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7 Best WordPress HelpDesk Plugin to Manage Customer Support

WordPress website without helpdesk support is like running an online business without a client. If you have a WordPress website then you must need to add WordPress helpdesk plugin. So that you can give every possible help to your audience.

The audience plays an incredible role in your online business without them your business might lose its existence. And obviously, you don’t want to let this happen.

In business, customer support should be your top priority because they are undoubtedly the biggest part of your successful business.

It’s your customers that convert your site into the brand and makes you visible in-crowd.

In an age where every second person is engaged to the web daily, It is essential to provide them some kind of customer support that not only encourages your customers but also lets them know about your products and business.

When it comes to cost-effective and reliable technology, WordPress is the first thing that comes in every person’s mind.

Not only reliable but if we talk about the customer support, WordPress has different helpdesk support plugins to manage customer support.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the best WordPress helpdesk plugin, what they are? and why you need them. But the first thing you should know is what is a plugin? So let’s have a quick discussion on this.

1.What is WordPress Plugin?

Responsive Website Designs

Every time when you hear about WordPress, you also got to know about the WordPress Helpdesk plugin. But only knowing about something is not adequate, if you are looking to make a site in WordPress, you must know each thing about plugins.

Plugins are the software that allows you to do customization of the content given by the websites. In different words, we can say that they are an integral part of web browsing, computing and also creating content for the internet.

There are a variety of plugins available for download on the internet, you can find some of them for free but on the other hand, you might need to pay for them.

WordPress plugins are written in PHP programing language and smoothly integrate with WordPress. The most amazing thing about using plugins is that they save you time and money.

Right, you don’t need to spend much of the time building them, they are easily searchable on the internet. But if you want you can create a plugin on your own, it totally depends on you and your client’s requirement.

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2.What is the WordPress HelpDesk Support Plugin?

7 Best WordPress HelpDesk Plugin to Manage Customer Support 1

Before proceeding further, it is good to know what actually help desk Support is. It is a part of your website in which users can take help for your site or for your site’s products.

If you have an eCommerce site and selling some kind of products there, it’s your duty to provide every possible support that your customer is seeking from you.

WordPress helpdesk plugin is the entire feature set of a knowledge base, support ticketing which use to give help to the customers whenever they needed.

Customer support can be provided in many ways it can be through live chat or via direct calling or just by dropping a message. The quicker you will give a response to customer’s queries, the quicker they build trust in you.

3.Why You Need a WordPress HelpDesk Plugin on Your Website?

7 Best WordPress HelpDesk Plugin to Manage Customer Support 2

WordPress gives numerous useful functionalities to its customers. This includes providing the splendid support and services, you can add help desk by implementing a ticket system, by creating a dedicated forum, and by using a live chat.

Offering support to your clients and customers is a vital thing to do whether you are running an online store, a service-based business, an application or a web hosting company, it is necessary that your all users and visitors are fully satisfied, specifically if they are coming to your site for the first time.

Customer views mean a lot in business they won’t give any review if they won’t get support. Helpdesk plugin gives them a way to approach you any time with any query.

By giving focus on these things, you got to know few important truths. First is, help desk support is the key factor of your website which enforces your customers to stick around the website.

And the second thing is without the support you won’t be able to gain customer’s trust and it might give a big impact on your website with the great fall in your website traffic.

4.Some of the Best HelpDesk Plugins for Customer Support

wordpress helpdesk plugin

Many people got confused when they visit any new site and start looking for help. Do you ever think about how you will provide support for their queries? Don’t need to worry because you can do that with the help desk support plugins software.

It accepts the client’s queries, categorizes them in a manner and responds to them in a very grateful manner. When you think about running a business, customer support must be your first priority.

And you can give them support by using WordPress helpdesk plugin. There are many WordPress helpdesk plugin available but here I am going to discuss some of the best helpdesk plugins which you can use on your website.

4.1 Catchers HelpDesk Plugin

Catchers helpdesk plugin is one of the best plugins that you can use on your WordPress site. It is implausible easy to use and could be running in no time.

