New WordPress Theme Twenty Twenty All You Need To Know About It

New WordPress Theme Twenty Twenty – All You Need To Know About It

As you know WordPress has just launched its new version (WordPress 5.3 KIRK) on 12th November 2019. With this new release of WordPress, you’ll find new and refine features of WordPress.

And Twenty Twenty is one of them, it is a new default WordPress theme which is designed with the flexibility at its core.

If you want to use WordPress theme Twenty Twenty for a business or an organization, you can combine columns, media and groups with wide and full alignments to create dynamic layouts to showcase your products and services.

There is much more to explore in WordPress theme Twenty Twenty so let’s explore what is WordPress Twenty Twenty and what it is providing to their users.

What is WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme?

wordpress theme twenty twenty
Twenty Twenty theme has been built upon Chaplin which is a FREE WordPress theme build by Anders Noren. It is also a default theme design lead of WordPress 5.3 KIRK.

Chaplin is a feature-packed WordPress theme Which gives you complete control over the colors and fonts on your website.

It is built from the ground-up with the new Block Editor in mind and makes it easy to create good looking layouts on both pages and posts.

The same thing goes with Twenty Twenty theme, readability, flexibility, and clarity are the focus keywords for this new theme.

Twenty Twenty comes with three post/page templates and a single column layout aiming to give WordPress designers and admins the complete freedom to create their custom layouts.

This can be created directly in the block editor by taking advantage of wide and full alignments for block elements like images, columns and the group block introduced with Gutenberg 5.5.

Twenty Twenty theme essentially relies on the Block Editor for editing and content layout and on the theme customizer for the footer, header and other additional customizations.

Beta Features Overview of WordPress Theme Twenty Twenty

#1 Page Loading Speed

wordpress theme twenty twenty
The page loading speed of the website is the crucial part and you need to keep an eye on. If I talk about Twenty Twenty, then it currently ships a 100 Kb stylesheet on top of the block editor’s 40 kb CSS file.

This number doesn’t include the font and JavaScript files which also loaded for the page. This is a far cry from the behemoth 223 kb stylesheet included in Twenty Nineteen.

But it’s still concerning because more development time means that more code is added to get added as tweaks are made and bugs are fixed.

The block editor has numerous elements to style with no unified design framework for theme authors to take advantage of.

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#2 Twenty Twenty has Customizer Option

wordpress theme twenty twenty

You can make a few changes in Twenty Twenty theme such as:

  • You can customize the background color header and footer.
  • You’ll have a retina logo option that can scale the logo image to half its size to make it sharper on hi-res screens.
  • There is also hide and show option in a search icon in the header.
  • You can choose between showing the full post text or summary on archive pages.
  • You’ll get support for the core custom background feature.

#3 You’ll Find Flexibility in Twenty Twenty

wordpress theme twenty twenty
Flexibility is the most amazing feature in Twenty Twenty. For bloggers, you will that the content column is already set up.

No matter you are an agency, organization or having your own business, here you will find lots of options to customize your website.

Which includes groups, columns, media with preferred alignment to create dynamic layouts.

#4 Block Editor Support

wordpress theme twenty twenty
There is one thing that surely stands apart in Twenty Twenty is that the theme will support Gutenberg block editor. The theme comes with the block features with which you can build real sites.

Twenty Twenty is developed and designed to take maximum advantage of creative freedom enabled by block editor.

Extra attention has been given ton the group blocks and columns, which can be merged into impressive landing pages with intricate blocks layouts.

This theme also includes full editor styles for the block editor, so what you see in this editor will exactly match the end results.

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#5 Readability

wordpress theme twenty twenty
If you don’t want to use the same front again and again then you this is the theme for you. Because it is very this is the first default theme of WordPress that will pave you the way to use variable fonts.

Twenty Twenty will be using the x-tall height that will improve the readability of all fonts for the headings making them more discernible.

Final Words

The Twenty Twenty theme has made its own place and stands out in the long line of WordPress default themes because of its compatibility and enhancement for Gutenberg block editor.

With the release of WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme, the Gutenberg block editing experience will be more fun and interesting to use.

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