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How to Create a Beauty Salon Booking App: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you own a salon and give great services? Are you happy with your salon business? Whether your answers are yes or no, you might need a mobile app for your salon.

Why? Because there are many good reasons. We’ll talk about why it’s helpful to automate booking and how much it costs to make a salon app.

What is a Salon App?

A salon app is a tool that helps salon owners manage their business better in today’s digital world. With more people shopping and accessing services online, having a physical salon is no longer enough. A salon app allows customers to book appointments easily without waiting in line, making it convenient for them.

It also helps salon owners manage their business operations more efficiently by automating various tasks. In essence, it’s a way to modernize and improve how a salon functions, both internally and for clients.

Why Salons Should Use an App to Grow Business?

A lot of people want different types of apps. Some people create apps and charge customers a subscription fee. Others make apps and sell them to specific customers. Some smart business owners buy apps to stay competitive. There are many ways to make apps that people want. For example, a salon app could be really useful for your business. Having an easy-to-use app for your salon is important nowadays because most customers like using online services.

Here are some good reasons why you need a top-notch appointment booking app or software for your salon. These reasons show why it’s worth spending money on developing the app because it helps your business grow. Pay attention to these reasons because they determine how much you’ll need to pay to create the app. These reasons are specific to salons, but in general, making apps costs money for different reasons.

  • Making booking easy: The main worry for people going to a salon is booking their appointment smoothly. Salon experts can use a special app they create to help both regulars and newcomers book appointments without any trouble. This stops appointments from overlapping and reduces mistakes.
  • Going digital: Salon owners can proudly show off their business using online salon apps. Nowadays, everything is going digital, and salon experts can stand out by being digital too.
  • Keeping customers and getting new ones: Handy salon apps keep old customers coming back and bring in new ones. It’s easier for them to talk to salon pros, book appointments, and do different things on the salon app.

Getting seen and known: Companies that make apps for beauty salons say the market for salon apps has grown a lot. Salon owners have gained from using these apps, getting more noticed in the market and earning a good reputation.

What Kinds Of Salon Apps are Popular In 2024?

If you want to know how much it costs to make a salon app, you need to think about the different types of salon apps available now and in the future.

  • General Salon App: This app offers all the usual salon services like haircuts, nail care, skincare, and more.
  • Boutique Salon App: This kind includes not only beauty services but also sells items like handbags, jewelry, and clothes.
  • Haircut Salon App: Some smaller salons might only offer traditional haircuts. This app focuses specifically on that service, keeping development costs lower.
  • Manicure and Pedicure Salon App: For salons specializing in manicures and pedicures, this app can highlight those services in detail.
  • Beauty and Spa Salon App: This app caters to the growing demand for spa services, customizing the app to meet industry standards.
  • Hair, Nail, and Skin Salon App: This specialized app focuses on providing top-notch services for hair, nails, and skincare, with innovative ideas for beauty-conscious clients.

Each type of app has its own features and costs associated with its development.

Key Features of Salon Apps for Different Users

When building a salon app, developers consider various features for different users. The cost also depends on these features. Beauty salon apps are made with user panels in mind, which have specific features tailored for them.

1. Customer Panel Features:
This panel is crucial and focuses on users. It includes:

  • User Registration: Easy sign-up process.
  • Selecting Services: Choosing preferred services and salons.
  • Profiles: Viewing beauticians’ or salon professionals’ profiles.
  • Bookings: Requesting and booking appointments.
  • Payment: Secure payment methods.
  • Reviews: Rating salons and experts based on service quality.
  • Subscriptions: Some apps offer subscription models.
  • Chat: Quick communication within the app.

2. Owner Panel Features:
Salon professionals are vital too. Their features include:

  • Registration: Registering one or multiple salons.
  • Digital Catalog: Showcasing various services.
  • User Requests: Managing appointment requests.
  • Professional Profiles: Adding and managing salon experts’ profiles.
  • Service History: Viewing and managing past services for better strategies.

3. Admin Panel Features:
This gives complete control to administrators:

  • User/Stylist/Salon Management: Controls all profiles and actions.
  • Approval: Approves or disapproves registrations.
  • Payment Management: Manages transactions and user payments.
  • Monetization: Options for making money from the app, like ads, subscriptions, and promotions.

