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Top 3 CDN Service to Boost Up Your WordPress Site’s Speed in 2020+

Are you facing a bounce rate issue with your WordPress website? If yes, then your site might be in some serious trouble. Don’t be scared, it can be happened because of your website’s page speed.

Surprised? But it is true, your website page speed can be the biggest reason for an increased bounce on your WordPress website. Don’t be afraid because it can be resolved by choosing the CDN service. But finding the best CDN for WordPress site is important.

You might be thinking why you need to be serious only for a web page speed. But you need to be because the loading time of your page plays a crucial role in providing a better user experience.

Let’s talk with an example, being a customer if you are exploring CDN has the ability to put your an eCommerce site but won’t able to see anything because the site takes time to load. Then what you will do in that situation? You will quickly leave the and site and start exploring a new option.

The same thing can happen with your site too. There is a possibility that because of your static files your site might get slow and takes a lot of time to load. In that situation, the user will exactly do the same he also exit your site.

According to a survey, 80% of the customers won’t visit the site again if there is any performance issue.

That is the reason you will need CDN (Content Delivery Network) services because it will boost up your WordPress site’s speed and provide a hassle-free experience to your visitors.

But before choosing any CDN first of all you should know what exactly CDN is and how it will work. And then I am going to introduce the top 3 WordPress CDN service and how it will help you to speed up your WordPress site.

1. What is CDN Service?

best CDN for WordPress

A content delivery network becomes very famous in these days because the majority of website traffic comes from CDN. But most of us rarely don’t have an idea of what is CDN service? So let’s quickly have a look at it.

The Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers that work together to give you the fastest delivery of the internet content. You can also say that the content delivery networks work as a transparent backbone of the internet who is in charge of content delivery.

The content delivery network is used to boost up your website’s speed. It is an awesome system of distributed servers that deliver pages and other web content to the users.

You can also say that it allows the instant transfer of the assets which is needed for loading Internet content it includes javascript files, HTML pages, stylesheets, videos, and images.

Do you know, every person interacts with CDN on their day to day life? Yes, we indeed interact with the CDN when we are reading articles, watching YouTube videos, and online shopping.

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2.How CDN Service Uplifts Your WordPress Site’s Speed

best CDN for WordPress

Every businessman wants to give the best user experience to their customer, it is because if their customers are happy they will automatically get success in their business. And CDN plays a very crucial role in this.

It is a network of servers that are linked together with the motto of delivering content as quickly, as possible.

For improving connectivity and speed CDN place a server at exchange points between different networks.

They are known as IXPS (Internet exchange points) these are the first location where different connection providers connect to provide each other access to traffic originating on their distinct networks.

CDN has the ability to put your content in many places at once and can provide superior coverage to your users.

Content delivery networks has data centers or POP (Point of Presence) located around the world.

Each POP has thousand of servers which help accelerate the speed at which content is delivered to the end-user.

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3.Advantages of Using CDN Service

best CDN for WordPress

3.1 Increase Site’s Performance

The performance of the site matters a lot in every online business. But do you know what exactly performance means? It means connected content delivery with the speed.

Have you ever observed the difference between a click giving you immediate access to new content and a click then need to wait while a page loads.

If your page takes much time to load then you might lose organic traffic from the website.

But this is not something which cannot be resolved because there are numerous CDN services for WordPress site which boost up the speed of your WordPress site and can maintain it’s traffic.

3.2 Reduces Load from Server

There is an amazing thing about the content delivering network, it can decrease the load from server and interconnects, public and private peers and backbones, freeing up the overall capacity and also decrease delivery costs.

Intimately, the content is spread across numerous servers as opposed to offloading them onto one large server. This is how it works to reduce the load from the server.

3.3 Security

best CDN for WordPress

The best advantage of using CDN service is that it protects your site from hackers, spammers and all other security threats that can harm your WordPress site.

Everyone got scared when it comes to the security of the website. CDN service not only speeds up your WordPress site but also give focus on providing robust security to your website.

You can keep yourself safe from DDoS attacks and other security issues. These are the additional CDN service which will help you to save your money.

