What You Should Know About GITEX 2023 Before Attending

What You Should Know About GITEX 2023 Before Attending?

Technology is evolving at the fastest pace possible & entrepreneurs must keep pace with it at every single step to grow at a similar rate.

For empowering entrepreneurs, several tech events take place regularly. These events play a significant role in helping them become familiar with the latest technologies. GITEX is one such event that we are going to discuss below.

Started in 1981, GITEX Global, a Dubai-based tech show, is one of the most significant tech events in the world. GITEX stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, is known for featuring major technology trends in sectors including but not limited to – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Last year, in 2022, over 100,000 tech professionals from 160+ countries joined the event. This significant reach allows all countries to unite in one ecosystem of technology enthusiasts.

This blog will discuss everything necessary about GITEX 2023, including its features, significance, contribution, and other related aspects. Lastly, we will analyze why you should attend this show and what takeaways you can expect from this global event.

What is GITEX?

As mentioned earlier, GITEX is a Dubai-based tech show, incepted in 1981, and has since been organized annually by the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE. In the last 40 years, GITEX GLOBAL evolved as a significant platform to let tech professionals worldwide connect with each other to share ideas and create meaningful connections.

Significance of The GITEX In The Tech Industry

GITEX playing a significant role in the evolution of the tech industry worldwide. It contributes to the tech world through the below-cited ways. 

Know About GITEX 2023 Before Attending

  • Networking Opportunities

GITEX allows tech enthusiasts to meet with vendors, partners, and customers. It also helps them to be familiar with future technologies across cybersecurity, cloud, and intelligent automation. Apart from this, Robots, Automobile, AI, Games, Concept Cars, Unmanned Ariel Systems, 3D Printing, etc., are some of the leading areas/ projects also featured in the Global tech event.

  • Technology Adoption in MENASA

Since GITEX is the major tech event in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (MENASA) region, it plays a pivotal role in increasing the rate of technology adoption in this part of the world. Since the technology adoption in MENASA is not as rapid as in other parts of the world.

  • Entrepreneurial Benefits

At GITEX, startups find the chance to connect, collaborate, and build networks with industry leaders, investors, government officials, and potential clients. It could help emerging startups into the next Industry giants and acquire a possible space in the future tech businesses.

  • Showcasing Innovation

Innovations are nothing if not spotted at the right time. To ensure their success, innovators must launch them where the world can see them. GITEX-like events provide a platform for those innovations and work for their inventions as a launchpad. Innovative products showcased in GITEX can get a potential lead as businesses and investors who join such tech events are visionary and looking for leading startups to invest in. So, at GITEX, a finalized deal will lead to a win-win situation for innovators and investors.

  • Knowledge Sharing

GITEX is not limited to business alone but contributes to the sharing of tech knowledge. In the event, various conferences, workshops, and seminars hosted by renowned speakers and experts offer valuable insights on the latest tech trends, challenges, and opportunities. Attendees can leverage that knowledge and expertise to understand the tech trends of the upcoming era and make required changes in their business planning.

  • Government Initiatives

Apart from business owners, many governments in the MENASA region attend GITEX to announce their tech-related initiatives and policies. By this, they promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation that can aid them in driving the growth of the local tech ecosystem.

  • Global Reach

Like any other global event, GITEX also helps attendees to generate global reach. Tech companies looking to expand their business, especially in the MENASA region, must attend this show to get invaluable business exposure. In addition to that, apart from B2B, GITEX also helps companies find an enthusiastic consumer base, allowing them to showcase and sell their products to a global audience.

Why Should you attend GITEX 2023?

GITEX 2023 is bringing many, supposed not to be missed, new things to you. By attending this event, along with exposure to new tech innovations, you can leverage the benefits of:

1. North Star Event: North Star (Co-event with GITEX) has outgrown DWTC and is moving to the prestigious new venue, Dubai Harbour. It will be in a new creative format. If you missed something in the GITEX 2022, you can get that this time.

2. AI-Focused GITEX: As we all know, AI is causing a significant impact in the world, and the 21st century is ready to be an era of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, GITEX is going to be an AI-focused tech show this year. 

With the theme, AI in everything, in this event, you can explore the latest AI-powered technologies across the world that not only have the potential to transform the world but also your business into a unicorn.

