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12 Reasons Why You Should Use Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Seeking to build a professional website? But afraid of coding because of non-technical background. Building a professional website without learning code is quite challenging. But WordPress page builder plugins make the whole website building process super easy.

WordPress offers several page builder plugins but today I am going to talk about Elementor. What it is? And the top reasons why you should use the Elementor page builder for WordPress.

This prominent plugin takes the concept of the whole website building process to a new level. It allows you to choose the impressive pre-designed blocks or you can make the one from scratch.

Elementor is launched in 2016 and has received extensive exposure in the whole WordPress community.

Today Elementor has reached around two million active installs which makes it one of the most leading WordPress plugin.

With the user-friendly and intuitive interface of Elementor, anyone can easily understand the complete website building process.

There are many other amazing factors which make Element one of the best choices for you. So let’s have a quick discussion Elementor and its incredible features.

What Exactly Elementor Is?

Elementor is a FREE WordPress page builder that enables you to build dynamic and stunning looking WordPress websites most quickly and easily.

It is the first and one of the finest frontend page builder to offer limitless design possibilities. It includes a visual revision history feature, a beautifully designed template, useful widgets, and uniques mobile editing toolset.

Elementor has removed the simple WordPress editor with its brand new live frontend editor, which visually allows you to create complex layouts and design of your site, without having to switch between the preview and editor mode.

It is easy for Elementor page builder developer to design top quality website design without using CSS, and without depending developers for help.

This page builder is equipped with the latest technology and has to keep updating since from the launch which means the whole page builder is fully optimized and fast responding.

Reasons Why You Should Use Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

elementor page builder for wordpressIf you are not from a technical background, then the Elementor WordPress plugin is the perfect choice for you. Because you can create stunning and effective designs with Elementor.

Elementor provides you the best tools to customize, edit, and design your website page.

There are numerous reason which makes this page builder one of the best choices for users. So let’s have a deeper look into some awesome features of Elemetor page builder.

#1 Easy To Use

Elementor is immensely simple and easy to use because it lets you control its options and feature with ease for giving you a smooth website building experience.

You don’t need to have to carry any HTML, CSS, PHP or Javascript skills to make a website.

It is a handy user interface that helps you to create your website page without getting lost in the process or getting any code of frustration.

Elementor extremely functional and easy to understand, once you get the hang of it, you will be on your way to building an awesome looking website.

#2 Compatible With Third-Party Widget

Many popular page builders provide a limited number of inbuilt widgets and elements.

But this is not in case of Elementor page builder plugin because it is compatible with other third-party widgets that you can use to integrate into your page design.

If you want to unlock more potential designs then tons of great third-party Elementor add-ons extend to the core plugin.

These add-ons offer you a variety of new Elementor widgets to use in your designs. This is for the more well-rounded and complete site to provide your visitors with a positive online experience.

#3 Stunning Pre-Made Templates

Another appealing thing about Elementor is its impressive array of templates at your fingertips. It offers you hundreds of elements and templates to choose from.

Elementor is perfect for designers and builders who don’t want to start from scratch or facing any time constraints. You just need to choose the appealing template and tweak it.

All you have to do is to choose a stylish template that suits your needs and tweak it according to your designing skills.

Each premade design is not only unique but also ready to use to build a professional website of yours.

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#4 WooCommerce Blocks

The pro version of WordPress Elementor page builder enables you to use WooCommerce blocks that will help you to build an online store with an Elementor page builder.

With this, you can display a list of products on any page as well as in your product categories. There is also an add to cart button which you can link to any other product on your page.

This simply means that you can build your own custom product layout and can use Elementor’s add to cart button. This allows visitors to visit that product’s page and purchase it.

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#5 Reliability

Elementor works with every WordPress theme and this is the greatest feature of this page builder. Because you can easily start using Elementor without changing your theme.

Elementor has its own theme builder and WooCommerce builder which means you can use it for clients’ websites and create custom themes with it.

Another benefit of Elementor is that it has several third-party plugins and also its compatibility with the WooCommerce and other famous WordPress plugins.

If you are looking for a plugin that is actively maintained and developed than I must say Elementor is the right and the most reliable choice for you.

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#6 Performance of Elementor

Performance is a crucial part when it comes to choosing the page builder plugin for building your professional website.

