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How to Remove Or Disable Official Facebook Page Reviews: Complete Business Page Tips

Reviews on your Facebook page can do wonders for your business but on the other hand, it can also be one of the main reasons for driving your customers away. Wondering how?

It is because of some negative reviews that reflect on your page. Don’t need to be scared. Because Facebook reviews can be disabled. But the question is how? How to disable Facebook page review?

In this article, you will get the answer to this question because I am going to share the idea of disabling Facebook page reviews, what they are and why they are necessary for your business.

But before moving further, Do you you know Facebook gives origin to many small businesses and becomes the home of around 2 billion monthly active users and every day around 1.59 Billion persons are active in it.

Numerous people are running their business via Facebook. But only having a Facebook page is not worth it, you need to give focus on their good or bad reviews.

Because one negative feedback can be hurtful for your business which obviously you don’t want.

So without wasting more time, let’s discuss it.

1.What are Facebook Reviews?

how to disable facebook page reviews

Facebook reviews are the easiest way to know that the person is reliable or not. In more simple words you can say that when a person landed on your page to make a purchase and shares his/her good or bad experience in words or rate your Facebook page is known as the rating.

This is the best way to know about the quality of the products and the vendors themselves. Today customers are more aware of online shopping and every time they check the reviews of the portal before making any purchase.

So you need to be more focused on the services and the quality of the products.

Facebook page’s feedback has the strength to bring several customers for any business. According to recent studies, Facebook comes under the top five sites that are checked by consumers before they visit a business.

2.How Facebook Page Reviews are Helpful for Your Business

how to disable facebook page reviews

There are still some people who will never be satisfied with this online shopping concept.

Because they neither have trust in the quality of the products nor on the vendors who are selling those products.

To gain customer’s trust, positive reviews of your page play a vital role. Because when someone shares his/her experience with other people, they automatically got attracted and start showing their interest which gives a positive impact on your business.

Your Official Facebook page reviews work as a bridge between you and your customers. When they will see that the bridge is out of danger and is safe, they will automatically come on it and across the bridge on their own.

The point is your positive page reviews build trust in your customer’s mind, once the trust builds they will automatically come and start buying your products.

3.Is It Okay to Ignore Facebook Page Reviews?

how to disable facebook page reviews

The answer is no. Reviews worked as your brand’s identity of your business, the more reviews you will receive the more people got attracted and you will generate more business with them.

If you have never pay attention to the review section of your page, then you must need to start because almost 80% of customers will check the reviews of the local companies before making any purchase.

Reviews come with brand transparency and also increase the credibility and integrity of your business.

4.How Important Facebook Reviews are?

how to disable facebook page reviews

As you know Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world but apart from this, it is the most powerful marketing tool.

Facebook business page reviews matter a lot and most of the consumers visit this platform to check product reviews and business information. So it is not bad saying that Facebook reviews are an important part of your business.

4.1 Consideration

I cannot say every person but about 60 to 70 percent of people say that they completely or somewhat trust the content they see on Facebook.

While other peoples have their trust on retail websites, but it hardly matters because almost every website have had their official Facebook page so you can say that Facebook reviews matters a lot in every aspect

4.2 Attentiveness

Social media platforms are the best way to learn new things and Facebook is one of the best platforms to explore new things. You can explore new brands, new fashion trends all over the world and can purchase for yourself

4.3 Post Purchase Reviews

About 66% of the customers share their opinions, thoughts, and experience on their purchase. People read their reviews and will make up their mind to purchase something.

5.Why You Need to Disable Reviews on Facebook Page

how to disable facebook page reviews

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that you can’t delete reviews from Facebook. The only thing you can do is to manage or fix them.

No one of you has that much time to read the whole bunch of reviews. The consumer gives priority to the latest 10 reviews.

But still, if one annoying review reflects on top ten then you need to make efforts to take that down by adding some more reviews.

Or go with the indemnification. To gain customer’s trust you can give them full compensation. This will build a good connection between you and the consumer and they automatically delete the negative review from your page.

Another best thing you can do is to give an instant reply on a negative or bad review.

When it comes to business, you will see many huddles come on your way and you have to deal with them.

Bad reviews on the Official Facebook page are like huddles, which you have to deal with because it might become the reason for your unsuccessful business.

But the question is how to deal with them. Today consumers are more aware of everything they will check each detail before making any online purchase.

6.Suggestion to Disable Facebook Page Reviews

how to disable facebook page reviews

You will never give surety of anything especially when it comes to business. A business cannot be constant it always got fluctuate especially when you are running an online business.

Many times customers face some issues because of you. If you did something which might become the reason to gain bad customer reviews, then you need to be humble and make an apology for this.

By doing this you will again gain consumer’s trust. If this goes well, your customers might delete the review which impacts your Facebook page.

Be humble and acknowledge their anger or disappointment and then make a polite apology. This will let down their anger and you will get a chance to increase your transparency on social media.

7.Step to Step Guide: How to Disable Facebook Page Reviews

how to disable facebook page reviews

Reviews on your business page are incredibly powerful. If they enforce your customers to make a purchase, then they also have the power to put them away. One bad review with 99 positive reviews is good enough to put some purchases off.

Every person loves reading good reviews because it is great for generating more web traffic which leads to more conversion but if you are floating on 3.9 or below then that you might need to disable all your review from your Official Facebook page.

You should be glad because Facebook gives you the option to disable or turn off your Facebook page reviews. So let’s have a quick look on a strategy to disable your Facebook page reviews.

7.1 First Step

Go to your Facebook Page and need to click into the setting on the top bar.

how to disable facebook page reviews

7.2 Second Step

In the second step, you need to go on the left-hand side and need to click on Templates and Tabs

how to disable facebook page reviews

7.3 Third Step

After clicking on templates and tabs you need to scroll down the screen to reviews and need to turn it off.

how to disable facebook page reviews

7.4 Fourth step

After turning off the page reviews, you have to click on the save option which is highlighted below.

how to disable facebook page reviews

8.How you can Delete Your Own Review

If you have wright something wrong or want to do some editing then you can easily do it by your own. It is very easy to Delete your own review on Facebook.

You just need to find the review and then have to click on three horizontal dots in the top right and then select delete.

Final Words

I hope this article will help you to get the answer to how to disable Facebook page reviews? And with the above discussion, you will get to know how important Facebook reviews are and how much they impact on your business page.

You can maintain the credibility of your site by disabling your Facebook page reviews. You can build credibility and transparency with the audience with the small interaction and a bid apology.

It isn’t bad if you apologize to consumers because it will give a great push to build a bridge of faith between you and customers.

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