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13 Proven Tips On How To Make Website User-Friendly

Many website owners make a mistake of not paying attention to the usability of the website. They didn’t even realize the website has evolved much more than just information and text on a page.

It should be user-friendly too. But I am sure most of you didn’t have detailed information about how to make a user-friendly website?

Soon you will get to know, just read this blog post.

In these days users expectations got increased and they want websites to deliver quality, intuitive navigation, proper use of taglines and should be user-friendly so that they can easily access.

But when your website fails to provide users such experience, they start exploring your competitive site for a better experience. A user-friendly site is about providing the user with a pleasant experience when the web pages are scanned for the information.

If you want your website to succeed, it should not only look fabulous but also provides a seamless user experience for your visitors.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to the accessibility and usability of the website. I have gathered a list of proven tips for increasing the user experience by creating an intuitive and user-friendly website.

But first, you should know what is the user-friendly website and why it is essential to have a user-friendly website.

What is a User-Friendly Website?

The word user-friendly website means the site which the user can easily operate and use. If you have spent thousand of rupees only building a nice-looking website, it is worthless until it is user-friendly.

Because if your website is not liked by the users it might face a great loss in ranking and traffic.

That is the reason making a people-friendly website should be your primary goal so that you can provide your visitors with a fulfilling and pleasant experience.

There are many common attributes which you need to give focus while making your website user-friendly:


A good user interface should be properly organized because it provides ease to locate different tools and options.


There is no need to make a complex user interface, it should be straightforward, giving quick access to common commands and features.


Your website cannot be considered user-friendly if it is not reliable. A user-friendly website needs to be reliable and does not malfunction or crash.

Why It is Important to Have a User-Friendly Website

Having a strong internet presence is essential but it cannot be possible without your website rankings. If you want people to use your website, you need to make it easy to use for every user.

The more your website is user-friendly the more you can attract customers towards your website. A user-friendly site ensures that each user’s experience is pleasant, easy, and effortless.

Building a site that considered involves a combination of things like SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, readability, and load time. All these factors help users to efficiently and quickly navigate the website to find what they are looking for.

How to Make a User-Friendly Website

#1 Focus on User’s Requirements

The very first step you need to take is to focus on the requirements of your user. You can ask your regular visitors what they would like to see on your website.

You can get direct input from your target audience, it will enable you to discover missing elements in your website that you might not see on your own.

Users always know what they don’t like about your website, take user’s comments as feedback of your website and turn them into positives by improving any features your visitors dislike.

This will increase user’s interest and shows your concern towards them which will give a positive impact on your website.

#2 Easy Navigation

When a visitor comes on your website, they always look to the navigation bar to orient themselves with the page. The navigation bar is important because it follows the website visitor throughout their journey on your website.

A good navigation menu needs to be straightforward to use, with concise links. Navigation needs to be divided into clear categories and with the most essential links on your main menu.

For providing more ease to the user, you can add search option in your website so that users can easily search all the content available on your website.

If your site has many pages, you need to use second level or third level dropdown menus, also you need to use accurate navigation titles to get better results.

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#3 Provide Detailed Information

When a website visitor lands on your page, they seek detailed information so that they can make an informed decision about your services or products.

The more in-depth and accessible you can provide information, the more you will be able to build trust in customers. You need to provide information on what you are offering.

If you have an eCommerce website, then you have to provide every detail of your products. You need to be clear about every product detail which you are providing on your site.

Also, be clear about all the terms and conditions which the user needs to follow. The more detailed information you will provide the more users will attract on your site.

#4 Mobile-Friendly/Responsive

how to make a user-friendly websiteIn this rapidly changing digital world, you might have observed most of the population use their mobile devices for daily browsing.

About 80% of the internet users have smartphones and they are spending most of the time accessing the internet via their smartphones.

This increasing usability of mobiles uplift the level of the website building process. Now your website should have responsive layouts so that users can easily operate your site from their mobile devices.

It is necessary that mobile users can see things without having to zoom in every few seconds and easily navigate throughout the website.

