Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startup Success in 2024 & Beyond

Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startup Success in 2024 & Beyond

In 2022, the amount of money people spent on apps per user dropped a bit but then went back up to its highest point, reaching $5 per user in the middle of 2023. A report by Statista says that in 2026, users will probably download 143 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store, which is about 30% more than the 111 billion apps downloaded in 2021. The report also says that the Apple App Store will see about a 15% increase, with 38 billion app downloads.

According to Grand View Research, the global mobile app market was worth nearly $230 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow by about 14.3% each year from 2024 to 2030.

These big numbers are because mobile technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Metaverse, IoT, and AR/VR are getting better. As technology improves, the mobile app market keeps growing, and entrepreneurs are making apps to reach more customers, manage their businesses better, and market more effectively.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to come up with great ideas for businesses that use mobile technology to make money faster and bring in more revenue. You can use these trends to build a mobile app and stay competitive in the market.

Mobile App Ideas for Startup Success in 2024

  1. Grocery Delivery App

The grocery delivery business is booming, with the global market expected to reach a whopping $786.8 billion by the end of 2024. It’s projected to grow even more in the coming years, hitting $1271 billion by 2028. Among all sectors, retail delivery stands out as the largest, with a projected market volume of nearly $266 billion. You can create your own grocery delivery app to meet the needs of busy city dwellers. Look at popular apps like Instacart, Blinkit, Walmart, InstaShop, and Shipt for inspiration on features and functions to make your app stand out. Just remember to research the costs of developing such an app and plan accordingly before diving in.

  1. Travel Planner App

The travel and tourism industry is booming, with an estimated worth of $2.3 trillion in 2024. As the global economy stabilizes, more people will be eager to explore popular tourist destinations worldwide, according to IBIS World. Statista predicts an annual growth rate of 3.47%, reaching a market value of $1063 billion by 2028. Travelers today want a one-stop solution for all their trip needs, including booking flights, hotels, tours, restaurants, and travel insurance. Developing a travel planner app opens up vast opportunities in this industry. You can create customized features to offer users a comprehensive solution for planning their trips, booking accommodations, transportation, and exploring their dream destinations.

  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Finder App

More and more people are switching to electric vehicles as part of a push towards sustainable energy. With this increase in electric vehicle usage comes the need for more charging stations. But finding these stations can be a hassle. That’s where an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging location finding app comes in handy. Developing such an app can give EV charging station owners a competitive edge and help them capture a larger market share. With the sales and revenue of EV charging stations expected to grow at a rate of 30.94% from 2023 to 2031, creating an EV charging location finding app is a smart move to boost revenue. If you’re interested, follow our guide to learn how to build the best EV charging location finding app.

  1. Voice Translation App

A voice translation app is like a superhero for travelers in foreign countries where they don’t speak the language. It helps them understand what people are saying by translating it into their own language. This app uses smart technology to recognize speech and can learn new phrases over time. This not only makes communication easier but also helps prevent scams. The market for these apps is expected to grow to $576 million by 2026.

  1. AI-based Weather Forecast App

An AI-based weather forecast app is like having a super-smart weather expert in your pocket. It’s expected that by 2024, the market for these apps will be worth $3.3 billion. Weather prediction is important for many activities like farming, fishing, and travel planning. AI technology makes these forecasts more accurate. For example, DeepMind, a company, used AI to predict rain in the UK with 89% accuracy. As AI keeps improving, these apps will become even more precise. If you want to tap into this growing market, consider hiring AI developers to create your own weather app.

  1. Video Editing App

A video editing app is like having your own movie studio right on your phone. With the rise of social media, everyone wants their videos to look amazing, but not everyone is a pro. That’s where these apps come in. They offer features like filters and tools to make your videos stand out. Plus, they make it easy to share your creations directly to social media. As more people get into video editing, the market for these apps is expected to grow to $1969.3 million by 2028. It’s all about turning raw footage into something truly professional.

