What is Hotjar? And Why Should You Use This for Your Website 1

What is Hotjar? And Why Should You Use This for Your Website

Have you ever think what exactly your visitors think about your website or what they are doing and what they like the most about your site.

I think watching what your visitors are going through can be extremely helpful for your business. Hotjar is a new analytics tool designed to help marketers to better understand their users.

It gives you a clear picture of how to improve performance, conversion rates, and your website’s user experience.

It enables you to observe what aspects of your website are being used properly and what aspects need to improve to provide the usability experience.

Hotjar is the fastest and easiest way to measure user’s behavior of your website.

What is Hotjar?

What is Hotjar

Hotjar is a robust tool that shows the online voice and behavior of your users. In simple words, you can say it is an all in one feedback and analytics tool that helps you to understand your website and mobile site visitors.

It offers you two solutions to do so. The first one is Analysis tools which consist of Heatmaps, form analytics, visitors recording and conversion funnels for measuring and observing your user behavior.

And the second one is feedback tools which include solutions like surveys, incoming feedback, polls, and test user requirements.

It complements the data and insights you get from the traditional analytics tools like Google Analytics.

What Does Hotjar Do?

What Does Hotjar Do

Building a business website is quite an easy task but maintaining a site and its existence can be tough.

But if you got to know how customers experience is going on your website or mobile app, then it will work amazingly to your website.

Hotjar does the same on your website. It is an ideal user feedback tool that lets you know the behavior of the user on your website.

Hotjar collects the customer experience in various ways such as heatmaps, surveys, behavior, triggered feedback forms and more.

Hotjar has the potential to show you how your online users are experiencing your website. You can visualize visitor behavior using the click, scroll heatmaps and cursor moment.

Also, it can collect visitor recordings and carry out feedback polls, or can send surveys and forms to get feedback directly from the website visitors.

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What is Hotjar Tracking Code?

What is Hotjar Tracking Code

Hotjar Tracking code is used to trigger data collection when installing within your website. This is responsible for sending and collecting data to your Hotjar account.

Its installation involves copy and pasting your unique tracking code within the website you would like to track.

The Hotjar Tracking Code has four main functions such as:

  • Queues any events it should be tracked before the Hotjar script is loaded.
  • It keeps track of the version of the tracking code you are using with Hotjar Snippet Version (hjsv). This is only needed if Hotjar updates the tracking code and needs to discontinue the older one.
  • It tells Hotjar which website setting it should load and where it should save the data which is collected by using hjsv (Hotjar Snippet Version)
  • It loads the Hotjar script.
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Benefits of Hotjar

Benefits of Hotjar

Hotjar is an analysis and a feedback platform that is built to help you understand the needs of your users.

It offers you the complete visibility and the big picture on how to leverage your website’s users’ experience and increase both conversion rate and performance.

You can easily access the instant feedback of users, can see how users are using your website and can execute the right changes based on deep insights.

It is a powerful software helpful in understanding and tracking your user behavior and feedback.

It provides you numerous benefits for improving your user experience to help you make strategies more effective and prepare to execute changes as they occur.

There are some major benefits you will get in using Hotjar such as:

#1. Hotjar Visualize User Behaviour

Hotjar heatmaps shows are the best way to know how your visitors interact with your website visually.

You can see what they scroll, click and tab to help you determine what users want which is base on the indicators of their desire and motivation in visiting your website.

Additionally, you can also monitor what your visitors are seeing and you can record their behavior and activity.

This provides you more insight into what they are doing, also it helps you identify if there are any usability issues in your website to fix them immediately.

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#2. User’s Recording

Hotjar is one of the first tools that offer visitor recordings, it is a great feature that records the screen of user sessions so you can see what exactly happening on your website.

With user recording, you can detect how users interact with the elements of your eCommerce site.

You can see how users more, where they are moving their mouse or where they touch their mobile screens.

You will be able to see the user experience of your website from their own point of view and can better understand their problems.

#3. Flexible Pricing Plans

How much does hotjar cost

Hotjar is the most reputable and reliable provider of conversion rate optimization solutions and plenty of professional businesses and agencies consider Hotjar to improve the conversion of their websites.

All plans of Hotjar are catered to your needs. It has plans for businesses, for individuals with personal sites and projects, and agencies and consultants.

All plans of Hotjar supports unlimited users, even for its basic and free plan.

#4. Usability And Installation

It is very easy to install Hotjar. There is a unique tracking code that can smoothly be added in two areas: your website dashboard and in sites and organizations.

There is also some kind of coding involved while installing Hotjar. But the process simply involves copy-pasting the code when you are manually installing it on your website.

The seller also provides specific guidelines on how to install the tracking code, but it depends on what platform you are using.

