how to embed instagram video on wordpress

How To Embed Instagram Videos, Photos And Posts On WordPress Site

How to embed Instagram photos on WordPress site? Why do you need to embed it on your WordPress? These questions might hit your mind again and again. But have you tried to get the answer to these questions or explore this?

If not then it is high time to explore it. Because the popularity of Instagram has been growing rapidly since it first debuted in 2010. It is the second most downloaded free app on AppStore, now you can guess the popularity of this social platform.

Instagram works amazingly if you embed Instagram videos and photos on your WordPress website because it can create a seamless experience between Instagram and your WordPress website.

Embedding Instagram photos and videos on your WordPress website is an easy way to enhance a viewer's experience by adding relative supplemental content.

Instagram is inspiring millions of users to learn and do amazing videography and photography so that they can promote themselves on the web. Its embedding process on the web opens up more dimensions for users to get more followers.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you how you can easily embed Instagram videos, images and posts on the WordPress website and what are benefits you will get with this embedment.

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Why Do You Need to Embed Instagram Videos and Photos on WordPress?

1. Increase Your Social Engagement

You can strengthen engagement between you and your Instagram followers. With the increased number of Instagram followers by displaying your Instagram content directly on your website.

2. Display Your Content As Per Your Convenience

You can customize your Instagram feeds to look exactly the way you want to see, so that you can blend seamlessly into your website or pop out at your visitors.

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3. Time-Saving

If you don't have time to update photos on your website, you can save your time by only posting your images to Instagram and they are automatically displaying them on your WordPress website.

4. Keep Your Website Alluring

When you embed Instagram with WordPress website, you automatically push your Instagram content straight to your website. It keeps your website fresh looking and also keeps your audience engaged.

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How to Embed Instagram Video and Image on WordPress Site

Embedding Instagram videos and photos on your WordPress website is an easy way to enhance the viewer's experience by adding relative content.

You can also choose to embed your own Instagram content as well as content from Instagram profiles. You can easily embed Instagram images and videos on the WordPress website without using the plugin so let's have a look at how?

1st Step: – Login to your Instagram account.

2nd Step: – Choose the photo or video which you want to show on your website page or blog post.

3rd Step: – Open the chosen photo or video on the next tab of your web browser.

how to embed instagram photo on wordpress4th Step: – Now copy the URL of the Instagram video or photo.

5th Step: – Login your WordPress dashboard.

6th Step: – Now paste the copied URL in your WordPress website page or post.

how to embed instagram photo on wordpress7th Step: – Just click on update and save changes.

how to embed instagram photo on wordpressFinal Words

Instagram is another most favorite and most used social media platform that not only serves as a place for sharing personal experiences via videos, photos, and stories but also a very useful tool to promote your business.

In this blog post, I have discussed how to embed Instagram videos and photos on WordPress. By embedding videos and photos on your WordPress website, you can showcase your services and products in most attractive ways that help you to build credibility, increase your companies brand and gain more Instagram followers.

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How To Embed Instagram Video And Photo On WordPress Website are great! also, i use this to be 1 in youtube: : ) you can too

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