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How to Easily Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Site

Do you know how to embed YouTube video in WordPress? If not, then after reading this post you’ll get to know how easily you can embed YouTube videos on your WordPress website.

Using YouTube videos on websites is the best way to increase user engagement. It is one of the most popular video-sharing platform that allow users to upload informative videos for viewing.

YouTube has more than billions of users which means almost one-third of people on the internet use this platform to make videos. And every day it generate billions of views.

Visitors are much more apt to engage with videos than static text. No matter you want to embed other people’s videos or just want to integrate your YouTube channel into your WordPress website.

In both ways you need to know how to you can embed YouTube videos on your WordPress website. And being an experienced WordPress developer I will help you in this whole embedding process.

This guide will help you to know why you should embed YouTube videos on your website and the three unique ways which will help you to integrate videos YouTube videos into your WordPress website.

Why It Is Essential To Add YouTube Videos On WordPress

Embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress website can do wonders to your website by keeping your visitors engaged and will increase their time on page.

Whether you are embedding other person’s YouTube videos on your site or providing some kind of services via those videos, it will do a superb job to increase the revenue of your website.

But the best thing you can do is to get involved in creating your own YouTube videos and embed it on your website for more user attraction.

The content of the video is very effective at catching people’s attention, driving conversion and even encouraging social shares.

Instead of running your YouTube channel separately, you can use videos on your website to improve its visibility.

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How To Embed YouTube Video In WordPress

how to embed youtube video in wordpress

Placing a single YouTube video on your website is quite easy. All you need to do is navigate to a post or page and click on Add Media.

After this, you need to select the insert from the URL button and then just paste it in the URL for the video. Now you need to save changes and it will be embedded in your content.

Now people can watch the video on your sites page or can click the YouTube button to visit its original location. This works with any video, not just the one you have created.

There are three more interesting ways to embed YouTube videos to WordPress so let explore all those three methods.

#1 Use YouTube Widget For More Flexibility

The above-mentioned process allows you to embed a standard YouTube video in a text widget. But what if you want to customize its features and appearance.

Well, you can do it with the FREE YouTube widget responsive plugin. It allows you to embed videos in widgets with many added flexibility.

When you install this plugin, it will add some new, rather complex widget to your WordPress website. You just need to simply visit Appearance>Widgets in your dashboard and look for YouTube widget responsive.

Just drag the widget wherever you want to place it, then enter a title URL for your video and make a click on save. Now you can select the various tabs to customize additional settings.

You can use this feature to embed the entire YouTube playlist on your website. You just need to paste the URL for a video within your playlist then save and customize the widget as normal.

#2 Add YouTube Channel to Your WordPress Website

Just simply embedding a few videos on your website may not be satisfactory for you, just think if you can feature your whole YouTube channel on your website.

This the best way to encourage your visitors to check you out on YouTube. You can easily do this by using your channel plugin.

Just installed the plugin and you will see a new tab under Setting>YourChannel.

You just need to create and enter a YouTube API key, then connect the plugin to your channel by entering your channel ID or username.

The rest of the settings on this page will enable you to configure some extra options, such as how many videos to display.

You just need to select that video and save it when you are done and you will be given a shortcode. Now you need to place this shortcode wherever you want to display the channel.

#3 Build a Gallery for YouTube Videos

how to embed youtube video in wordpress

Creating a gallery for your YouTube is another way to amend YouTube videos on your WordPress website. Building a video gallery on your site is an attractive addition to your website and it can be possible with video gallery plugin.

This plugin will add a new tab to your website dashboard-Gallery video. You can choose a new Gallery video to add videos to your WordPress website.

After that you need to add a title for your gallery, then need to pick a layout for it. After that, you need to add a title for your first entry select the add video button and normally enter the URL of the video.

Then make a click on save video, and it will easily appear in a list at the bottom of the page. You can continuously add videos and drag them up and down to record them.

Make a click on the Save button which is located on the top of the page, then paste the given shortcode into any page or post.

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I hope after reading this post you will get a satisfactory answer to your question. I have not just answered the how to embed YouTube video in WordPress but also discussed how videos will increase the revenue of your website.

And how these videos will help to increase customer engagement on your website. In today’s world just adding text content on your website is the oldest way and might not help you to increase customer engagement on your website.

If you are finding a creative way to get noticed on the web, then adding YouTube videos on your site is the greatest option that provides countless benefits to your business website or blog.

It will engage your visitors, quickly deliver your message, strengthen your bond with your visitors, drive traffic on your website, increase your reach, stand out from your competition, etc.

Pick any of the themes in this set and start giving shape to your business dreams in the form of a website.

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