In this upcoming exhibition, Ten halls and 210,000+ square feet of dedicated AI floor space will let you meet world-class AI experts, showing their latest developments in all things AI.

3. Meet Global Tech Execs: This event is giving you a chance to meet the leading C-level members – CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, and CMOs of the world, keeping their companies ahead of the competition by using the latest potential technologies.

4. Interaction with Government Officials: As we have seen earlier, Government officials of the MENASA region present their tech partnerships, projects, and visions at the GITEX event. You can directly interact with them and explain your visionary plan (if any) to expand your tech business in this potential futuristic region.

5. Network with Creators: During this event, you can meet with DevOps, data scientists, engineers, coders & developers, and real-world creators of digital revolutions and hire or reach them later to leverage their coding genius.

6. Startups: Whether you are looking to invest in a startup or an entrepreneur yourself, this event will help you be a part of or meet a curated collection of the most promising startups of the world that are reaching GITEX 2023 to find investors or to build a network with tech enthusiasts & innovators to get help with their business ambitions.

7. Youth & Academia: Renowned tech universities, research institutions, and scientific organizations are participating in GITEX 2023 with future leaders and tech youth. As a business owner or a visitor with some tech plans, you can leverage the power of these posterity tech enthusiasts to innovate something new that would have the potential to reshape the world.

What Are the Areas of Interest at GITEX This Year?

Because of the influence of generative AI surging through all aspects of modern living, GITEX 2023 will celebrate this year as The Year To Imagine AI In Everything. To focus on AI this year, GITEX will feature the largest gathering in the world of AI innovators, developers, and changemakers. Besides, other areas of interest at GITEX this year will be:

  • GITEX Impact: It will be the biggest event of the rigion of sustainability tech innovation, where 50+ ministry delegations, 150+ climate tech startups, and 100+ leading sustainable tech speakers will participate.
  • FUTURE URBANISM: This will be the premier global forum for the world’s most influential urbanists, where 20+ megacity projects, 200+ property developers, and 50+ ministry delegations will enrich your exploration experience.
  • GLOBAL DEVSLAM: This will be the first-ever regional launch of Pycon MEA data science, 1st of its kind collaborative hackathon expected to be joined by over 15,000+ coders.

How Can You Plan Your Commute and Accommodation for GITEX?

To help visitors plan their visit at GITEX, event officials have provided the best assistance in getting a visa and finding comfortable accommodations. You can find the summary of the offered aid below.

1. General Visa Support: To get free general assistance in getting your visa, GITEX has provided the contact details of Jasir Bin Musthafa of Airlink International UAE. Email id: [email protected] | Mob: +971553850477

Also, GITEX officials have provided visitors with discount offers, reaching Dubai World Trade Center by Metro, Taxi, Uber, and Careem transport services.

Below is the list of Air Lines for travel and hotels for accommodations that GITEX recommends.

2. For Travel

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Air Link International

3. For Accommodations

  • Fairmont Hotel
  • 25Hours Hotel
  • Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • Novotel Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Ibis World Trade Centre

Gitex October 2023


In a nutshell, for all tech enthusiasts, GITEX is an invaluable event to visit. It will help them build a network and learn the innovations happening in the tech domain across the globe.

Officials from Gsquare Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd is visiting GITEX 2023. You can meet us at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 16th to 20th October 2023. We are open to investment and exploring opportunities to expand our business in Dubai; we look forward to meeting you there!


1. What is the timing and location for GITEX 2023?

GITEX 2023 will be held from 16th to 20th October 2023 at Dubai World Trade Center.

2. What are the different passes I can get to attend GITEX 2023?

You can get broadly three types of passes – Visitor Pass, Delegate Pass, and Certified Pass

3. What is the cost of attending GITEX 2023?

Prices of different passes (for delegates, visitors, and certified training) vary accordingly. Visitor pass price ranges between 100 AED to 500 AED, Delegate pass price is selling for 2000 AED to 10,000 AED, and Certified Training Pass is available for 4,500 AED.

4. Which shows the visitor pass include?

A visitor pass allows you to get entry to seven shows, including GITEX GLOBAL, North Star, DevSlam, Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, and Marketing Mania.

5. Passes are available online OR onsite?

Passes are available to buy online or onsite. However, GITEX recommends buying them online (yet to be released) to facilitate your arrival at the event.

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