Top 8 Major WordPress Myths That You Need To Know

Top 8 Major WordPress Myths That You Need To Know

WordPress has earned its reputation for being one of the most demanding and acclaimed content management systems.

In fact, WordPress is the pre-eminent website builder in the world and its credit goes to the extensibility, flexibility and the wide range of features it offers.

But on the other hand, there are still some people who have some major WordPress myths and don’t want to use this platform to make their business websites.

They are not aware of the countless advantages of WordPress which make WordPress a widely used platform on the internet along with its other version and websites like Google’s Blogger or Medium.

WordPress is a renowned platform but there is still a lot of misunderstanding about WordPress on the internet and these misconceptions and myth end up confusing users which leads them to choose the wrong platform.

Today I am going to debunk the top WordPress myths with the complete explanation.

#1 WordPress is Only a Blogger Platform

wordpress myths

I am not denying the fact that WordPress is a blogging platform. But it was in back 2003-2004 when WordPress was first launched, it was first and foremost blogging platform at that time.

But now WordPress turns out in a powerful website builder that can be used in building almost any kind of website.

With the changing time, WordPress becomes a highly versatile tool with fully tested technologies and programming languages, PHP and MySQL.

WordPress is not restricted to text, it also supports video, audio, images and document files.

Despite the fact, WordPress has grown and developed a lot over the past 15 years. Today WordPress is more than a blogging platform, now it is a fully-functioning CMS (Content Management System) and you can use it to create any type of site.

#2 WordPress is Not Safe

wordpress myths

Another WordPress myth that we often hear is about the security of WordPress. There is a myth about WordPress, it is less secure than others.

But the fact is WordPress is an amazingly secure platform and constantly updated by its developers this is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Apart from this, it is the world’s most used blogging platform which consequently targeted by hackers.

Because it powers millions of sites and also holds 33% of market share which makes WordPress the most secure and reliable platform among bloggers, business owners, and designers.

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#3 WordPress is Difficult To Manage

wordpress myths

This is the most inaccurate myth about WordPress, many people believe that WordPress is a difficult platform to manage.

The term open-source and content management system can be intimidating. The truth is WordPress is a self-hosted platform that can also make it seem more complex than it is.

But in reality, WordPress was designed from the start to be beginner-friendly. WordPress was originally meant to help people create simple blogs.

While it’s much more powerful these days, WordPress is simple enough for just about anyone to use.

#4 WordPress Plugins Are Not Reliable

wordpress myths

There are more than 50,000 plugins available in the official directory. But not every plugin is created equally.

Some of the plugins are small and straightforward while other plugins required sophisticated activation and requirements.

But the most important thing to do is when adding plugins, you need to make sure that they are recently updated, actively supported by developers and have a relatively high number of downloads.

You need to do some research on plugins compatibility and test the plugin before going live.

#5 All WordPress Websites Looks Similar

wordpress myths

This is the fakest rumor among beginners because they think that all WordPress websites look alike.

But that is not true because WordPress uses themes that control the visual appearance of any WordPress powered website and the amazing thing is that there are thousands of WordPress themes available.

Most of them are for free, but there is also a large collection of premium WordPress themes as well.

Some of the premium WordPress theme shops are like Themify, StudioPress, CSSIgniter are such themes who provide beautifully designed WordPress themes for all kinds of Websites.

There is a customization option in these themes and you can change the layout, colors can add your own logo and do anything you want to.

#6 WordPress is Low in Quality Because It is FREE

wordpress myths

Many individuals believe that since WordPress is free, then it must be low in quality. This whole conception is a myth. WordPress is not developed by a single person or a small team.

It is developed by thousands of developers and is used by millions of websites. There is open-source code in WordPress and can be read, examine and scrutinize by anyone for quality.

The code behind WordPress is open, free, solid and developer-friendly. And that is why WordPress is distinctly popular in all over the world.

#7 WordPress Sites Are Not Responsive

wordpress myths

WordPress is future proof with its regular updated, and the best web standards which makes WordPress primed for the future.

WordPress themes are completely responsive and can fit in every screen. It is also easy to find a responsive theme on and theme shops such as Elegant Themes and Themeforest.

In any case, if your WordPress theme is not responsive, you can use a WordPress mobile plugin or can create a mobile-friendly version of your website.

#8 WordPress Doesn’t Provide Customer Support

wordpress myths

Many people believe that there is no customer support in WordPress and when you are stuck means you are stuck forever. But this is completely wrong.

WordPress has a great community of designers, developers, bloggers, translators, support reps, etc who have created the WordPress Codex; it is a state of the art documentation which you have never seen.

Will all these resources, WordPress maintenance services provider and a ton of skilled freelancers provide you the top-notch services for your woes.


After all these major WordPress myths, It still stands as the most popular content management system all over the World. And its popularity is growing bigger and more popular over time.

Millions of business websites around the world powers WordPress because it comes with the support of a widespread WordPress user community which makes this platform a perfect place to grow your online business.

WordPress is the same CMS you have been looking for, it is free to the open-source platform, reliable, safe, user-friendly, easy to install, have responsive themes, scalable and versatile for the life of your business, SEO friendly features which helps your website to rank high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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