Hiring iOS Developers

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring iOS Developers in 2024

Mobile apps provide significant benefits for businesses worldwide, regardless of their type. To fully leverage these benefits, businesses need to hire skilled developers. Since the introduction of smartphones, iOS and Android have been the leading mobile operating systems, together holding 99.6% of the market share.

Despite Apple devices accounting for only 20.38% of mobile devices, iOS users are more likely to spend money on premium features, paid apps, and non-digital products. This makes iOS app development a lucrative market. Developing iPhone apps offers various advantages for businesses, such as high return on investment (ROI), shorter development times, an intuitive interface, and high performance. Swift is an excellent choice for building efficient iOS apps.

To increase revenue, business owners need a well-developed iOS app, which requires hiring skilled iOS app developers. This blog provides a step-by-step guide to hiring iOS developers tailored to your business needs. Additionally, we will address common concerns that may deter business owners from pursuing iOS app development.

A Comprehensive Guide To Hiring An Ios Developers

Are you looking to hire iOS programmers? There are several effective ways to find them. For example, over one-third (35%) of startups rely on referrals, while other companies use professional platforms. Here are some of the best options for hiring iPad developers:

Online Platforms

Using online platforms is one of the most cost-effective ways to hire iOS developers. These platforms list outsourcing companies and freelancers, allowing businesses to find developers that meet their project requirements. Here are some top platforms:

For Freelancers:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • AngelList
  • 99designs

For Full-Time Employees:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

For IT Vendors:

  • GoodFirms
  • IT Firms
  • 99Firms

Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals within your professional network can be very effective. However, this process can be time-consuming as it requires reviewing a detailed list of contacts.

Technology Events

If referrals don’t work, consider attending technology events to find iOS developers. These events offer opportunities to meet talented developers and industry experts. Even if you don’t hire someone immediately, you’ll gain valuable contacts for the future. Here are some leading annual tech events:

  • UberConf
  • THAT Conference
  • DroidCon
  • Code Mobile
  • Appdevcon

These strategies can help you find the right iOS developers to meet your business needs.

Key Considerations Before Hiring iOS Developers

Hiring the wrong person for a project can lead to long-term problems. To avoid this, here are key factors that businesses should consider before hiring iOS developers:

  1. Understand Your App Needs

Businesses must clearly define the type of iOS app they want. Without clarity, it’s challenging to hire remote iOS developers with the right technical skills.

  1. Review Portfolios

Examining portfolios provides insight into the experience and technical expertise of iOS development service providers. This helps businesses make informed decisions and hire developers that align with their goals.

  1. Assess Communication Skills

In addition to technical proficiency, evaluate the communication skills of iOS developers. When outsourcing projects, prioritize regions with strong communication proficiency. Monitor communication during the initial stages to gauge compatibility.

  1. Check Client Reviews

Client ratings and reviews offer valuable insights into the credibility of iOS development service providers. Analyze feedback thoroughly, considering overall ratings, encountered issues, and client satisfaction with developer performance.

  1. Utilize Hiring Guides

Refer to hiring guides tailored to remote iOS developer recruitment. These resources streamline the hiring process and provide valuable tips for businesses navigating the hiring journey.

By considering these factors, businesses can hire iOS developers effectively and minimize risks associated with project misalignment or poor performance.

Essential Skills Needed for Hiring iOS App Developers

The world of iOS app development is changing rapidly, so it’s important for businesses to know what skills iOS developers need before hiring them. These skills mainly revolve around knowing modern programming languages like Swift and Objective C. Here’s why they’re important:


  • Programs written in Swift are easy to understand.
  • Swift comes with advanced features that make coding easier.
  • Swift helps reduce common coding errors.
  • Apps developed in Swift tend to rank better in the App Store, as Apple prefers it.

Objective C:

  • Objective C is great for object-oriented programming and has powerful extensions.
  • It’s essential for Cocoa programming, which Apple heavily relies on.
  • Objective C is especially useful for native iOS development projects.

Besides programming languages, iOS developers should also be skilled in:

  • Using Xcode, the main development tool for iOS apps.
  • Understanding APIs like UIKit and Cocoa Touch.
  • Being proficient in the Core Data Framework.
  • Following Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for designing user interfaces.

By ensuring developers have these skills, businesses can build successful iOS apps that meet Apple’s standards and user expectations.