The front end panel of Elementor is quite fast and comes with a live preview.

For any operation, you don’t need to see any loading screen while using Elementor.

Whether it is dragging and dropping a widget, importing a fully loaded page or publishing the page you will be able to do it easily.

This superb feature makes the website building less frustrating and more enjoyable. If I talk about the loading time and the performance of pages built in Elementor, then you hardly face any issue.

It will not only speed up your workflow but also compiles the required CSS files into a single file and optimize the delivery.

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#7 Live Editing

This impressive feature can also be seen on other page builders as well but many times other page builders are not able to provide us the live display of the website.

In other page builders, you need to refresh the page to see what changes you have made there and you need to refresh it after making each minor change.

This whole refreshing task is time-consuming.

But you don’t need to face this issue with Elementor, it has rescued you with its super-fast interactive designs that will make your editing process a lot simple and easier.

#8 Amazing Popup Builder

Elementor has recently added a new Popup builder feature for the ease of its users. This feature helps users to set up a popup on their websites without using any code.

It gives you full control over how your Popup Builder looks and works. Also you can set different triggers for your popups and can build multiple popups for different use cases.

This gives you an advanced rule option that can help you define how, how often and where your popups will appear.

You can manage these popups from a single place and the most attractive part is you don’t require a separate plugin for this. Because this builder is a part of the Elementor Pro plan.

#9 Animation and Motion Effects

Apart from widgets and templates, Elementor hosts the animations and special effects that give your website a professional designer touch.

Some of those effects are Animations, Hover Effects, Box Shadows, Shape Dividers, Background Overlays, Gradient Backgrounds, Headline Effects and much more.

All these effects are good enough to make your website look modern and professional. It provides a custom library of animation effect to help you in building creative layouts with Elementor.

#10 Canvas and Other Layouts of Elementor

Many pages don’t require footer, header or sidebar like sales pages or landing pages. For this Elementor provides you page layout templates that you can use to design your webpage.

You can use Elementor Canvas templates which provide you a page without any sidebar, footer or header.

This amazing Elementor feature enables you to design your web page without any problem.

Canvas allows you to edit a completely blank slate template of Elemntor which is perfect for coming soon pages, landing pages and other pages where you want to design the entire page content in Elementor.

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#11 Multi-Lingual Plugin

Just like Divi, Elementor also comes with multi-lingual capabilities. The plugin can be translated into more than fifty languages and this list is increasing day by day.

This prominent plugin is RTL (register-transfer level) ready and supports RTL languages as well to easily make localization for any website.

The most attractive thing about this page builder is that it is also compatible with WPML Plugin which is the most popular WordPress multilingual plugin that lets authors write content in different languages.

#12 Mobile Editing Tools of Elementor

Elementor has a great feature that provides an ease to users that use devices other than laptops and desktop computers.

It offers some of the mobile editing tools which are useful for those who use mobile for their online needs.

In Elementor, there are five responsive tools which can be used to build a professional-looking website in all devices:

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1. Mobile Font Size:

You can fix a different font size for different mobile devices. It also allows you to change the letter spacing and line height for smaller devices.

2. Padding and Margin:

There is a responsive option in Elementor for adding space such as padding and margin to your widgets. You can set a different margin and padding value for widgets in Elementor.

3. Reverse Columns:

This is best for creating a responsive layout, it enables you to change the order of the columns in different screen sizes.

4. Hide and Show Elements

One of the best responsive options of Elementor is hiding an element for certain device size.

5. Responsive Column Width:

Elementor allows you to customize your columns layout among all devices this means that you can set the width for a column in desktop and can change its size for small devices.


Elementor offers you three different pricing plans (Personal, Plus, and Expert) Expert plan is most famous in users but you can choose your plan as per your convenience.

elementor page builder for WordPress


If you have chosen the Elementor page builder for WordPress website of yours, then I must say it is the perfect step you have taken in the progress of your business.

It is one of the highly demandable page builder plugin that gives you an impressive selection to templates, free user-friendly features and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Apart from that Elementor is affordable, reliable, easy to use, comes with animation and motion effects and has a vast user base.

All these factors are something that you cannot neglect when it comes to choosing a page builder.

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