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3.4 Beneficial for SEO

When it comes to seeing good SEO results, the speed of the website matters a lot. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot do anything if your website is slow in response. It automatically drives your customers away.

The more than 3 or 4 seconds delay in web page loading could terribly downturn the SEO rankings of your WordPress site.

By having the CDN service, you can increase the speed of your WordPress site which in return boosts up the ranking of your site on Google.

3.5 Provide Better User Experience

It is quite obvious, a faster site can provide a better user experience. For providing the amazing user experience you will need the best CDN service which will increase the speed of your site.

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4. Top Three Popular CDN Services Providers for your WordPress Site

Confused about finding the best CDN for a WordPress site? No issues, because I am going to introduce the 3 most popular CDNs service which will help you to increase the speed of your site. So let’s have a look at it.

4.1 Cloudflare

best cdn for wordpress

Cloudflare is a very popular and highly reliable CDN service provider for the protection of your website and boosting its speed even if you choose their FREE plans.

It offers excellent web performance and security service to its client and also has the largest cloud network platform which includes 180 data centers all around the world.

Cloudflare uses anycast to create an incredible strength for its users. The automatic failover features and built-in load balancing helps to maintain the service deliverability.

With the help of Cloudflare real-time analytics, you can monitor and also can block threats and search engine crawlers that can make 20 to 50% of the traffic.

Advantages of Having CloudFlare

1. Affordable

Cloudflare, a noteworthy name in providing top-notch CDN service to the user. It is one of the best CDN service providers with pocket-friendly prices.

If you are choosing Cloudflare CDN services for WordPress website, you don’t need to worry about your pocket because it is entirely free to get started.

You can explore Cloudflare FREE CDN free plans for your WordPress site and can boost the performance of your website.

Not only free plans, but they also have some paid plans which contain more features than the free plans. Explore their plans and choose the one as per your requirement.

2. Protects your Website from Spammers

I know security is another biggest concern for you. But you don’t need to be worry because of Cloudflare filter out the bad traffic from your site and protect the hosting from spammers and hackers.

3. Quick DNS Changes

best cdn for wordpress

If you want to change the IP address from old host to new host, then you can easily do it with the Cloudflare because it controls your DNS so changing hosts is no longer a major task for you to do. You can complete this task in minutes instead of spending 24 to 48 hours.

4. Improves the Performance of your Website

The biggest impact you can see on your WordPress is increased traffic. Cloudflare filtered the traffic and will pass genuine traffic to your site.

It also caches the static content of your website and provides help without asking each time from the host.

Monthly Plan of Cloudflare

There are different predictable and transparent packages available for you while choosing Cloudflare.

You will get entirely free services when you have just started. But there are also other paid packages with different services and different prices.

best cdn for wordpress

1. Free Packages

Free doesn’t mean you will get low services which did not do well with your website. Let’s have a quick look at what you will get if you choose the free services of Cloudflare.

  • Global content delivery network
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks

2. Pro Packages

If you don’t want to go with free and want some more services and features, then you can go with the Pro but it will cost you $20/month and provides you services like:

  • Enhanced performance with mobile and image optimization
  • You will get more controls with advanced features
  • HTTP/2 prioritization
  • You can enhance security with web application firewall

3. Business

After pro, business is a little higher in cost but will provide you the top-rated services. If I talk about the Cloudflare CDN pricing then it will cost you $200 per month but provides you services like.

  • CNAME Setup
  • up to 100k image resizing requests
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Custom SSL certificate
  • Custom Waf rules
  • 24*7 email and chat support
  • And other customizable features

4. Enterprise

It is the highest paid plan because it includes all most everything which needs which your website needs.

There is no fixed cost for this and you’ll need to request a quote to know about the cost. Here is the necessary feature you will get when you choose this plan.