  1. Dating App

A dating app is a popular idea for a mobile app because it’s been really successful for a lot of people. According to Forbes Magazine, about 70% of people who use these apps end up in a serious relationship. These apps help users meet new people and form connections, which can make their social and personal lives better. That’s why more and more people are turning to dating apps to find love and companionship. If you’re thinking about starting a business, developing a dating app for both Android and iOS could be a great idea. You’d be able to reach millions of users worldwide and help them find meaningful relationships.

  1. E-learning App

An online learning app is becoming very popular. Experts predict that by 2026, the global market for eLearning could reach almost $37 billion. The growth rate of this market is expected to be about 9% each year. By 2025, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) alone could be worth over $21 billion. Systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) will play a big role, making up around 30% of the market.

Education is becoming more global. Many schools worldwide are using American and British teaching methods. Students everywhere are also embracing remote learning and online courses. This creates a huge opportunity for businesses.

E-learning apps have been changing education for a while now. By following this trend, you can create your own app tailored to local needs and school systems. This way, your product can reach more people.

  1. Healthcare App

Healthcare apps have become really important, especially since the pandemic. People are more focused on their health now. Also, because of smartphones, people expect more from healthcare services. Things like booking appointments on your phone, talking to doctors online, getting medicine delivered, seeing your lab results on your phone, and getting health advice through apps are now basic things people want. Healthcare is becoming more centered around patients because of these apps. Experts think that the healthcare app market will grow by about 20% each year from 2023 to 2028.

  1. Music Streaming Apps

Music streaming are really popular these days. Did you know that almost 90% of the money made in the music industry comes from streaming? Forbes says these apps make over $17 billion every year! People spend about 20 hours a week listening to music on streaming apps. This means that music streaming apps are a great business idea because they keep growing. Look at Spotify, for example, it’s the biggest music streaming app and owns more than 30% of the market!

  1. Fuel Delivery App:

Imagine not having to go to a gas station to get fuel. With a fuel delivery app, you can order fuel right to where you are. Just pick the nearest gas station on the app, choose how much fuel you need, and it’ll be delivered to you. Creating this app means making it easy for users, using their location to find the closest gas station, and letting them pay securely. As more people want things on-demand, making a fuel delivery app could be a great business idea.

  1. Pet Sitting App:

Pets are really important to many people. The number of pets people adopt has been going up a lot recently. That’s why making a mobile app for pet sitting is a good idea. According to Arizton Advisory and Intelligence, the global pet care market was worth almost $300 billion in 2022 and it’s expected to reach $400 billion by 2028! This market includes things like pet accessories, food, insurance, services, and more. You can put all these services into one app so pet owners can take care of everything for their pets in one place.

  1. Parking Space Finder App

A parking space finder app is like a helper for finding places to park your car. When you’re in a new place or where it’s very crowded, it can be hard to find somewhere to park. This app makes it easier. It works with people who have parking spaces to rent out. You can rent a space for a few hours or days. Also, it helps you find both free and paid parking spots in the area you’re in, and you can book them if they’re available. The app makes money by taking a little bit of money from each booking. The people who made the app expect it to become even more popular in the future, which means they could make a lot of money from it. If you’re thinking about making an app like this, it’s important to know how much it might cost.

  1. Audio Book apps

Some people don’t have enough time to read books, or it’s not easy to carry them around. Audio book apps are a solution. Instead of reading, you can listen to books while you’re doing other things, like driving or exercising. You can pay for the app monthly or yearly, and then you can listen to as many books as you want. Some of these apps also offer podcasts by famous people.

  1. Social Networking App

Social networking apps aren’t just about big ones like Instagram or Facebook. There are also smaller ones for specific groups of people. For example, there are apps for gardeners, bird watchers, or movie enthusiasts. These apps help people who share the same interests connect and learn from each other. They’re becoming more popular, with a lot of people expected to start using them in the next few years. So if you have a good idea for a social networking app, it could be a great opportunity to make something successful.

