Shipping & Delivery Policy for india

Shipping & Delivery Policy

At Gsquare web technologies or any of our sub brands, we are dedicated to providing our clients with transparent and efficient service delivery. While we predominantly offer digital services, it is essential for our clients to understand our delivery methods and timelines.

1. Shipping Methods and Associated Costs:

  • Digital Services: Since we primarily offer web, mobile app development, and digital marketing services, our “shipping” essentially refers to the delivery of the final digital product or service. There are no physical shipping costs associated. All digital product deliveries are done via email, cloud storage, or online access.
  • Physical Deliverables: On rare occasions, if there’s a need to deliver any physical entity, the mode of delivery and its costs will be discussed and confirmed with the client on a case-by-case basis.

2. Estimated Delivery Times and Factors Affecting Them:

  • Digital Services: Estimated delivery times for our services vary based on the complexity and scope of the project. A detailed timeline will be provided to the client after project scope finalization. Delays may occur if there are changes in project requirements, or additional information is needed from the client.
  • Physical Deliverables: Delivery times for any physical deliverables will be communicated to the client when discussing the delivery method and costs.

3. Order Tracking Options:

  • Digital Services: We provide regular project updates to our clients. For more detailed tracking, clients can get in touch with their designated project manager or use our client portal (if available).
  • Physical Deliverables: If a physical delivery method is employed, tracking options will be shared with the client based on the chosen courier or shipping service.

4. Recurring Payments: For clients who are on recurring payment schedules, services will be delivered as per the terms agreed upon. Any changes or updates to the service terms will be communicated in advance.

5. Refund Policy: We take pride in the quality of our services and the value we provide to our clients. Due to the nature of our services, we do not issue refunds once the service has been rendered. However, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and will work closely with clients to address any concerns they may have.

Note: We abide by all rules and guidelines mandated by the RBI for our payment procedures and gateways, ensuring the utmost security and transparency for our clients.

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