Benefits of iOS App Development

In the competitive app development industry, delivering successful and innovative mobile solutions is crucial for businesses. iOS mobile app development stands out as a lucrative option due to its ability to deploy cutting-edge technologies easily. Here’s why businesses should consider opting for iOS app development:

  1. Business-centric: iOS devices and applications are preferred by high-spending demographics like senior managers and tech specialists. This leads to increased revenue from in-app purchases, making hiring iOS app developers a profitable investment.
  2. Smooth user experience: iOS offers a seamless and consistent user experience, with fast app speeds and intuitive design. Skilled iPhone app developers can leverage the platform’s hardware capabilities to create feature-rich applications.
  3. Loyal customer base: Apple’s user community values the quality and performance of iOS apps, leading to higher user retention rates compared to Android. This loyal base expands audience coverage and enhances brand loyalty.
  4. High financial returns: iOS enjoys significant market share in strong economies like the USA, Japan, the UK, and Germany, resulting in higher financial returns for businesses developing iOS apps.
  5. Security: iOS is known for its robust security measures, instilling trust in users for transactions and data sharing. This security aspect enhances user confidence and reduces vulnerabilities.
  6. Market expansion: Developing iOS apps enables businesses to tap into markets where iPhone and iPad usage is prevalent, especially in developed countries. This helps in establishing a strong presence in regions with high purchasing power.

By leveraging the advantages of iOS app development, businesses can reach a broader audience, increase revenue, and build a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

Client Concerns in iOS App Development

In the tech market, various misconceptions can confuse business owners and make them skeptical about iOS app development. Here are some common concerns and the facts behind them:

  • Size of the app: Some believe that iOS apps are too large, impacting user experience, or that smaller apps won’t be accepted on the App Store. However, there’s no minimum size restriction, and the maximum app package size is 4 GB.
  • Lack of widgets: It’s often misunderstood that iOS apps don’t support enough widgets. With iOS 14, Apple introduced customizable widgets, allowing for creative home screen themes and functionalities like Siri integration.
  • Limited user space: Users with iOS 11 or later can manage device space by deleting unnecessary apps, so there’s no need for concern about limited space affecting app usability.
  • App publishing uncertainty: The App Store’s publishing principles prioritize user safety and developer success. By adhering to guidelines, iOS developers can ensure app approval. It’s crucial to hire developers well-versed in iOS app development principles for seamless execution.

By understanding and addressing these misconceptions, businesses can confidently embrace iOS app development as a valuable strategy for reaching their audience and achieving success.

Things to Consider Before Building Your iOS App

It’s common for businesses to rush into hiring iOS developers as soon as they conceive a unique app idea, but this approach can be detrimental to the project’s success. To ensure a smooth development process and a successful app launch, business stakeholders should take the following steps before diving into development:

  • Outline project needs: Clearly defining the project requirements helps identify the necessary tech specialists with specific skill sets. This ensures that developers hired have the expertise and experience required to build the app’s features and UI design effectively.
  • Understand business goals: Before proceeding with app development, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the business vision and mission. This clarity aligns the app’s development with the company’s goals and client expectations. Input from technical consultants can enhance the app concept further.
  • Identify the target audience: Knowing who will use the app allows for the creation of a user-centric application that meets their needs and preferences. Conducting user research through surveys or launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps identify key features that resonate with users.
  • Establish a budget: iOS app development entails significant costs, so it’s essential to budget accordingly. Consider not only the development costs but also ongoing support, maintenance, and marketing expenses. Planning ahead ensures that you can allocate resources effectively and hire a development team within your budget.
  • Select the right team: The success of the app heavily relies on the expertise and commitment of the development team. When choosing an iOS app development team, prioritize technical skills, experience, long-term commitment, and affordability. Finding the right team ensures a smooth development process and a high-quality end product.

Roles and Responsibilities of iOS App Developers

Understanding the diverse responsibilities of iOS developers is crucial for business leaders to effectively recruit and leverage their skills. The scope of work for iOS developers encompasses various tasks, from coding to participating in planning and UI design. Depending on their experience level, iOS developers are broadly classified into three categories:

  • Junior iOS Developers: Entry-level specialists who work under more experienced developers to enhance their skills. They handle simpler tasks initially and aim to become mid-level specialists within a year or less. Junior developers typically have less than two years of experience.
  • Middle-level iOS Developers: Developers with 2-5 years of experience who can handle both simple and advanced tasks independently. They may not require full-time mentorship and can even guide junior staff on tasks.
  • Senior iOS Developers: Experienced professionals with over 5 years of experience, specializing in complex app development. Senior developers possess diverse competencies, including managing the development process, leading product testing, conducting market research, and integrating APIs. Businesses seeking to develop complex apps should hire senior iOS developers to lead the project effectively.

By understanding the roles and expertise levels of iOS developers, business leaders can recruit the right talent and maximize their contributions to app development projects.

What Are the Hiring iOS Developer Options for Clients?

When it comes to hiring iOS programmers, businesses have three main options: hiring freelance iOS developers, establishing an in-house development team, or hiring an outsourcing iOS app development company. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option and when businesses should opt for them.

  1. Hire Freelance iOS Developers:

If you need specific tasks completed or have short-term projects, hiring freelance iOS developers can be beneficial. However, it’s crucial to select developers from credible platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.