  1. Food Delivery App Idea

In the last few years, ordering food online has become really popular. There are apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Just Eat that make it easy to order food from restaurants and have it delivered to your door. Especially during the pandemic, these apps became even more important. The food delivery market is expected to grow a lot, reaching $320 billion by 2029. So, creating a food delivery app could be a good idea to make money, even though it’s a competitive market. With technology helping delivery drivers find the best routes and keeping costs down, it’s a good time to jump into the food delivery business.

  1. Virtual Shopping App

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming really popular, and one cool idea is a virtual shopping app. This kind of app lets you shop in a virtual store using VR technology. It’s not only unique but also fun for users. The global market for virtual shopping apps is growing fast, expected to reach $4575.9 million by 2030. These apps offer 3D models and immersive experiences, letting you “visit” stores and try on virtual items. They can be used in many industries, like real estate or eCommerce. If you’re looking for a new business idea, virtual shopping apps could be a great opportunity, especially with the rise of the metaverse.

  1. Grammar App

Lots of people use tools like Grammarly to check their writing for mistakes. It’s really popular, making millions of dollars in revenue. With so much content being created online every day, there’s a big need for tools that check grammar, spelling, and even plagiarism. You can create your own grammar app and make money from it, helping people improve their writing. It’s a growing market, and there’s a lot of potential to succeed if you offer a good product.

  1. Motivational App

Life can be tough sometimes, and many people struggle with feeling down or stressed. But there’s good news: motivational apps can help! These apps offer inspiring messages and speeches to lift your spirits and keep you motivated. In the US, the motivational speaking industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s growing. Studies show that when people feel motivated, they’re more productive at work. That’s why many companies are investing in motivational programs for their employees. Creating a motivational app with speeches from popular speakers could be a great idea for a mobile app. It’s a unique and trending idea that could really make a difference in people’s lives.

  1. Snow Removal App

Winter can be tough, especially in places where it snows a lot. That’s why snow removal apps are becoming more popular. These apps help people find someone to shovel snow from their driveway or sidewalk, or they can help people find jobs shoveling snow. They’re especially useful in places like North America, Europe, Russia, and Canada where heavy snowfall is common. You can customize the app to fit the needs of your region, making it easy for people to find help when they need it most.

  1. Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are becoming more and more popular, and so are apps that let you manage your cryptocurrency. These apps make it easy to buy, sell, and store digital currency securely. As more companies start accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the market for cryptocurrency apps is growing. In fact, it’s expected to reach billions of dollars in revenue by 2028. If you’re interested in technology and finance, creating a cryptocurrency wallet app could be a great business opportunity.

  1. Health Insurance App

Healthcare costs can be expensive, but health insurance apps can help people find the coverage they need at a price they can afford. These apps let you compare insurance prices, file claims online, and pay premiums safely. With more people becoming aware of the importance of health insurance, the market for health insurance apps is growing fast. In fact, it’s expected to reach billions of dollars in revenue by 2030. If you’re passionate about helping people access affordable healthcare, creating a health insurance app could be a rewarding business venture.

  1. Food Donation App

Food waste is a big problem, but food donation apps are helping to solve it. These apps connect people and organizations with excess food to those who need it most. With communities coming together to fight food waste, the market for food donation apps is growing. In fact, it’s expected to reach billions of dollars in revenue by 2030. If you want to make a positive impact on the world while also building a successful business, creating a food donation app could be the perfect opportunity.

  1. Charity Donation App

A Charity Donation App helps people give money to organizations helping others. These charities are growing fast, and by 2028, they’re expected to grow even more. When these charities use a mobile app, it becomes easier for people to donate. The app also spreads awareness about the charity’s work, encouraging more people to contribute. With the app, there’s no need to carry cash or checks, and people can set up regular donations, which helps charities raise more money.

