1.6 Version Control

Code changes need to be versioned. This will provide you a track record of previous changes so that you can safely revert to the previous version.

1.7 Makes Web Safer for you

Cybersecurity is the Internet’s biggest threat. With some keystrokes, hackers can pilfer your most precious personal information. But you can arm yourself against these skilled and well informed cyber thieves by choosing the best and professional WordPress maintenance packages in India to keep your WordPress site maintained.

1.8 Staging Environment

Testing on your live website is quiet unsafe, it is better to have a secure clone of your website for testing new updates without causing any harm to the live website.

1.9 Backups

If you regularly update the content on your WordPress website, you also need a backup of the database. A quality
WordPress maintenance services provided always keep these backups automated and they won’t disrupt the user’s experience during the backup process.

1.10 Reporting

You will get the regular update on daily task and you will get a good insight about your online business and regular traffic. Weekly work reports will keep you updated with the improvement and changes which has been done on your site. This will also help you to determine the effectiveness of new changes.

2. What Issues You Face If you don’t Maintain Your WordPress Site

2.1 Software Issues

We all know that WordPress is an open-source CMS which is extremely popular these days. This also indicates that numerous novices are developing on it these processes make WordPress extensible and contribute to its popularity. However, with security scares, bad code on plugins and themes cause many performances and compatibility issues.

  • Compatibility with the theme
  • Proliferation of plugins
  • Compatibility with WordPress

Along with all these issues, bad code may lead some disaster to your site. WordPress website maintenance are the best and the easiest way to resolve and update your software issue and will help to run your site smoothly.

2.2 Your WordPress Site Might Get Hacked

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS. This implies that WordPress is enormous and setting down deep roots for a long time to come. This popularity and demand of WordPress provide hackers a large target to hack your website. There are some signs that may help you figure out if your WordPress site is hacked.

  • Immediate Drop in Website Traffic
  • You might not be able to login to Website
  • Suspicious accounts on your WordPress Site
  • Bad links added to your website
  • Not able to send and receive emails
  • A slow and unresponsive website
  • Uncommon activity in server logs
  • Unknown scripts and files on your server

2.3 Updates Issues

This is one of the main issues you might face with your WordPress site and might need professional WordPress support and maintenance services. Because when you logged in as a WordPress admin, you will constantly be reminded to update your framework, your plugins, your themes and WordPress itself. It looks clumsy for a user if the header image of the site is broken, your site looks totally different than you expect.

wordpress maintenance service

3.Advantages of Having WordPress Maintenance Service

3.1 Secure WordPress Website

Having a hacked website really sucks and it might take some time to realize just how important is having a safe WordPress website is. WordPress retainer plan will ensure that each threat will be properly prevented and resolved. Poor coding and plugins open the door for the problems with updating your installation. So it is essential to have access to professional WordPress support and maintenance services, it will make you sure that your website is constantly safe. After complete WordPress site set up, there are some important factors which should be included

  • Update all software to their latest versions (themes and plugins)
  • Install WordPress security plugin like Wordfence. It is a popular and free plugin that initiates comprehensive security checks, which includes blocking, firewall, malware scans, and login attempts.
  • Should install a plugin like a Login LockDown which limits the number of times a person can log in to your site.

3.2 Speed Optimization

Speed optimization of the WordPress website is one of the crucial tasks of WordPress ongoing maintenance and development. Page speed is one of the essential factors that Google uses to rank your website. WordPress support and maintenance services increased the speed of the page comes as a result of content, scripts, code and database optimizations. A systematic optimization process will not only increase website speed but also help in eliminating potential security weakness.

3.3 Personal Assistance

Every month you will get personal assistance on call and can discuss any website-related issues with you. You can share your concern or generic feedback about the website, to give you a fair account of the situation. you will have a skilled client service manager, who you can trust.

3.4 More Consistent Income

With WordPress website maintenance packages, you are billed monthly or quarterly for ongoing work. Instead of income being attached to the ventures with the payments that could be spaced out in huge intervals, you can make a base of reliable and consistent income The more predictable money is the more valuable it becomes.

3.5 Website Functionality

After building a site it is very essential to check that if the site is properly functioning or not. There is a possibility that you face some kind of issues like slow landing pages, site downtime, and broken links. They might seem small issues compared to the whole but can have a negative impact on user experience. Periodically test and fix these user issues is a part of WordPress website maintenance services which also includes:

  • Need to check browser compatibility and functionality
  • Need to check broken or dead links
  • Test contact forms
  • Check the page speed

3.6 Superior UX and Accessibility

There is no point of having a WordPress website if it repeatedly shows errors to the users or interrupts the user experience. To hold the great user experience it is mandated that your site should be running properly if it’s not then the user will automatically leave the website and starts looking to a competitor website. And this comes with the result that, you’ll see the lost in the sale and it is not good for your brand. With the quality services of WordPress maintenance service, your website errors will be captured and eliminated on regular bases. This will provide a better experience for users and you will get more customers for your business. There are many associations which are providing the best WordPress maintenance packages, you just need to choose according to the requirements.

3.7 Superior Conversions and User Experience

If your website is not fast enough on your user’s computers or smartphones, you cannot achieve potential customers and online business growth. Your industry, market and your customer’s user behavior constantly change. Being able to react nimbly and quickly to their needs is very mandatory for a sustainable business. If you find that your website is won’t able to navigate users to what they are looking for and if your conversions drop. Then WordPress maintainers are the one to make effective and quick changes for you without adding technical debt to your platform.

3.8 Effortless WordPress Process

Another benefit you can get with the WordPress maintenance packages is with a more streamlined update process. It is time-consuming and tedious to update WordPress feature every day. Sometimes you skip these updates and leave pages open to potential problems, such as bugs broken links or malfunctions. A team that manages your site maintenance can take over the updating duties for you, and gives you more peace of mind about your functionality.

3.9 Protects Your Investment

Having your own WordPress business website is an investment for the long term. Templates, custom themes, unique photography, media, and content, all add up to your initial web development investment. You don’t need to take a risk if you don’t have an idea about how to maintain it. Making an investment in a quality WordPress retainer plan is actually protecting your investment and can increase its initial value in further. Professional web developer provides a clean code that follows the WordPress coding standards and makes your website easily maintainable and prevents unexpected recurring costs.


Making an investment for a professional WordPress website maintenanceservice is not an uncommon thing. You just need to see it as an investment in yourbusiness growth and need to be sure that you have a consistent maintenanceprocess. The moto of this article is provided you’re the detailed description ofWordPress website maintenance services so that whenever you faced issue with theperformance of your site you will get to why it is happening and what you have todo for the resolution.

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