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#5 Use Live Chat

It would be great if you have provided a chat feature on your website, it provides an ease to your potential client to have a live chat for their queries.

Users may have several questions regarding your services and products and many of them do not want to call. But you can engage them to talk to you through a live chat.

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#6 Quality of Content

Content is a very important part of your website because it represents the services of your business and provides a clear picture to users what your business is all about.

You need to use simple and concise language in your content and include headings, subheadings, bullets, and different formation techniques to make it easy for readers.

How you are writing content matters as much as what you are writing. If your content is poorly presented and fails to retain visitors on your website then it will be a challenge.

Here are some basic tips which help you to create quality content on your website:

  • You need to avoid dense and huge chunks of text.
  • There should be proper numbering on your content
  • Highlight the important parts of the text with italics or bold font.
  • Splits your text into many smaller parts
  • Insert images and videos
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#7 Loading Time

Your website speed plays a very crucial role when it comes to making a user-friendly website.

You will be surprised to hear that your website needs to be load not more than four to six seconds. It has been observed that the slow loading speed of the website is the main cause of throwing your customers away.

Thus it is very important to test your website loading time, slow site speed means less users and this might be harmful to your business.

There are various ways to speed up your website, some typical recommendation includes compression of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and usage of small images. This will help you to speed up your website and increase your customer count.

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#8 Contact Information

Providing contact information on your website is an awesome way to please your visitors. It creates confidence and provides peace of mind to your users because they know that there is a genuine company behind a business website.

Easy contact mechanisms such as customer service numbers, email and contact forms are the most convenient way you can provide to your users so that they can approach you easily on time.

Now your potential customers can easily find more about your services and products and can reach you at the simple click of a button or phone call.

#9 Call to Action

Most of the time you might have observed when users visit your website thoroughly, he/she didn’t understand what they have to do it.

They stuck with some questions and queries about your website which needs to be clear. To provide them ease you need to add call to action on every page of your website so that they can easily approach you regarding their queries.

This action will help to improve a sense of security among users which is a positive sign for your business and helps you to increase more traffic.

#10 About Us Page

You have to build a good about us page where users can get all relevant information about your services, brand, and company. If your about us page is nicely constructed, you can get a higher response to your call to action on your website.

Every user always judges through your about us page, they will give their complete focus on the information that you have provided on this page and if you fail to convince them for choosing you they will quickly leave your site.

#11 Brand Colors, Logo & Layout

Logo and the color of your website matters a lot when you are building a website. The logo of your website attracts users, so it should look perfect.

Also, you need to make sure that your brand must appear on the top of your website home page so that it can attract visitors. Make sure that the colors you are using on all pages of your website match your brand color.

Use easy layouts on your website so that you can easily display images and text on your website. You also need to make sure that the content placed on the screen is done properly so that it guides the user’s eye across images and text.

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#12 Internal Linking

Internal linking is important for any website because it helps you to establish website architecture. In simple words, you can say internal links are hyperlinks that go from one page to another page on the same domain.

It help the user to find relevant content or information for a perticular topic that they’re searching in your website or blog.

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#13 Eliminate Basic Technical Errors

A minor technical errors can become a big reason to ruin your website experience. So itis important to give focus on those technical SEO issues.

When it comes to eliminating basic technical SEO errors, you need to check regular updates of your website or server. So that you can immediately control which have a direct impact on your website pages, indexation, crawlability and search rankings.

There are some common and basic SEO errors which you need to give focus:

  • No HTTPS Security
  • Slow Page Speed
  • Broken Links
  • Not Found (404)
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Final Words

Everyone wants to increase his/her online business but it is not possible without the user’s support. Users have the power to increase or decrease the online presence of your website.

So it essential to pay attention to user’s needs and building a user-friendly website is the best way to do that. That is the reason I am here with this blog post “how to make a website user-friendly?”

In today’s post, I have discussed some essential tips which will help you to build a user-friendly website for your business.

The faster and easier people can find the necessary information, the higher are the chances that they stay interact with it.

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