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Top 11 Reasons Why You Should use WordPress for Your Website

Thinking to build a new website? But confused about which platform you should choose. WordPress is the answer to your confusion. Wondering why I am saying WordPress? There are numerous reasons which lead you to consider WordPress for your website.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to the top reason why you should use WordPress for your website and in what ways it is beneficial for your business.

But before starting anything let’s know something more interesting about WordPress.

Do you know every month about 2.8 million times WordPress got Googled and about 18 million websites use WordPress to post new content on a new form?

Amazed? But it is true. When WordPress comes into existence in the year 2003, it was just a simple blogging platform. But now it grew more and become the most popular platform.

As compared to other CMS (Content Management Systems) WordPress always high in demand. Just have a look at this:

CMS Websites Count
WordPress 18 Million
Drupal 772,000
Joomla 2.5 Million
Shopify 282,000
Magento 272,000
Blogger 830,000
Prestashop 263,000

This simple and powerful CMS (Content Management System) has quickly become favorite among both web-novices and web-savvy users.

So if you are thinking to create a website then you should create it in WordPress because it’s affordable, reliable, secure and easy to use content management system.

But before considering WordPress you should know what makes WordPress favorite to every person and why your website needs to be in WordPress.

Top Reasons Why Should You Use WordPress for Your Website

why you should use wordpress for your website

As I have discussed above WordPress is an open-source CMS and is easy to use. But do you know what makes WordPress different from others and why it is quite famous than other CMS?

If you don’t know about it, then let’s have a look at some of the main reasons which make WordPress a most demandable CMS.

1. WordPress is Open Source Software

why you should use wordpress for your website

You all know WordPress is open-source software. But do you know what open source means? It means you are allowed to use and alter the source code in any way so that it can easily fit your business needs.

Not only fulfill your business needs but also gives you full control over your website and gives you the freedom to do anything you like to do with the software.

In other words, you can also say that it allows others to not only study the source code but also can improve it by bug reporting, submitting patches and testing.

2. It is Easy to Afford WordPress

why you should use wordpress for your website

When it comes to finding the top reasons to choose WordPress then this affordable thing always comes first which is a good thing to consider because who doesn’t want the best on pocket-friendly price.

It is good for startups to use WordPress for their business, my reason behind saying startups is because it is free, secure and most importantly it is reliable and it is good for startups to go with a secure and reliable platform which also don’t harm their budge.

It rarely matters if you have a personal blog or commercial website, it is the fact that WordPress doesn’t ask you to pay a single penny.

Even they don’t charge you additionally if your website starts responding positively or starts getting traffic.

There is also an amazing thing about WordPress which you should know, it is an open-source CMS that allows you to improve its source code to customize the look or functionality of your website.

3. User-Friendly

why you should use wordpress for your website

This is the second thing which makes WordPress apart from other content management system. WordPress recognized as a robust website builder whether it is about building a blogging website, blog section of a website or any other business website.

Every website must be user-friendly this means when a visitor visits your site he/she will get navigation through its content.

WordPress did same for you, it provides functionality that is incredibly useful for users which provides you the best user experience.

4. Lower Maintenance Cost

Choosing WordPress for your business is the wise decision you have taken for your business. Because as compared to other CMS like Drupal and Joomla, WordPress incurs lower setup maintenance and customization cost and works amazingly great to your business.

Numerous users are familiar with the WordPress CMS, which requires less staff training at the time of building a website.

Also, it is very easy to find a skilled WordPress developer and designer, if more development or customization is necessary for the future.

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5. WordPress is More Reliable

why you should use wordpress for your website

Reliability is the best answer of the to give when someone ask why you should use WordPress for your website? Reliability is the first thing you will check before choosing a platform for building a website and WordPress is the most reliable platform for your business.

I don’t think any one of you wants to take any chance when it comes to managing a website.

Because there are numerous things which you need to give focus and Reliability always come first in this.

The reliability check of technology is based on the individual count, you need to look at how many individuals are using that technology for their websites.

WordPress is a renowned technology that is considered by almost every person all over the globe.