  • Access to a global talent pool.
  • Lower costs and flexibility.
  • Opportunity to find rare expertise.
  • Payment based on hourly rates.
  • Minimal paperwork and legal documentation.


  • Risk of missed deadlines.
  • Security concerns and credibility issues.
  • Cultural and language barriers.
  • Lack of commitment and potential project abandonment.

When to Hire: Hire freelance iOS developers for specific tasks or short-term projects but avoid relying on them for full project development.

  1. Establish an In-House iOS Development Team:

If iOS app development is integral to your business and you need constant support, an in-house team is preferred. This option ensures high communication levels and expertise retention.


  • In-depth product knowledge and expertise.
  • High communication and flexibility.
  • Seamless knowledge transfer.
  • Round-the-clock availability.


  • Fixed salaries and overhead costs.
  • Office expenses and management responsibilities.
  • Limited talent pool for hiring.

When to Opt For: Establish an in-house iOS team if iOS app development is central to your business and you require ongoing support, upgrades, and feature additions.

  1. Hire Outsourcing iOS App Development Company:

Outsourcing iOS app development can be a cost-effective and efficient option for businesses looking to develop an app quickly and economically.


  • Access to skilled developers.
  • Reduced organizational issues.
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability.
  • Continuous communication and updates.
  • Quick completion of projects.
  • High professional standards and credibility.


  • Potential language and cultural barriers.
  • Communication delays due to time zone differences.

When to Opt For:

Hire an outsourcing iOS app development company for urgent projects requiring skilled developers, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined project management. Consider dedicated team models for projects requiring focused attention and end-to-end solutions.

Opting for Outsourced App Development: When It’s the Ideal Decision

When considering the dedicated team engagement model for your iOS app development project, outsourcing to an iOS app development company becomes the ultimate option in certain scenarios:

  1. Stringent deadlines: If your project has strict deadlines that need to be met, managing an in-house team or freelancers can be challenging. Outsourcing companies, with their experience and agile methodologies, can effectively manage project timelines. They establish transparent pipelines and adapt quickly to unforeseen challenges, ensuring timely delivery.
  1. Limited budget: Hiring an outsourcing company alleviates concerns about office rent, high salaries, and additional employee benefits. This option is particularly advantageous when working with a limited budget. Along with salary savings, you won’t have to cover expenses like vacations and sick leaves, making outsourcing a cost-effective solution.
  1. Lack of talent availability: Despite having a talented in-house team, they may not always meet your app development expectations. Outsourcing provides access to a wide range of skilled and experienced iOS app developers who can better understand your app idea and market needs. Outsourcing companies offer specialists tailored to your project requirements, ensuring a higher quality outcome. Additionally, developers in outsourcing companies have defined roles and responsibilities, enhancing productivity and project success.

Cost to Hire an Outsourced iOS Developer

To outsource your iOS app development project effectively, it’s important to be aware of popular regions where you can find skilled developers. Here’s a list of countries known for their iOS app development services and their average hourly rates:

  1. USA:
    • Hourly Rate: $150-$250
    • The USA has been a pioneer in mobile app development, offering top-notch services. However, hiring iOS developers here can be expensive due to high hourly rates.
  2. UK:
    • Hourly Rate: $100-$120
    • The UK is known for its technical expertise, and you can find experienced iOS developers here. Hourly rates are relatively lower compared to the USA.
  3. Western Europe:
    • Hourly Rate: $70-$150
    • Western Europe boasts strong technical capabilities, providing a platform for app development companies to thrive. Hourly rates here vary but are generally lower than in the USA.
  4. Eastern Europe:
    • Hourly Rate: $30-$50
    • Eastern Europe is becoming a popular destination for outsourcing iOS app development due to reasonable rates and high technical proficiency. Hourly rates here are among the most competitive.
  5. India:
    • Hourly Rate: $15-$25
    • India has a rapidly growing IT sector, offering a wide range of options for outsourcing iOS app development projects. Hourly rates here are relatively low, making it an attractive option for cost-effective development.

Understanding the hourly rates and expertise available in each region can help you make an informed decision when outsourcing your iOS app development project. Additionally, consider factors such as functionality, UI/UX design, and project requirements to accurately estimate development costs.

Concluding Tips for Securing Top iOS App Developers for Your Next Project

Opting for iOS app development can indeed propel your business to new heights, but it’s crucial for business owners to approach hiring iOS developers with caution. Understanding your app’s type, business goals, target audience, and budget is essential to finding the right team for your project. Define the qualifications, proficiency, and experience level needed in line with your app’s requirements.

To ensure you hire the best-fit team, visit relevant sites, review portfolios, examine client feedback, and conduct thorough interviews. However, if this process seems daunting and time-consuming, you can rely on us to provide you with a pre-vetted iOS development team, offering you the best options to fulfill your project needs efficiently.

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