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How To Improve or Boost SEO Ranking on WordPress Site

Building a WordPress Website is a way to easy but it is hard to enhance them for SEO. WordPress is an SEO friendly platform but still, you need to make strategies for getting better results.

But the question is“How to improve SEO on WordPress”, what strategies you need to make and on what things you need to give focus on to rank better on Google.

It is a fact if you are running a business website or blog and won’t have any traffic, then it wouldn’t make any profit. You need to implement good SEO practices.

For getting good traffic you need to apply a couple of WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas.

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Most SEO guides are too technical for new users to get started. If you are serious about increasing your website’s organic traffic then you need to pay attention to the best SEO practices.

In this blog, I am going to introduce some of the best practices to improve and boost SEO on WordPress website.

#1 Install The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

how to improve seo on wordpress

As you know WordPress has some strong built-in SEO features. But you can take your website on Search Engine to the next level by using an SEO plugin.

There is countless SEO plugin available for you but when it comes to finding the best SEO plugins then Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, and Rank Math always comes on top and able to do wonders to your website.

But Yoast has its reputation and quite famous in the market, With Yoast, you can perfectly optimize every post and page for your chosen keyword.

Yoast also has built-in analysis based on the latest algorithm updates. Apart from this you can also generate an XML sitemap and can add schema markup to your website.

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#2 Need To Turn On the Visibility of Search Engine

how to improve seo on wordpress

There is a built-in option in WordPress that will hide your website from search engines.

You might be okay with this in the beginning when first building out your website, but this can be a big barrier to get ranking on your website.

For ranking, you need to turn on the visibility of the Search Engine. To see if this setting is on, navigate to setting>Reading from within the WordPress dashboard.

You need to scroll down and you’ll see a section known by the name of Search Engine Visibility.

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#3 Choose a Good Web Hosting

how to improve seo on wordpress

The first thing you need to give focus on the speed of your website, you need to be sure that your website loads fast because speed matters a lot in ranking factors for Google.

If your website is not loading very fast than you need to contact your host and ask them why it happens.

Do you know a should load in within 1.5 seconds, if your site loads slower than this, you should contact your host and ask them why your site is performing slow on their server?

You will find numerous options for web hosting such as SiteGround, Kinsta, A2 Hosting, Hostgator, FlyWheel and more. But finding the best for your website is a crucial task to do.

For choosing the best web hosting you can check their reviews on the internet. Like if you are choosing SiteGround for your website then you can check SiteGround review on their website and then make your decision.

If you choose the most popular web host without knowing much about it then later you might get disappointed with their services and become disappointed with their services, chances are that you’ll end up with another Eig-Owned host (Endurance International Group), and as a result, they never lose you as their customer.

#4 Use CDN Services To Speed Up Your Website

how to improve seo on wordpress
A Content Delivery Network is amazingly helpful, especially for large to medium websites with lots of static content like images, CSS, Javascript.

It is a system of distributed servers that work together to give you the fastest delivery of internet content.

CDN caches your static content among various servers on its wide network serves them to your users via servers that are the closest to the locations of users.

It is always good to have CDN Services for your website. It not only saves bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, but your website becomes fast and tends to rank higher in the Search Engines.

Choosing the best CDN for WordPress website is essential because your website’s speed matters a lot in Google rankings.

CDN comes with different plans with different services. But if you are not able to afford a paid CDN service, then there also have some free alternatives. Cloudflare, Google Cloud CDN, Incapsula, Photon by Jetpack, etc are some of the names that provide free CDN services.

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#5 Choose Your Theme That Is Optimized For WordPress

how to improve seo on wordpress

Choosing a WordPress theme is as essential as choosing a plugin for your WordPress website. It is one of the most important choices you will make for your WordPress website.

It not only determines your website’s layout and appearance but also provide new functionalities and works remarkably with SEO.

When you pick a WordPress theme, you will need to opt for one built with SEO in mind. You can also find themes that offer features specially designed to improve SEO, like new heading tag options.

There are two main things in an SEO optimized theme and i.e. code and speed of your website.

A well-written theme with the best and latest SEO practices guarantees that Google bots will wade through the source code and find the appropriate code.

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#6 Write Quality Content

how to improve seo on wordpress

Quality of content is a very essential part of the website when Google and other Search Engines produce complex algorithms for ranking sites, their focus is to help the most useful and relevant websites score highly.

If you want to see the success of your Search Engine efforts, you have to give focus on creating quality content.

The long-form content is a solid way to increase the quality of pages and posts. But there are also plenty of other ways to achieve this goal.

Like you can target what your readers need or want most and you can focus on providing those things with your content.

But also remember to carefully proofread and fact-check everything you add to your website because details matter a lot.

#7 Image Optimization of Your Website

how to improve seo on wordpress
Image optimization by resizing and compressing them may reduce the sizes of the images by a great extent decreasing the page size and improving page loading performance on your blog or website.

You have to be sure that you upload in WordPress are already optimized, if you don’t have optimized images to upload, you can use a plugin like to reduce and optimize the sizes of uploaded images automatically.

You can rank better in image searches if you add proper tags to images in your posts.

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#8 Responsive Design

how to improve seo on wordpress
Responsive designs are the key factor to boost up the speed of your WordPress website. Your WordPress website might look good on desktop but if it is not responsive then you can lose a large number of mobile users and your business too.

Having a responsive design to your website simply means that it will be automatically customized, no matter what source your viewer is visiting from.

A study by Blue Corona discloses that if your website is not responsive then you might have to face 50% of traffic reduction penalty which is not a positive sign for your website.

So you need to have a responsive site so that no one can change your existence in Search Engines.

But if you are using a custom theme and don’t want to abandon it, you can hire a designer who can help you to turn your static design template into a theme that features responsive design.

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#9 Block Spam Comments

how to improve seo on wordpress

Spam comments are an unpleasant fact of the Internet. Having spam of comments on your site is a huge problem especially if you are not prepared to deal with them.

If you are not paying attention to your website and these comments get published, then your search engines and your actual users will be able to see them which is not good for the reputation of your website.

Your user starts considering your website to be spam or a low-quality site. And if I talk about search engines then they can also mark your site as unsafe.

So you need to start monitoring your website so that you can deduct the spam comments and can deal with them.

For dealing with this issue you can turn off your comments and can also block those spam comments.

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I hope the above information will helpful for you to know How To Boost SEO on WordPress. There is a misconception that WordPress is an SEO friendly platform and they don’t need to pay extra attention to SEO.

But it’s wrong because a small careless can be the reason for big disaster so it is essential to keep your eyes open when it comes to rank high on Search Engines.

Take some time to re-evaluate your WordPress website after implementing these techniques which I have mention above.

You should check if things are going better for your website or not. Basically, you need to check the rise in the traffic level of your website.

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