WordPress is the most reliable CMS than WordPress always stands first, it controls 60% of the CMS market and powers thousands of businesses through its platform.

I will never suggest you choose the platform which is less reliable but works well. Don’t ever go with that because it might be good but if it is not reliable then it might be dangerous for your business site.

6. WordPress Has a Wide Range of Themes and Plugins

why you should use wordpress for your website

It’s great when you will find a variety of options for your site. When you choose WordPress for your business, you will get an array of choices of WordPress themes and plugins for fine-tuning the appearance and functions of your new brand website.

You don’t need to hire a professional developer to add the desired functionality to your WordPress site.

There is a wide variety of themes and plugins available online which gives a nice look to your website as you like.

You can preview themes live and can install them at any time to change the layout and look of your WordPress site

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7. Amazingly Compatible With SEO

why you should use wordpress for your website

The SEO ranking is a necessary part of your online business and also one of the top reasons to use WordPress for business. Because you cannot make the online presence of your website without a good or organic SEO service.

And SEO compatibility with WordPress is another reason which makes WordPress prominent all over the world. It is designed to be SEO friendly since when you download WordPress to enhance this function it improves your domain’s optimization.

By choosing WordPress, your site becomes very ravishing to a search engine and it is because this platform is written with the high standard clean codes which make WordPress search engine friendly.

But still, it contains the ability to produce semantic markups.

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8. It is Easy to Customize a WordPress Site

why you should use wordpress for your website

Websites always need some customization, you cannot run the same website for years. There is always some kind of customization that needs to be done on your website.

This is the reason which makes WordPress stand in a crowd because no one wants to stuck with the cookie-cutter sites. But If you are using WordPress then you’ll never gonna face this kind of issue.

WordPress theme system enforces to implement stunning designs quickly, all you need to do is to purchase a one-time license for a premium theme.

I addition WordPress thrives freelance development community which implies whenever or whatever help you are seeking for WordPress, you will find it with ease without doing extra efforts.

9. WordPress Has Multi-user Capability

why you should use wordpress for your website

WordPress can handle multiple-users if you are not the only person running your website then WordPress makes this simple for you by assigning different roles for different people.

Have a look at some of the roles the plugin, WordPress Codex, provides.

  • Author- he/she has access to publish their posts
  • Admin has full access to website features
  • The administrator can access the administration features
  • The editor can easily publish their posts and can remove or approve the posts of other users
  • A contributor can also write and manage their posts but depend on the administrator to approve them
  • Subscribers or users can view and edit their profile.

10. You Can Customize the Website Design

There is a myth that you can’t customize the design of the WordPress Website. And due to this some people avoid using WordPress because they believe that WordPress sites cannot be customized the way HTML websites do.

But this isn’t true because there are great page building plugins in WordPress that allow you to customize the feel and look of your WordPress website design.

And to do that you don’t need to type any code or edit any theme file. Moreover, if you purchase a pre-designed WordPress theme, you can utilize this plugin to design a custom home page and a unique landing page.

11. WordPress is a Continuously Growing Platform

why you should use wordpress for your website

It might happen many times when you ask your self why should I use WordPress for my business? It is totally okay because anyone can got confused when it comes to business.

But if it is making a site in WordPress then there is no doubt that WordPress is a worth platform to use for making a business website. Confused why I am using word worth?

Because it is a pocket-friendly, reliable, secure, open-source platform and most importantly it is growing day by day.

There are skilled developers hired by WordPress who continuously improve and update the software to make it a more flexible, powerful and secure CMS.

WordPress has been updated over 25 times since the day it was launched. WordPress has been updated over 25 times since the day it was launched. So before spending your money to hire a web designer, you should give WordPress a try and distinguish how powerful it is.

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Final Words

I hope with the above discussion you will get the answer to why you should use WordPress for your website? I have discussed all the reasons which will help you to take your decision.

So that you can start building your site with this excellent platform which is good for beginners and also for those who are thinking to rebuild their site.

It is perfect for your business in any way because it is secure, reliable, highly customizable, SEO-friendly, responsive, affordable. If in case you are looking for a digital publishing platform then I must say you should try WordPress.

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