A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic

Every business should aware of a fact that to escalate profit, one needs to ensure that their business is gaining the right target audience. And a high converting website landing page design plays a vital roll in this and can be the foundation of your successful online business.

A landing page is the first page visitors see after making a click on your banner ad, promotional email or PPC ad.

A highly converting landing page direct visitors to take a specific action, like completing registration, making a purchase or subscribing to your email list.

But it is also a big fact that many of the landing pages are not optimized to their full potential, and this results in high bounce rates and lost leads.

If you are being deliberate about how you can generate traffic to your business site then it can be done with the attractive landing page.

The first glimpse of your landing page will decide that whether the viewer will stay on your site or they will bounce. But for this firstly you should know the basics and infographic of the landing pages – what it is and how it will increase traffic on your site.

1. What is a Landing Page?

A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic 1

Before know about the key benefits of having a landing page, one should know that what exactly a landing page is? Well let’s start with the simple and clear definition: It is a page on your website where you offer a resource from your business and encourage visitors to claim it.

In simple words, we can also say that the page is designed to convert visitors into leads. A nicely build landing page will target a particular audience, like generate traffic from an email campaign or for visitors who click on a pay per click ad for promoting your webinar.

Building a landing page will allow you to target the audience, convert hight percentage of visitors and offer them something valuable.

2. How Landing Pages Work on Your Site

A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic 2

As I have already discussed above the landing page is a page on your website which will help you to convert web traffic on your website.

But before creating a landing page, it is mandated to understand that landing pages are all about to give and take especially in case of generating leads.

To get a visitor’s email id, you will have to earn it by offering value in exchange. The best thing about having a professional landing page design is that they are not easily stumbled upon when a website visitor is browsing through your website and works great when they are easily distinguished from other website pages.

3. Why Your Business Needs a Landing Page?

A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic 3

It’s a great thing if you have your own brand and you have also created a website for this. But you have to be sure that your brand turns out in sales.

For effective lead conversion, landing pages are the best way to go. It is one of the best and easiest way to drive traffic, build your brand and improve your SEO.

Landing pages lead customers to a specific service, offer or product and uplift them to take an action. Landing pages are important for your business but not every business using them because there is a misbelief that they are very hard to create and maintain.

But this isn’t true because building an effective landing page is much easy and less time-consuming task and also give a great push to your online business.

The main purpose of having a landing page is to drive leads or customers on your site. Your business desperately needs a landing page because they help:

  • Generate leads
  • Improve branding
  • Increase conversions
  • Sell better
  • Conduct user research

4. Landing Page Objectives

website landing page design

Landing pages always works with the goal and effective landing pages are those who meet their goals.

With goals here, we mean more audience on your site because of this the main function of the landing page. So let’s have quick look at the objective of a landing page.

  • The first thing that needs to achieve is registration to generate lead which automatically converts into a sale.
  • Qualify the website visitor in order to provide more relevant follow-up.
  • Clarify the value offered by the organization to differentiate destinations from other websites that visitor might visit during the buying process.

5. Key Benefits of Landing Page

website landing page design

5.1 Leaves a Great Impression on Your Website

Your website is the first impression of your business and it will leave a great impression on many of your potential customers.

A well maintained and properly function site will tell more about your brand in many ways, and a landing page works as the front door to your business.

But for having an attractive and landing page design you will need to hire the best landing page designing agency which will understand your requirements about the page and design them accordingly.

Well organized landing pages provide value for the reader and improve clicks through rates and effectively jump start your journey.

5.2 Improve Paid Search Campaigns

A landing page is mainly organized for the ad campaigns, this will bring interested people to the one web page.

On this page they will only get the information about what they are interested, this will increase the likelihood that they will call your online business and need to fill a form.

This is exactly what every person is looking for their search and landing page facilitates the ultimate goal of the user.

5.3 Helps to Improve Brand Awareness

A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic 4

A landing page with consistent branding is the best way to increase your brand awareness in the market. This will help your business by enhancing the regularity in your brand across multiple forms of media and provides more chance to recognize and engage more with your brand.

When someone comes on your landing page they will more get to know about your business, branding and more can easily recognize again.

This comes with the result that customers are more likely to go with the services from a business they already know.

5.4 Landing Pages are Direct and to the Point

There is no hustle when it comes to the landing pages because a landing page is a concise especially in the case of service pages and products.

If you are looking for improved traffic on your site and want to improve the presence of your brand in the market you can easily do that with the help of the landing page.

But here rise a question of how you can build a nice looking landing page? Well here is the answer you can contact to any affordable landing page designing company and let them know about your requirements.

A professional company will take care of all your needs and will work accordingly.

A professional looking page is a perfect way of communicating your core value adds and core brand messaging in the most efficient way.

5.5 Reliability

Landing page increases reliability in the eyes of your users because when you build a landing page for your visitor, you tend to resolve the problem for them.

With these visitors to your site will consider this and put faith in your website. This gives your business a great push and builds a healthy relationship with visitors through trust.

5.6 Helps you to grow your Email List

website landing page design

The main function of the landing page is lead generation and submission from interested people who turn into potential leads.

It may link to a form that seeks for user’s information, like email address, company, or phone number. If you are using a form on a landing page that asks the audience for email, this results in the big benefit to your business with growing an email list.

When the user fills out a form you can have an option button where someone can ask to receive emails and offers from your business.

5.7 Landing Page will Support Your Business Goals

Every business runs with a goal and it may be- increasing sales, expending your business size in markets, customer growth, the launch of new services or products among others – a well organized and well-maintained landing page supports all those objectives.

This is the best thing about the landing page because it is very flexible and customizable. You can easily twist landing page for any situation and bolster any strategy.

If you have a clean and good landing page you can easily generate traffic and can increase your online business presence.

5.8 Powerful Conversion

A landing page works as a powerful conversion and it happens after every click.

Unbounce provides a suite of tools and integrations and when visitors make a click on your promotional email or banner ad, it converts more traffic after visitors land on the page.

5.9 You Can Track Traffic and Sales in Depth

The best thing about having a nice website landing page design is that it allows you to analyze your sales and traffic in depth.

There are numerous metrics that count beyond a page view. You can easily understand how many of your visitors opted into your list and how many of them just viewed the page.

With this, you will easily get to know how well your landing page is performing.

5.10 Qualifies your Audience

A Complete Guide of Website Landing Page Design, Basics, and Infographic 5

With the right funnel implementation, you can quickly qualify your audience.

For this lead, magnets work great, but when you build a free FPS (free-plus-shipping) orders, you can easily identify your orders. Free-plus-shipping (FPS) funnels always works great.


The landing page of your site is the front face of your business and it must be eye-catching and fully responsive because it provides ease to your business and helps to increase sales on your business site.

The main task of the landing page is to convey your value to the users in a very delightful way. The more your page is attractive the more you will be able to grab the user’s attention.

A perfect website landing page design helps you to improve your relationship with customers, increase more sales on your site and make a big success in your marketing campaigns. So it is necessary to give focus on the visibility of the landing page, how it looks and is it doing well to your website.

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