The Pros & Cons of Hiring Agency VS Freelancer – How You Will Know Who is Better

Dreaming to start your business? And finding a specialist who can bring out the best for you?

But whom you have to choose because there is always a battle between hiring an agency vs freelancer. Because they both are best in their specific fields so how to make a decision.

For more clarity let’s take an example of this.

If you visit a hospital, you will find doctors in every field and visit them according to your health issue.

But you can also find them outside the hospitals because there are numerous doctors out there who are holding years of medical experience and are successfully running their health care center.

So it’s totally up to you who you will want to visit. You can choose the best according to your choice because both can give you the prescription to improve your health.

This same applies to the software development industry. If you want to make a website or app for your business then you have to choose between agency and freelancer.

Because it’s your business and only you have to decide who is good for you.

But to get the best you have to choose the best for you.

But the question is how to choose the best for you. Do you need an individual freelancer? Or need a group of peoples to handle everything.

Big confusion right?

But don’t bother because I am going to show you the pros and cons of hiring an agency vs freelancer so that you can easily choose for yourself.

1.Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancer

Everything has its pros and cons, it depends on you, how you will take them. Just like deciding to hire freelancers, before taking any decision you must know the pros and cons of hiring freelancers so that you will know how they benefit your business and on what thing you need to be aware of.

agency vs freelancer

1.1 Cost-Effective

Whenever you think to start your own business the first thing that hits on your mind is cost. Every one of you always looks for the best but also in pocket-friendly prices.

Hiring a freelancer is worth a step to take in the initial stage of your business. There are several experienced freelancers available all over the world and they are ready to work on your norms.

Every freelancer has fixed their hourly and monthly rates, it’s totally up to you to hire them a fixed price or on an hourly price. The best part is if you want you can also negotiate the amount and can tell about your price.

1.2 Cannot Meet Your All Specific Guidelines

Every freelancer has a different work style and also comes from different backgrounds. You cannot be fully dependable on them because most of the time they will not be able to meet all specific guidelines.

For example, you want a responsive website design and ask your freelancer to design it fully responsive and give an attractive look to the website.

But late you will find that the content and the images of the site are not visible on mobile and the resolution of the image is terrible.

To fix this issue you have tried to instruct your freelancer but again he/she is capable to resolve the issue. So, in that case, you need to find a new freelancer or a full-time employee who can fulfill your requirements.

1.3 Employ Risk Reduction

 agency vs freelancer

Employ risk is reduced with the hiring of freelancers. They are not employes and don’t have the right to ask for worker’s compensation benefits and unemployment insurance.

They do not even have the right to sue you for discrimination or harassment. If you are facing some kind of issue their work or your product got affected by their work, then you can easily replace them or fire them without giving any notice.

1.4 They Might Disappear

This is the biggest disadvantage of hiring a freelancer. They might disappear in the middle of your project. There is a possibility that you might find someone difficult to communicate and did not give acknowledge your question.

Or they will give you every response before assigning work and after that, they got disappear and will never revert you.

To save yourself from these kinds of freelancers, you need to check the work history of the person. Choose the freelancer who has a top-notch work history and great skills.

1.5 Deliver Quality Work

Freelancers are often acknowledged by self-employed where people work on a contract basis for a variety of individuals and companies.

Repeat work and customers will bloom the freelancer’s business. To maintain their business they work so hard to deliver quality to their customers.

1.6 No Ongoing Support and Maintenance

This might be the biggest issue you will face by hiring freelancers.

There is no such thing as code that is bug-free, and also there is no such thing in development that does not need regular maintenance.

If you are choosing a freelancer for your project, then you have to be very clear about giving ongoing support and maintenance to your project.

Because freelancers might become unresponsive once the deliverables are turned in.

1.7 Quality work with less Supervision

 agency vs freelancer

You don’t need to take unnecessary responsibilities because freelancers don’t require supervision because they are representing themselves through their work.

A freelancer has years of experience and they know what to do and how to make things happen positively.

