Seattle Web Development Trends and Opportunities

Seattle Web Development Trends and Opportunities

Seattle, The Emerald City is known for Starbucks and its coffee culture across the USA. Travelers can indulge in its grunge music scene (the Seattle Sound) and can see strolling Seahawks. The Space Needle in the city seems to have been sewing the clouds for decades. Pike Place Market is home to hundreds of artisan craftspeople selling for daily needs from homemade accessories to fried fish. The lovely flower pots are also being sold across the market for 10$ per piece. This beautiful city is known for its best deals. The tech industry is thriving inside the city boundaries. From Amazon to Microsoft most of the big tech giants have their headquarters in Seattle. It has been surging in the tech sector especially in the web development niche since last decade. Seattle is the hometown of one of the world’s tech giants Amazon. Its services including e-commerce, AWS, Amazon Prime, Alexa, logistics, devices, and others helped the city lead the USA in brain gain. In the 5 years (from 2016 to 2020) the region added more than 48,000 tech jobs. Number of jobs in this area is growing 35% faster than in other areas across the nation.

Current Scenario of Tech Industry in Seattle

Currently, Seattle is serving as the fastest-growing US market and hub for young tech talent. For recent tech grads, Seattle has become a popular choice in the last 5 years. Currently, the city provides jobs to around 300 thousand tech workers leaving it only behind San Francisco which has around 350 thousand tech workers. Almost 30% of the Seattle-area economy is driven by Tech Industry.

Most likely the reason behind this trend in Seattle is a variety of early career options being offered by the local companies. Also, Seattle is a vibrant urban center that pulls youngsters and lures them with a high quality of life. However, experienced tech professionals are less likely to change their jobs and move to Seattle-like cities instead of moving toward the lower-cost Sun Belt area in Texas or Florida-like states. This might be the reason why Austin (in Texas) is still at the top in attracting experienced tech geeks from different areas of the country. Though Seattle can be the second choice for mid-to-late career cohorts, for young professionals, it is at the top of their minds, that’s why the future belongs to Seattle.

Impacts of Recent AI Developments on Seattle’s Tech Industry

AI has impacted the whole tech industry across the world. In Seattle, its impact is also visible, that’s why officials of the city have recently released a generative AI policy to set new limitations for city tech workers. Now, this policy governs the use of generative AI tools and sets standards and limitations on use. The policy covers various areas of generative AI that impact privacy, security, content use, and other aspects of the new tech trends.

The policy lays out rules for using AI according to the needs of the city and the direction of the tech trends. For instance, according to the new rules, every output of generative AI must go through human review before its use in the areas of city capacity. Additionally, it is mandatory to attribute to a generative AI system for images or videos it has generated. The policy also prefers the use of a Racial Equity Tool before generating any content with a generative AI to reduce biased and harmful content.

Web Developers in Seattle Washington

Among tech enthusiasts, web developers are in high demand. They work for small tech startups to big tech giants such as    Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Additionally, some of the experienced web developers offer freelancing services. Most of the Seattle web developers are proficient in multiple programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, Swift, and more. They are known for their attention to detail and creative thinking. For young learners, several camps and universities have been opened that help them learn the required skills.

All three major types of developers i.e. Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack developers, are available to hire in Seattle. Front-end developers deal in web development tasks that require programs like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In other words, they are on the part of a website, app, or other online platform that is visible directly to users and they interact with. Back-end developers, on the other hand, back-end developers work on the structure of the website or online platform. They do coding and make corrections to it. They are responsible for the seamless functioning of the website.

The programming languages, back-end developers work with include PHP, Java, MySQL, Python, Golang, and more. After that, one who deals in both front-end and back-end is known as a full-stack developer. They have abilities to work on complex websites and you don’t have to hire anyone else to design or redesign your website. Most of the Seattle web developers are proficient in both and work as full-stack developers they usually deal with cutting-edge technology.

Demand in Seattle for Web Developers

We have mentioned above along with citations of reputed new portals that the tech industry in Seattle is thriving and growing at the fastest pace possible. The city is likely to be the next biggest startup hub in the country as young techies prefer to work here. For that reason, job creation is soon to be at its peak. So, Seattle is a promising destination for all tech enthusiasts. There is a shortage of experienced techies in the country and Seattle is not an exception for it, so professionals have an Amazing opportunity to grab.

Demand is high for those folks who have knowledge of certain programming languages, especially for those who are proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a few other back-end languages. Professionals who are proficient in any of the above skills are welcomed by Seattle’s tech industry and they can start job searching, results would be amazingly positive.

Seattle Web Developers’ Earnings

According to, a full-stack developer in Seattle earns an average of $100,925. The salary range falls between $87,644 and $115,929. However, several factors impact the range, such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years the applicant has spent in their profession. The expected salary for front-end and back-end developers is also around the same range. On average, a Front-end developer earns $131,552 and the salary range typically falls between $117,978 and $143,534. This range can vary widely depending on factors mentioned earlier. Lastly, a back-end developer earns somewhere between $90,000 and $220,000, and they earn on average $160,000.

Outsource web development in Seattle


In conclusion, Seattle, the city known for its coffee and iconic landmarks, is likely to become the next tech hub and attract new tech professionals, especially youngsters. If you are looking to start your career as a web developer in Seattle and looking for development training or you are a business owner looking for online or outsourced web development services in Seattle, we recommend you to contact professional web developers at Gsquare Web Technologies.

Our experts are always available to assist you and resolve your web-development-related queries. We are also open to Settle-based agencies who are looking for a trusted outsourcing partner. We hope this article guided you well and resolved some of your queries. Thanks for reading, we appreciate your time.

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