Catchers helpdesk provides you the full support with its full-service ticket system. By full-service ticket system we that you can raise a ticket from front end to raise your queries or can directly send an email to the concerned team.

Catchers later convert the send email into the ticket. After that, the raise tickets will be shown in the WordPress dashboard. And you can give a response, manage and escalate tickets.

In addition, Catchers directly provides you full customer profiles on ticket pages, which means you can see the clear picture of your customer when you are replying to them.

4.2 Help Scout

wordpress helpdesk plugin

Help Scout is another leading customer support software for your online business. It provides you an amazing way to have a conversation with your customers. It is a messaging platform that you can use to provide support to your customers.

The most astonishing part of Help Scout is that it is very easy to sue and there are already plugins that enable you to integrate with WordPress.

Help Scout integrates the email support into your WordPress site. This plugin comes with numerous features, but you will never feel any kind of hassle to customize Help Scout.

The most impressive part of the Help Scout plugin is it does, it slows your WordPress site and can also integrate with the WP-eCommerce, WooCommerce and the other downloads among the WordPress plugins.

Help Scout provides users a priority support, regular updates and a better user experience without any hurdles.

4.3 Zendesk

wordpress helpdesk plugin

It is the another best WordPress customer support plugin which provides an awesome support to their customers. You can also say that it is a one-stop destination for all your WordPress helpdesk plugin needs.

There are numerous features provide by the Zendesk to their customers which include business phone services, support ticket management, and live chat functionality.

It gives support to teams, docs, multiple products and also works incredibly great with WordPress based websites.

In order to use Zendesk, you need a subscription but if you want to be sure about this plugin then you can still install the plugin for free and can also use it for a trial period of 30 days.

The best thing about this plugin is that customers sign in to your website, they will automatically sign it to Zendesk. They don’t need to make extra efforts to make a sign in to this plugin.

4.4 Awesome Support

wordpress helpdesk plugin

If you want to define this plugin in one word, then I think its good to say versatile because it provides the best WordPress support to the customers. And also integrates effortlessly with most of the WordPress themes.

The best advantage of having Awesome support is that it is a feature-rich plugin that offers unmatched features in its free version which includes unlimited agents, users, tickets, channels, tags, and products.

You can install this plugin for free on As compared to other plugins, Awesome support offers you a great number of premium add-ons that help you to extend customer support.

4.5 UCare Support
wordpress helpdesk plugin
UCare is the lightweight and the toughest plugin that will help you to build an effective and strongest helpdesk system. You can build exclusive user roles for support agents and customers.

This plugin is completely user-friendly and can create a separate page that can run independently on your theme. On the other hand, it also offers immense reporting features to understand the performance of a support system and individual agents.

4.6 Knowledge Base

wordpress helpdesk plugin

Customer satisfaction is the most integral part of your business and cannot be neglected in any way. Knowledgebase plugin offers you all the features that you are looking for your customer support on your website.

If you want to build customer support on your site by an extensive FAQ page, or with the other written resources then the knowledge base is the best plugin to pick up. Like another plugin, it is also very easy to install and just starts works.

4.5 WP Support System

wordpress helpdesk plugin

It is a free plugin to add the customer support part to your WordPress website. You customer will raise ticks for their problems and get every possible help with from the support agents.

There is an option for a guest user to create a ticket on your site. Also if you want to create a ticket on behalf of another person then you can do it without any hassle.

This plugin allows attaching files in a support interaction. This process provides ease to the users as well as support agents.


In the above article, you will get to know that customers are the key growth of every business and their satisfaction matters a lot for the expansion of your business.

Customers are happy when they get timely help desk support at the time when they are seeking it. And the helpdesk plugins help you to organize that help and support in your website.

The bottom line is WordPress helpdesk plugin helps you to improve user experience and boost your conversation with customers. With this interaction part, you will gain the trust of your customers which is fruitful for your business

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