When a person represents themselves self they undoubtedly do extra efforts to make things go in their favor.

This not only beneficial for the freelancer but also for yourself because you are getting quality work according to your time.

1.8 Lack of Commitment

Commitment is the biggest issue you might face when hiring a freelancer.

Before the hiring of a project, they might be able to console you with their words and commitment but later not even bother about your product.

There are chances that your site might go down and its freelancer work to pay attention to the site needs to be sure the site works properly.

1.9 You can Explore Wide Range of Options

If you are at the beginning of your business then you don’t need to interview a person in your area to check their potential and abilities.

You just need to post a freelancing job all over the world and you’ll get the countless options for your product. If you don’t need an employee to be on-site, hiring a freelancer is the smart choice

Posting a freelancing job will give you the countless option to choose the right candidate for your business.

2.Pros and Cons Of Choosing An Agency

 agency vs freelancer

Apart from Freelancers, there is another option you can choose for your product is to hire an agency.

When we talk about the agency you cannot say that it is better than freelancers because just like the pros and cons of freelancers, the agency also has their benefits and drawbacks so let’s have a quick discussion about it.

2.1 Reliability

It is the foremost quality for a worker to possess because it increases a wide variety of job performance. In the agency, most of the people possess two or more skills.

Agency is the one-stop destination to fulfill your product needs. They already have the necessary collaboration and communication tools in place.

You just need to tell them your expectations and objective of your project and then observe their way of work and how they do their best to match your product needs.

2.2 Expertise

Choosing an agency for your business means you are choosing a bunch of people rather than a single individual. They have a great team of employees to help you in building your product.

They have skilled individuals who will do their best to deliver you a better standard and more polished work. If you would like you can also check their skill test before hiring an agency.

Ask them for a suggestion for your product, you can also ask them which technology you can use to make this run successfully.

2.3 Long Work Relationship

 agency vs freelancer

Finding a right agency for your product might not be easy but when you find it your end results will be top-notch.

Trust is the bigest thing in every business and when you build trust on agency it will go long.

You can hire them again for your next product or can aslo ask them to do some modification in previous work.

You can rely on them in any manner because they are also running their business with reputation and they will do their best to maintain

This can be only possible with meeting the expectation of the clients is there. They do their best to please you with their work and services.

2.4 Security

Security is the biggest concern you have faced when starting a new business. Because there is a possibility that freelancers deny to sign contract papers and they also might disappear in the middle of your project.

I am not saying that nothing is going to happen with the agency, It might happen with the agency too. But in this case, you can ask them for reimbursement.

Agencies always signed a doc before starting a project and when they did something inappropriate with your project you can take legal action against them.

2.5 Agencies Will Provide you Long Term Support and Maintenance

Every professional Agency believes in building long term work relationship that is why they work with the commitment of providing long term maintenance and support to their clients.

Once your website is live, it is necessary to protect your investment from hackers, malware, and virus. Agencies will keep your site safe.

They have a team of experts to ensure that your website has the latest protections and are free from security vulnerabilities.

Suggested Read: – How to Secure Your Website from Hackers

2.6 Costing Issue

 agency vs freelancer

I am not saying choosing an agency is the best decision for you to take. It might be not, why I am saying this? Because it will cost you a bit higher than a freelancer.

Usually, agencies are more established than a freelancer and there are very fewer chances to bring down the cost of the project.

But most startups have a budget issue that is the reason they choose a freelancer for their projects.

It is true agencies charge you more than a freelancer but it is also true that agencies provide you top-notch services then a freelancer. Because they provide you a full team of expert developers, designers, and quality analyst.

Final Words

As I have mentioned in the above article there is always a battle choosing between freelancers and agency because they both are capable of their own.

There are no disadvantages of hiring freelancers but if I am talking about myself I’ll give preference to the agency.

They might not give you attractive pocket-friendly prices but they will provide you a skilled team of web developers and designers who are much capable to handle your entire project.

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