  1. Gift Delivery App

A Gift Delivery App lets you send presents for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, even if you can’t be there in person. Sometimes, distance makes it hard to send gifts on time. People often rely on online shopping, but it doesn’t feel the same as giving a gift in person. That’s where gift delivery apps come in handy. These apps help you buy gifts from local stores and have them delivered to your loved ones, no matter where they are.

  1. Medicine Delivery App

A Medicine Delivery App makes it easy to order different types of medicines, from traditional to herbal, all in one place. By partnering with local stores, these apps ensure fast delivery, sometimes even on the same day. This convenience makes it easier for people to get the medicines they need quickly.

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness App

In today’s busy world, people often feel stressed and overwhelmed. A Meditation and Mindfulness App offers mental exercises to help people stay calm and focused. Users can choose how long they want to meditate and track their progress. The app also gives tips to help people incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

  1. Real Estate App

A Real Estate App helps both property owners and buyers connect more easily. Property owners can list their properties, add photos and videos, and schedule appointments with potential buyers. This simplifies the process of finding and selling properties. The real estate market is growing, and by 2028, the market for real estate apps is expected to reach $5.95 billion. These apps make it easier for businesses to reach their target audience and improve property searches.

  1. Virtual Party Planning App

Planning and hosting lavish parties can be time-consuming and exhausting. But with a Virtual Party Planning App, all the hassle can be eliminated. These apps allow users to plan and host parties virtually, whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or baby showers. Users can easily set themes, access party resources, and invite guests, all with just a few taps on their smartphones.

  1. New Language Learning App

Learning a new language has become a popular skill to acquire, and a New Language Learning App can be a hit among users. These apps start with basic language concepts and gradually progress to teach full conversations. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by developing engaging language learning apps that entice users to learn and provide valuable resources for language acquisition.

  1. Laundry App Development

In today’s fast-paced urban life, laundry service apps offer convenience to busy individuals. These apps save time by providing quality laundry services delivered right to customers’ doorsteps. With the online laundry industry expected to grow significantly, entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity to tap into this market. By customizing laundry app development with features like scheduled pickups, drop-offs, and price comparisons, businesses can stand out and maximize profits.

  1. AR and VR in Travel

The travel industry is on the verge of a technological revolution with the integration of AR and VR technologies. AR helps users visualize destinations by overlaying virtual images onto the real world, while VR provides immersive 360-degree experiences. By leveraging these advanced technologies, travel apps can enhance user experiences and provide valuable insights into potential destinations.

  1. Home-cooked Food Delivery App

With people increasingly opting for healthier food choices, a Home-cooked Food Delivery App is a great way to expand your user base. As globalization separates people from home, they often miss homemade meals. This app allows users to order home-cooked food easily. The app’s dashboard can offer options like multiple languages and various online payment methods, making it convenient for users to access and pay for their meals. By offering this feature, your app can attract more downloads and increase your business network.

  1. Alcohol Delivery App

The liquor industry is booming, especially as mobile sales of alcohol rise, expected to reach $42 billion by 2025. Developing an Alcohol Delivery App with innovative features can help businesses attract more customers and boost revenue. By providing a seamless ordering and delivery experience, businesses can capitalize on this growing market.

  1. Virtual Fitness App

The pandemic has changed the fitness industry, with virtual personal training becoming increasingly popular. People prefer working out from home with virtual instructors for safety and convenience. Developing a Virtual Fitness App can tap into this growing trend, offering personalized training and workouts. With the market potential validated by successful startups like Caliber, there’s a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in this space.

  1. Fantasy Sports App

Developing a Fantasy Sports App can engage users for extended periods, with the market size expected to reach $25.44 billion by 2028. Users can create virtual teams for their favorite sports, providing a personalized experience. Integrating features like live scores and games can enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

  1. Pregnancy Help App

A Pregnancy Help App provides extensive knowledge, advice, and resources for expectant mothers. Users can connect with qualified professionals, shop for pregnancy-related products, and share experiences. With the pregnancy tracking app market expected to reach $217 million, there’s significant potential for startups in this niche.

