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What Are The Latest Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Design is an aspect that is improving rapidly with time. Just like every year, 2020 has also come with some latest Graphic Design Trends which gives great competition to designs found earlier.

If you are a professional graphic designer then you must know about the new graphic designing trends. Because clients always demand an appealing and unique website design so that they can grab the attention of customers and can generate more traffic to their website.

Recent studies says, around 33% of small businesses have their websites and get 25% of their online revenue. This implies that if you don’t have a website for your business then you might losing a great number of customers and revenue.

A compelling design of your website offers the best chance to engage your customers. The more your site looks attractive and unique the more you can generate business.

There are millions of sites available on the web and most of them might match your field of business. So your business website must have a memorable and unique design.

For this, you need to choose a serious and skilled designer who will never ignore the modern designing trends and bring out the best for you.

Instruct them on what designing pattern you would like to see on your website but for giving instructions firstly you should be aware of the contemporary design trends.

That is the reason I am here because today I am going to introduce you some modish designing trends of 2020 so that you can implement them on your site. So without wasting much time let’s have a quick look at it.

Here are Top 10 Graphic Design Trend of 2020

1. Illustration and FreeHandd Doodles

latest graphic design trends

Captivating, fun and creative these three things define illustration and free-hand doodles. When it comes to graphic design, illustration and free-hand doodles will always come on top.

Whether you are designing a logo, poster, PPT, infographic, animations or videos Hand-Doodles and illustrations are the perfect way to do that.

Before making a website it is mandated to know about the trendy graphic design so that you can give instructions to the designer what to do and what not to do in designing part of your website.

You might hear about the illustrator but I am sure you did not know much about it. Illustrator is an art that is used to decorate, embellish or clarify something.

It can range from a simple full-color billboard to a white and black cartoon and beyond.

2. 3D Designing

latest graphic design trends

3D designing got famed in 2020 and plays a very crucial role in both web and graphic designing. It is a process of using software which creates a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional shape or object.

3D designs are high in demand these days and are used in a variety of companies to help artists so that they can use their skills and can share their unique ideas.

There is also a great demand for 3D designs in the web designing sector because there are many individuals who want to see this modern trend on their website so that they can attract more visitors on their website.

3. Flexible Logo Type

As you can see technology has drastically changed the designing industry. And flexible logos are one of the main parts of this changing industry.

It is the new graphic design trend followed by the designers these days.

Flexible logos give designers a new way to design logos for companies and other brands. But the question is what makes flexible logo different form others.

It is its switching position. Flexible logotypes, where letters can switch position automatically.

4. Asymmetrical Layouts

latest graphic design trends

Asymmetrical layouts are another powerful and modern graphic design trend followed by professional designers these days.

It is something that every designer can do easily. Asymmetrical layouts are created with an odd or mismatched number of disparate elements.

Asymmetrical layouts are not unbalanced, it does not create neatly divided or identical page have. You can create a perfect design without perfect symmetry.

In the past few years, you might have noticed that the layout of websites and advertisements is relatively similar.
The right corners of windows are not being used because they are filled with advertisements.

But here in 2020, you can see the asymmetrical and scattered grid-style layouts. This new asymmetrical layout will not put information in the old rectangle and square formats.

5. Pictogram Logos

latest graphic design trends

A pictogram logos have given a new look to the icon-based logo designs. It is a sign that represents a real object, a symbol or a real figure in a schematic way.

There are written symbols that belong to logo-graphic writing systems which were based on ideograms.

These kinds of signs are created to draw attention to something using images as a replacement of words or languages. These images must be clearly and quickly understood.

6. Use of Vibrant Colors

latest graphic design trends

Graphic designing is a very vast platform that keeps changing day by day. And the use of vibrant colors in designing is another latest graphic design trend followed by every graphic designer these days.

There is a reason why designers prefer to use vibrant colors, it is because vibrant colors provide visual interest to a layout that easily grabs the user’s attention.

The more your site looks attractive, more will be visitors attract on your website.

It is the most effective way to grab user’s attention so that they visit your site and increase the traffic count of your website.

7. Split Screen Trend

latest graphic design trends

The split-screen layout has changed the oldest and the most critical UI design rule. Now designers adapt the trendy website designs with a split-screen aesthetic.

Split-screens are in trend and keeps growing day by day. There are several reasons behind the popularity of split-screen design but there are two main reasons which make this trend popular and i.e, mobile compatibility and user-friendly.

Split screens are highly effective and work well when there are two bits of content the user needs to see. The same approach applies to content that requires the user to choose to proceed.

8. Gradients and Duotones

latest graphic design trends

Gradients are the multipurpose tool that works in any type of design. It is another trendy graphic design considered by thousand of professional designers.

Most designers use gradients to give more depth in their designs. The Latest Graphic Design trends dictate the use of big, colorful and bold gradients which helps designers to make a statement.

Designers have creative freedom with gradients they can do experiments with different colors can also use linear gradients, radial-gradient, etc.

On the other hand, Duotones made its popularity by Spotify. Mainly duotones are filters that replace the blacks and whites in the photo with two colors.

You can make any image with duotones that match your company’s branding. Just use your brand’s primary color as the duotone filter.

9. Use of Geometric Patterns in Web Designing

latest graphic design trends

Adding geometric shapes in website design is something new picked up by many graphic designers these days. Designers have been incorporating this because it helps in creating a more appealing, futuristic and minimal look to the website.

If you want to understand the geometric pattern to use on your website then first you need to know what organic shapes are. Everything around you of natural origin that occupies space is considered to be organic.

If I talk about geometry shapes then it is defined by straight lines, infrequent circular curvature and right angles. And these shapes, specifically rectangles, and circles are dominating website designs these days.

10. Glossy and Radiant Colors

latest graphic design trends

The use of glossy and radiant colors has always been the most likely graphic trend following these days. It not only gives a spectacular look to your website but also can be used in elements and print promotion.

The use of bright colors like pink, purple and blue gives the boldness to content which looks amazingly beautiful.

Colors are the most used component especially when it is for designing the packaging and displaying products. But now these colors have moved on to the website designing part.

Now designers are making the use of rainbow-inspired platters that fully breaks the rule of limiting to two or three colors only for the design creation.

Final Words

I hope the above article will help you to get the answer to your question that you are seeking to know about the latest graphic design trends of 2020.

When it comes to your website, it is good to follow the new design trends, this not only gives a new look to your website but also take your business to a new level.

Website design is the first thing that attracts visitors to your site. The more they explore their site the more business you will generate.

But to make this happen you need to hire a professional designer who should be aware of current graphic design trends and must know where and how to use these techniques on your website so that your website can stand differently in-crowd.

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