Shopify, HubSpot, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and Google Tag Manager are some examples of the platform for Hotjar.

#5. Heatmap Feature

Heatmap is one of the best features of Hotjar. It provides a visual representation of visitor movements on a website that allows the developer to understand what users are doing on your website and what they want to see on your site.

Heatmap helps you to visualize what you need to improve on your website. It gives you a color-coded representation of the site elements that get the most and the least interacted with.

When you see what users are ignoring and on which part of your website they are spending their maximum time. You from a clearer understanding of what you need to change on your website.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Use Hotjar For Your Website

Why You Should Use Hotjar For Your Website

Hotjar is a user behavior analytic services for your website. It records the interaction of visitor’s, crate feedback polls, conducts forms, collects heatmaps, and measures conversion funnels.

This tool offers excellent insights for improving the conversion rate and sales rate of your website.

Hotjar is helpful for your website in many ways, but there are some top reasons such as:

  • Visually understand user behavior
  • Collect feedback from your visitors
  • Fast insights with no steep learning curve
  • Easy to get buy-in and show Hotjar’s value

How Much Does Hotjar Cost?

How Much Does Hotjar Cost

Hotjar costing is divided into three categories Personal, Business and Agency. If I talk about the personal category then it also divided into two subparts and i.e, Basic and both plans have different services for users.

So let’s have look at how does Hotjar will cost to its users.

1. Basic Plan

  • The basic plan is totally FREE forever
  • This plan collects data from 2,000 page views per day
  • Has limited Reports
  • Unlimited Users
  • Data Storage for 365 Days

Is Hotjar really free

2. Plus Plan

  • This plan is for low traffic websites and early-stage startups
  • It will cost you $29 per Month
  • Collects data from 10,000 page views per day
  • You will get 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited reports
  • Data storage for 365 days
  • And offers 15 days free trial

3. Business Plan

The Business plan provides you different price option and you can choose the one according to your needs.

Collect Data from Upto Price
20,000 pageviews $ 89 Per Month
50,000 pageviews $189 Per Month
120,000 pageviews $289 Per Month
400,000 pageviews $589 Per Month

All business plans include the same services such as:

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Removal of Hotjar branding
  • Data storage for 365 days
  • Access to advanced features
  • 15-day free trial

4. Agency Plan

Hotjar Agency Plan

In an agency plan, you can upgrade and downgrade plans anytime.

  • Unlimited client sites in one central account
  • Invite users to see and manage their data
  • Rebrand the Hotjar Interface with your logo
  • Discount volume pricing

Does Hotjar Slow Down Your Website

Does Hotjar Slow Down Your Website

Hotjar is one of the most recent analytics tools which is designed to help marketers to know more about their users. But yes, it might slow down your website but not by a noticeable amount.

This is probably because Hotjar’s usage tracking for heatmaps, forms and recording only works in a modern browser that executes JavaScript efficiently.

Yet Hotjar’s tracking script is loaded asynchronously, which means it can be loaded at the same time as everything else instead of having to wait until the page is loaded.

Hotjar also loads the script through a CDN to make it download as quickly as possible no matter where you are in the world.

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How to Install Hotjar?

How to Install Hotjar

The Hotjar tracking code is a very crucial part that needs to be installed within your website to start collecting data.

This JavaScript can be found within your website dashboard or on the website and organizations page by clicking on the Tracking code button which is located next to the website URL.

Every website you have added to your Hotjar account will have its quirky code to install.

If you want to install the tracking code, you need to follow specific guidelines.

Manually Installing the Hotjar Code

#1st Step: –

Initially, you need to create a Hotjar account (Sign Up) by filling all the required information.

#2nd Step: –

After a successful sign-up, you have to go to your Hotjar site dashboard and need to copy the Hotjar tracking code.

How to Install Hotjar

#3rd Step: –

Now its time to log in to your website and need to paste the Hotjar tracking code into the section of the website.

How to Install Hotjar

#4th Step: –

Now you need to verify the installation on the Hotjar dashboard.

How to Install Hotjar

#5th Step: –

In the fifth step, you need to check your Hotjar dashboard to verify the installation.

After adding the Hotjar tracking code to your website, you need to wait for a few minutes for Hotjar to check if the code is installed correctly.

When Hotjar detected the tracking code of your website, the website dashboard will show a notice on your current user activity.


Using Hotjar for your business is a smart choice for you because Hotjar is a fast and visual way to better understand your users.

Hotjar provides you everything you need to get instant visual feedback, you can check how people are using your website.

It provides you a comprehensive image of user experience so you can improve your site and boost your conversion rate.

When you know what your users like on your website and in which section they are spending their time, you will automatically start giving your focus on that particular part or section.

This leads to a better conversion rate and which is undoubtedly beneficial for your business.

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