  • 100% uptime guarantee with 25x reimbursement SLA
  • Role-based account access
  • Enterprise-grade DDoS protection with network prioritization
  • Access to China data centers
  • Access to Raw Logs
  • Up to 10M image resizing requests
  • Access to account Audit Logs
  • Named solution and customer success engineers
  • Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with unlimited custom rulesets
  • Multiple custom SSL certificate uploads
  • 24/7/365 enterprise-grade phone, email, and chat support

4.2 Max CDN

best cdn for wordpress

MaxCDN is the other most popular content delivery network in the world and they have their servers in approx 90 countries.

The most amazing part of MaxCDS is that it is easily set up and a great value for money. However, MaxCDN is now own by StackPath but still provides its own services.

They work with the promise to give you 24*7 technical support and fast responses.

Advantages of Having MaxCDN

  • MaxCDN is user-friendly
  • You will get full-time support (24*7) for your WordPress site
  • Boost up your Website which comes with the good traffic results
  • It works well with WordPress integrated with the W3 total cache
  • You will see the increase loading speed in your WordPress site
  • MaxCDN works as a wonder for online business

Monthly MaxCDN Pricing Plan

best cdn for wordpress

1. Edge Delivery20

This is for professional blogs and websites which includes standard content and average traffic levels. You can check their one-month trial services for free. MaxCDN FREE trial services include:

  • One Monitoring service
  • CDN- 1TB/mo BAndwidth
  • DNS- 2M/mo DNS Requests
  • WAF- 5m/mo Rules and Request

2. Edge Delivery $200

This plan is for SMB websites, SaaS Properties, and digital stores and MaxCDN CDN prices will cost you around $200/month. Let’s have a quick look at what this plan gives to their customers.

  • One Monitoring services
  • CDN- 10TB/mo Bandwidth
  • DNS- 5M/mo DNS Requests
  • WAF- 10M/mo Requests & 10 Rules

3. Edge Delivery $2000

It is for large cloud properties, platforms, and applications with advanced requirements. Let’s see what they are providing in this section. This MaxCDN cost is $2000

  • 10 Monitoring Services
  • CDN- 100TB/mo Bandwidth
  • DNS- 10M/mo DNS requests
  • WAF- 50M/moRequests and 20 Rules

4.3 KeyCDN

best cdn for wordpress

Just like MAXCDN, KeyCDN is also user-friendly which easily suits your budget. It is a perfect choice for first-time users.

The most appealing thing about KeyCDN is, it supports all popular platforms including Xenforo, Drupal, VBulleting, etc.

But when it comes to KeyCDN WordPress it gives many choices like W3total cache plugin, Zencache, and WP super cache. It provides full security to your website by providing you the free SSL certificate.

Advantages of Having KeyCDN

  • KeyCDN is more affordable than other CDN
  • It is good for security also, KeyCDN increased security and DDoS Protection to your WordPress site.
  • From framework integration to CMS integration, KeyCDN is widely compatible to use.
  • Like other CDN KeyCDN also protects your website from spammers and hackers.
  • KeyCDN provides an ultimate user experience to the customers. With some of the obvious benefits like increased website speed, lower bounce rate, better conversion and more.

Monthly KeyCDN Pricing Plan

best cdn for wordpress

No Request Charges

This plan includes unlimited HTTP and HTTPS requests to keep cost affordable for the very beginning

Low Minimum Usage

This plan will charge you $4 per month which is based on the combined total of your website’s traffic volume and other user services.

24*7 Support

As the name indicates, in this section you will get 24/7 professional technical support for all customers with no extra cost.


In the above article, you’ll get to know how CDN is beneficial to your WordPress site. Whether it is for drastic performance improvements, better conversion rate, SEO advantages, and better user experience.

But finding the best CDN for WordPress site is essential. Here I have discussed the top 3 CDN service providers so that you can choose the best for your site.

All 3 are reliable, secure and can increase the speed of your website.

But it is hard to choose the one because all three have their specifications and importance. All three have different monthly and yearly plans.

In this scenario, you can choose the one which matches your requirements and budget whether it is Cloudflare, MaxCDN or KeyCDN because all three are best and reliable.

So If you still haven’t chosen the CDN service for your WordPress site, then I urge you to give a chance to it and observe before and after results on your own.

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