  1. Beauty Salon App

The global salon services market is growing rapidly, presenting an opportunity for beauty salons to enhance their services with a Beauty Salon App. These apps allow for online appointments, service bookings, and product sales, increasing reach and revenue for salons. With the right development solutions, salons can build loyalty and streamline operations.

  1. Preventive Healthcare App

As awareness of preventive healthcare grows, a Preventive Healthcare App can provide valuable resources and services for users. Investors have shown interest in this sector, with startups like Biofourmis securing significant funding. Developing an app that promotes preventive health measures can be a wise investment.

  1. On-Demand Doctor App

Virtual doctor consultations have become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic. An On-Demand Doctor App allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals for consultations and prescriptions. By providing a user-friendly platform, businesses can facilitate seamless communication between patients and doctors.

  1. Logistics App

Advancements in technology have transformed the logistics industry, making it more efficient and cost-effective. A Logistics App facilitates booking, tracking, and management of logistics operations. With the logistics market projected to grow to $232,560 million by 2029, developing a logistics app presents a promising opportunity for startups.

  1. Live Video Streaming App Ideas

Live video streaming has become a crucial tool for engaging audiences, especially in the business world. Companies are increasingly using video content to market their products and services, gaining traction from users across various platforms. Startups can capitalize on this trend by developing live video streaming apps similar to YouTube, allowing businesses to broadcast their content. With access to premium content, these apps can generate revenue through membership fees. The live video streaming market is expected to reach $534 billion by 2030, presenting a significant opportunity for startups in this space.

  1. Car Wash App Idea

Finding the best car wash service and waiting in long queues can be a hassle for car owners. A Car Wash Booking App solves this problem by allowing users to schedule appointments for car wash services conveniently. With various types of services available, such as dry wash and chemical-free wash, users can choose the option that suits them best. With the global car wash service market expected to reach around $43.81 billion by 2032, developing a car wash app presents a lucrative opportunity for startups.

  1. Wedding Planner App

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but an All-in-One Wedding Planner App simplifies the process by providing couples with a hassle-free platform to outsource various wedding services. With the wedding service market expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.74% between 2023 and 2032, there’s significant potential for startups in this space. Offering features such as wedding stage preparations, makeup, and accessories, these apps can cater to the needs of couples and their families.

  1. Virtual Makeup App

Virtual Makeup Apps leverage AI technology to allow users to try on various makeup options virtually. With the rise of digital technologies, these apps offer users a fast and hassle-free way to experiment with different makeup looks. Startups in this space can capitalize on the growing interest in beauty and makeup, as evidenced by successful ventures like Perfect, which has secured $50 million in funding.

  1. Astrology App

Interest in astrology is on the rise, especially after the pandemic, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop Astrology Apps. With popular apps like Co-Star gaining millions of downloads, the market size for astrology apps is currently $2.2 billion. By providing features such as horoscopes and personalized readings, these apps can attract users seeking insights into their future.

  1. Expense Tracking App

Expense Tracking Apps have replaced traditional methods of tracking expenses, offering automated tracking, spending reports, and insights into spending habits. With improved usability, these apps have become popular among users. Startups can innovate in this space by introducing unique features and capitalizing on the growing demand for expense management solutions.

  1. Milk Delivery App Idea

Milk Delivery Apps cater to the growing demand for doorstep delivery of dairy products. With the dairy product market expected to grow by 20.74% between 2023 and 2027, developing a milk delivery app presents an opportunity for startups. By offering features such as subscription-based delivery and convenient payment options, these apps can appeal to millennials and other users seeking fresh milk delivered to their doorstep.

Which Trending App Idea Do You Choose?

In the world of mobile apps, things are always changing. To keep up, you need a tech partner who can make advanced apps for your business or startup. The year 2023 won’t be any different. To stay ahead, you should use the latest app ideas and focus on what your customers want when making your app.

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