Each panel has specific functions catering to different needs in a salon app.

How Salon Apps Make Money?

The salon app’s way of making money is by using different strategies. One main reason to have an app is to grow the business. However, making an app that earns money might need extra investment.

The money-making ways for salon apps rely on the business plans you choose. There are lots of choices for apps that offer salon services and can help businesses make good money.

Here’s how your salon app can make money:

1. Featured Listings: Salons need visibility. You can make money by offering special visibility to salons and partners.

2. Commission: You can charge a fee to beauty experts and salon owners for each transaction made through your app.

3. Packages: The app can let users buy monthly packages for salon services, earning them reward points.

4. Ads: Showing ads on the app can bring in revenue. Salon pros or owners could pay for these ads.

5. Subscriptions: You can charge for subscriptions that offer discounted salon services like hair, skin, nails, and more.

How To Build A Salon App For Your Business?

Want to make an app for your salon? It can make things easier for your business and customers. Here’s how:

1. Figure out what you want: Decide if you want an app for booking appointments, managing your salon, or giving customers a special experience.
2. Check out the competition: See what other salon apps offer and what people want. This helps you make your app different and better.
3. Pick important features: Choose what your app should do, like booking appointments, taking payments, or giving rewards to loyal customers.
4. Plan how it works: Design how people will use the app, like booking appointments and using its features.
5. Get help from experts: Hire a team that knows how to make apps. They can make your salon app happen, within your budget, and for iPhone or Android.

Creating a salon app can make your business smoother and help customers enjoy a better experience.

Unique Features In Creating A Salon Phone App

Adding special features to a salon’s mobile app makes it more expensive to develop. These features are like extra add-ons that need more work and money to include. But for many salon pros, having these extras is really important. They believe that these special things can make a big difference in getting more clients and making their business more visible. Here are some cool features:

1. One App for All: Imagine having an app that works on both Android and iOS devices, using smart tech like artificial intelligence. Salon pros can choose this kind of app to give their clients a smooth experience, no matter what device they’re using.
2. Smart Styling: With AI, the app can let customers virtually try out different hairstyles and makeup styles. It’s like trying out services from the salon but through the app.
3. Availability Alerts: Some customers only want specific stylists or makeup artists. This feature helps these customers know when their favorites are available again.
4. Learning from You: New tech called machine learning can quickly learn how customers use the app. With this feature, the app can suggest services that customers might like, boosting the salon’s earnings.
5. Salon Shop: A fancy online shop within the app where salon products and accessories can be sold. Customers trust their salon pros, so having this online shop can be a big hit.

These extras make the app cost more, but many think it’s totally worth it for the benefits they bring to the salon’s business.

Technology Stack For Salon App Development

To make a salon app, you need different kinds of tech tools. The fancier stuff in the app might cost more money, but it’s helpful. The total cost also depends on the software and platforms used, called the ‘salon app technology stack.’

Here are the main tools:

– Notifications: APNS sends alerts.
– Verification: Twilio checks phones.
– Data handling: Datastax manages info.
– Databases: MongoDB and Cassandra store stuff.
– Cloud services: AWS and Google store data online.
– Building tools: Flutter, React Native, Ionic create the app’s look.
– Tracking info: Hadoop and Big Data analyze data.
– Works on different systems: Macintosh, Ubuntu, Debian.
– Works on phones: iOS and Android.”

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Salon App?

Well, it depends on a lot of things like what features you want, where it’s made, and who makes it. Generally, getting it made in countries like India can be cheaper than in the US. If you hire just one person instead of a whole team, it might cost less, but take longer. It’s usually better to go with a well-known company, though it might cost more. Around $25,000 is an estimate for making a salon app, but it can change based on what you want.

Different things affect the cost, like:

  • Features: basic or fancy?
  • Platforms: like iOS or Android
  • How good the design is
  • How it connects to the internet and stores info
  • And lots more customization means more money.

If you want the exact cost, it’s best to talk to a good salon app-making company. They’ll help you figure out the best deal.

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